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Current Campaigns

GM Dennis - SFS #4-10 The Way In - Table 1 (inactive)

GM Ietsuna's - SFS 1-01 Commencement (inactive)

GMParty's Outpost III: SFS 2-09 Bluerise Breakout (inactive)

SFS 1-18 The Blackmoon Survey: Outpost II (inactive)

SFS 1-36: Enter the Ashen Asteroid by AFIT (inactive)

Starfinder Society Scenario #1-36: Enter the Ashen Asteroid

SFS 1-38 - The Many Minds of Historia (KS) (inactive)

Tier 5-8
Subtier 7-8
Tags: Faction (Dataphiles), Faction (Exo-Guardians)

SFS 4-15 - Feuding Faiths (KS) (inactive)

Tier 5-8
Subtier 5-6 (APL=6.33)
Tags: Acquisitives, Dataphiles, Metaplot

[GD IX] GM Debug's SFS 1-5: Meeting of Queens (inactive)

[GDVIII] GM Debug's SFS 1-99: The Scoured Stars Invasion (inactive)

[PFS] GM kuey's Solstice Scar D (#8-99D) (Special) (inactive)

[SFS] GM Zoomba's 3-07 Strike at Zone 78 (Low) (inactive)

[SFS]VAMP BY DAY'S PBP 2-19 Truth Keepers (inactive)

You start off in a bar after having finished your last mission for a well-deserved rest. I'm sure nothing bad will happen . . . .

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[SFS_Aerondor] 03-01 Crash Down [1-4] (inactive)

[SFS_Aerondor] 04-03 Battle for the Beacon (level 5-8) (inactive)

[SFS_Aerondor] 04-04 Mission Not Found (level 5-6) (inactive)

[SFS_Aerondor] 04-16 Hope for the Future (tier 7-8) (inactive)

[SFS_GM DocDoc] 2-13 Storm of the End Times (author-run) (inactive)