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| Want: Ally 4, Weapon 4, Armor 4, Item (want to replace Topaz)


Fighter 4.1 |

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Boons need to assign to PCs:

2 copies of Unconventional Firepower: You may add one weapon that has the Firearm trait and one item that has the Ammunition trait from the Gunslinger Class Deck to your box. These cards must have an adventure deck number equal to or lower than your current tier. Each time you advance a tier, you may exchange one of these cards with another card of the same type from the Gunslinger Class Deck, following the same restrictions.

Completed Scenarios:

Need to go back and add in the details for everything prior to 3-3D (3-1 adventure, Cosmic Captive special (played for non-tiering up benefits), 3-2 adventure, and 3-3a-c)

4th scenario of tier 3 earns Card Feat: Item 4 (this is the final Item card feat that Valeros can take). Fill this card feat with Topaz of Strength.
Tier up early to tier 4
Role Card: Daredevil
Free Power Feat for Role Card: When another character at your location is dealt damage, you may reduce that damage by 1
Card Upgrade: Armor 3 (Replace Stanching Buckler with Diviner's Blight)

* For the rest of the Adventure Path, 1 character may temporarily replace 1 item in his deck with the loot Scarab Brooch and 1 character may temporarily replace 1 item in her deck with the loot Scarab of Mummy Defense. At the end of each scenario, return the loot to the game box.
* Each player chooses 1 of her Pathfinder Society RPG characters. That character may purchase scrolls of augury as though their market price were 100 gp. Need to choose PFS PC to apply this to
* Skill feat: +1 Strength
* Upgrade: Stanching Buckler (Armor 2). Retire Lockpick Shield.

* Choose 1 trader that you have been rewarded with and record it on your Chronicle Sheet. Smiths of Wati (weapons) For the rest of the Adventure Path, your trade cost for that trader is reduced by 1 card (to a minimum of 1). Maybe trade Hat of Glamour?
* Additionally, all players earn a die bump from completing an Adventure.

Current Scenario: 3-4A: ESCAPE FROM MANAKET I was about to start playing this but decided to drop out. So when/if I resume playing, this is the first scenario in the season 3 sequence that I have NOT YET played.

* Planned Power Feat: I'll be due for a Power Feat the next time I play (because it will be my 2nd scenario at tier 4). Almost certainly choose the one that gives other PCs at my location DR 2
* Planned Upgrade: Tier 4 options. Or upgrade my Topaz of Strength item

Upgrade choices:

Possible Item upgrades (below tier 4, to replace Topaz of Str):
Item 1: Staff of Minor Healing
Item 3: Mask of Stolen Mien

Tier 4 upgrades:
Weapon: Sawtooth Sabre +2 (replace Shock Glaive because it's not finesse)
Armor: Spell Ward Shield (replace Stanching Buckler?)
Item: None
Ally: Psychometrist, (Maybe?) Zealot.
Blessing: None
Skill Feat: +3 Str
Power Feat Daredevil: reduce dmg to another character at my location by 1
Card Feat: Ally (which would bring me to my limit of 5). Or Weapon? The weapon choices are becoming very nice, but since I rarely need to discard my weapons, probably better to take Ally so I can add Psychometrist without losing one of my existing allies (or add the existing one back when I gain this feat if I already swapped it out for Psychometrist).

Tier 5 upgrades:
Weapon: Flaming Ranseur +3 (note it's not Finesse, but still very good), Humanbane Gladius, Vampiric Backsword
Armor: Armor of Skulls (have to check if this is an upgrade from Diviner's Blight or Spell Ward Shield)
Item: Boots of Teleportation
Ally: Heister
Blessing: None
Skill Feat: +4 Str or +2 Cha?
Power Feat Daredevil: reduce dmg to another character at my location by 2
Card Feat: Weapon

Tier 6 upgrades:
Weapon: Corrosive Backsword
Armor: None
Item: Sihedron Ring (check if this stacks with Armor dmg reduction), Ring of Energy Resistance (check if this stacks with Armor dmg reduction)
Ally: Maybe none? Consider: Eyebiter, Isiem, Thrune Agent
Blessing: Blessing of the Eternal Rose? (Might not be better than what I already have)
Skill Feat: +4 Str or +3 Cha
Power Feat Daredevil: Hand Size 6
Card Feat: Weapon