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The Exchange

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Recently played a scenario, a few actually, where the Aspis were portrayed as just very successful merchants essentially.

We blew up their warehouse. So with this in mind, and the attitude of many pathfinders.... are we the bad guys here? Because not gonna lie, we seem like the bad guys.

The Exchange

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So a PFS gm in my area has stated that he won't allow me to use a bow with conductive unless an FAQ or someone with authority says that it works.

His reasoning is that conductive states you must make an attack of the same type as a supernatural ability, and since bows can't make ranged touch attacks they don't work. My argument is that it only asks for melee or ranged as otherwise why bother including ranged touch as an option at all?

So has this been clarified somewhere? I guess I'll also add that this came about from a discussion of if conductive works with alchemist bombs just to cover all bases.

The Exchange

Still no word on the pfs linked rewards, PDFs, any of that. So was this all a scam?

So I'm making a society play alchemist. I've already had my hand at one and he .... well there was an incident and a golem killed him. Now his son shall have vengeance!

Lava Gnome - Alchemist Grenadier 1

Str 8
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 12
Cha 9

Point Blank Shot as his feat.
Long bow as his grenadier martial weapon.

Any tips on traits or other areas I can improve on? I'm thinking that my will save could use some booting but beyond that i'm not sure. Obviously his primary role is a bomber, not quite sure on what discovery roads i'll take him down.

I've chosen long bow over cross bows because I feel the quicker reload is worth the -1 to damage. I'll be looking at precise shot and rapid shot as the first few feats, then splash weapon mastery.

So any tips or advice?