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Ben in this game for two months now and I must say that I am very much impressed by the passion and quality that the developers are putting into this game! My ingame "to do list" rivals my real life version and I can see myself living w this game a very long time. In order to make possible l will uppdate my ea account to platinum!
If you feel disenchanted as things stands now I recomend you to "log out". But please do come back after some months, check it out and let us know your verdict.

Something Id love to see world be a guide to varius combat status icons. Recently had a bad encounter w a group of gobbs that usel an archer to give me "head w arms in the air" resulting in me not capabel to use weapon. Yea I Know bad when I see it but what just happened?

Reading this helps a lot, thx! Stylish to bout!

Ok thx all.

Melemkor wrote:
I believe there are too many recharge and reshuffle effects in the card game to make it practical - you'd be constantly having to move the card to keep it current.

Arrgh, right you are!

Just some thinking on more stuff to be used when playing Pathfinder ACG.

First of, have to admit Ive missed badly a couple of times and suffered some most untimely Deaths as a result. Now what about this idea - Lets have a card that you could put into the character deck to remind you its time for some cure action? This card could be all red, veeery crimsonish or you could have a version of your character token card showing a very "run down" character.

I have ben playing to the effect that if Lini using a d10 for strength, going all out animal:), she can not use any weapon for combat.
Am I doing this correctly?

Got mine 30 min ago! :) Gothenburg Sweden .Still no. siighting of the base game ....:(

Ok and thx!

I just love this game! Ben playing games for ages and I must say Piazo ACG RotRL really rocks.
However I find myself stumbling when it comes to learning the basics. Then again I don’t care too much, picking up the pieces as I go along, having fun all the way. And I must say that I’m finding much valuable help from this player community. Thx a lot you guys!

Now can someone pl help me w this? On page 16 the rules say: “Play cards and use a power that affects the check.” The text then goes: “Players may now use cards or use powers that affect the check”. Now take Lem as an example, can he use a blessing card for extra dice and top this w an additional d4 using his special support power? (And yes, I know I’m not very clever thank you).


Firedale2002 wrote:
Because checks are a specific thing, they have specific rules and terminology. A check is rolling against a difficulty value. There's a specific number you have to meet or exceed in order to be successful, otherwise it's a .

Thx! Now I Knowe :)

But howe can you tell when its a random # genrated or an actual "check ?

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I just ordered a S&S sub, starting w the base box. I canot tell how much this will cost, shipping to me living in europe. Can someone please help me w this?