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Any comments on the best venue to sell back issues of Dragon Magazine?
I did an ebay search to try and compare and got no hits - surprising.
These are from when I was "a kid" - too long ago.
Just about all are pre-100 (though I do have #100 as well)
In "good" shape - some frayed edges from age etc, but no dog bites.
Please post or email me - thanks

ebay had nothing? Wow! You look in the 'completed auctions' area too? I havent been on there for about 2 years but at THAT time, people were listing the issues individually (with a GOOD pic to show any wear) for issues #1-20 or so. Some were going for 40-90$ apiece even in 'good' condition. Use the comic book grade scale for wear. Be honest about it and look through to see if staples are rusty or inserts are removed. Be detailed when describing inserted games and article authors and any new NPC classes or Dungeons in the mags.

From #21 on, do them in blocks of 5 or 10, Post Office has those pre-paid standard prioritymail boxes for 7.50$??? Probably higher now. Anyway 10 mags should fit in one of those. Pack VERY securely and you should do ok. People will email and ask you to go 1st class or lower mail rates...I wouldnt do that anymore.

Other than that, you'll probably get ripped if you try to sell locally. comic shops or FLGS will bid very low, unless you know the guys. They want to turn a profit, cant blame them.

If you live close to Indy, you could take them to GenCon and put them in the auction that I think about it, there might be a way to get yer stuff sold without you even being there. Google gencon and see how to get stuff to that auction. Good luck!

If you still prefer that eBay option, there are some issues of Dragon and Dungeon there. I went under collectibles, then tried typing in Dragon magazine. Not a lot, but a few. Some were in lots.

But GenCon is the more fun option.

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