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I ran two sessions, saturday 2-4 and 4-6
I figured 2 hours was enough to run the first scenario - originally i thought to do scenario 2 for the second, but no one repeated and time was tight.

When I arrived I fond out both sessions were full (5 people joining me) - good since I had pre made 6 character decks - replacing some the Bof G with more flavorful blessings.

took about 30 min to teach (1 person had played a littel before)

everyone seemed interested and engaged, used different ploys to do encounters and we killed that villain at about 3:59!

great - except that I had zero time to start up again - and had to turn in one game sheet and pick up another.

I had one player sort all the cards back out - so to make it wasy I decedie to just use all the smae cards, since I knew I woudl have everything for all locations.

since we had to rebuild decks that took a few more inutes and we didnt start playing until about 4:40. We got down to last few turns and killed villian about 15 moinutes over - no big deal since there is a 2 hour dinner break - and everyone wnated to keep going.

I talked my slef nearly hoarse, but it was great to play witha large group - people helping each other, moving around etc.

I did kind of skip over the plunder and ship damage rules becuase it wasnt central to the game. someone who wants to tplay agian can add that in pretty easily.

I described how OP wokrs, showed them all the spearate character deck etc. only one person of the 10 lived near enough and was interested enough to take my email so not sure if it will help my OP game, but it was still a fun way to spend 4 hours.

Other sessions and pick up games I played at the con were:
8 Minute empire (I brought it to fill in time)
Spellcaster - quick, easy - probably buy
Red Dragon Inn - won a game with 8 players - lots of fun and colorful - probably buy
Dungeon Dwellers - OK - woudl need to play alot to get money's worth - not buying
Quarriors - ok - but again - too invovled to buy for the occasional game - and for me and my aging eyes, the dice were tough to read.

I picked up a old t shirt form the prize table.

I cant make Dexcon in july, but will really try to get back to dreamation again next year.

My sessions are Saturday at 2-4 and 4-6

The Dreamation Con is in Morristown

Looks like my other regular player will join me if no one has signed up - we'll catch up on organized play....

I'll post how it went

Paul Migaj wrote:

Looking for a NJ gaming/hobby store that will be running the pathfinder adventure card game season. I want to try the organized play and see how it goes. My commute takes me from the Maplewood / Union area down to Freehold / Jackson area. If you are a store running a game anywhere reasonably near the above areas, or know of one, please let me know.


Paul - dont know if you saw my posst. I have a group playing in Somerville - near route 22 and 206.

might be close enough for you (its not that close for me either, but in between other players)

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Hi - I have a small group that plays in Somerville - not really close to you, but then again, not too close to me other the others either - just managed to find closest amongst us.

We play at The only Game in Town - in somerville

We are about to start the second adventure path. I run a cleric and other regular is fighter.

if interested to join, send me a message


PS - I will be running demos at Dreamation in Morristown in Feb.

let me know if you will be around. I don not have Sched yet.

Have set up a every other Tuesay group and we get 2-3 players each night.
Playing at The Only Game in Town in Somerville

Will also host demos at Morristown NJ con in February

Using cleric and fighter we were pretty low in cards but were able to time our encounter with jemma to defeat her (and having faced neither henchmen to reduce her difficulty.

But - where is this loot card(s) - the Besmara's hat - looked through my card decks and and the box and couldnt find it!

Great - thanks - Looks like i have a group of 5 to get started on Oct 2nd at a store in NJ. I am in contact with my PFS VO .

are these available yet? My local game store says he couldnt get them yet, but i see them for order (syas delivery 2-14 days). I wanted to start the organized play early october.. I wanted to support the store, but not if it means not having the cards to get started.

and - where can i download the OP adventures - is that also a subscription or do i have to ge them from the paizo volunteer in my area?

Looking for players to start sessions - prefer weeknight every other week.
Work in Newton, Live in Randolph so can attend something in either general area - Morristown etc.

Will there be a posted list of OP Stores?

In NJ, I have a few in driving distance (I can go more than 5 miles...).

Hi Kyr,
My son (9) doesn't play DnD yet, but we have started playing the Pathfinder Adventure card Game. Each game takes about an hour and thought they do tie in to the next adventure, there Is no particular character development (you do roll dice, face monsters, get treasure)

Do you play at a store, or at home?

I was looking at Might Titans in Landing - but I think they closed.

The next store I know of is All in one collectibles - convenient for me because we live in Randolph.

Just bought it, don't have a gaming group, looking for other people.
Middle age dad with kids, so pick up game, or maybe monthly, biweekly

contact me through pathfinder - thanks

PS - was an avid D&D minis skirmish player - open to anyone wanting to resurrect it.

Any comments on the best venue to sell back issues of Dragon Magazine?
I did an ebay search to try and compare and got no hits - surprising.
These are from when I was "a kid" - too long ago.
Just about all are pre-100 (though I do have #100 as well)
In "good" shape - some frayed edges from age etc, but no dog bites.
Please post or email me - thanks

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Trying to find players for weekly or monthly events in northern NJ
Denville, Fairlawn, Cedar Grove all have places to play.
Join Garden State Gamers Society on meetups .com and/or email me directly