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Sir Kaikillah wrote:

“Pit of the seven Jaws” (conclusion)

Jasmine the 6’ 6” war maiden leaps into the pit swinging a mighty blow to the neck of one of the hydra’s heads, with her over-sized great axe. Now in the pit, the mighty war maiden begins the work of decapitating a seven- headed hydra.

Sir Tolken ½ orc, leaps from the iron platform upon the beast and begins to hack at the necks of the hydra. Wil moves running along the walls of the pit and negotiating the iron wrought staircase, into a position to cast spells upon his friend Tolken. Then the resourceful wizard casts a true strike spell upon the spike plate mailed warrior.

Drazren ½ dragon, asks the funny little sorcerer Rink, now standing on the edge of the pit above the melee, “Could I be of sssome helpssss?”

Rink shrugs his shoulders and replies, “Sure.”

Drazren pulls out a 3’ long box then knells down before opening it. From the box the ½ dragon sorcerer produces a telescoping tube, he then extends. Drazren pulls out a brass appendage with a round flat crystal set in it, from the side of the tube. He then rests the tube upon his left shoulder. He grabs a flexible leather hose from the larger tube upon his shoulder his shoulders, this hose is placed in his mouth. Another hose from the tube on his shoulder in inserted into his chest, just above his heart.

The apparatus upon Drazren’s shoulder begins to hum. Brass and copper antennae sprout from the tube upon his shoulder. Drazren looks through the crystal attached to the ½ dragon’s sorcererous machine.

Whir! Click! The machine begins to make noises. An internal barrel spins aligning a wand into place along a small brass pipe running along the top of the large tube, upon Drazren’s shoulder.

Zap! Zap! Zap!

Three blue lights zoom from the end of the tube of Drazren’s sorceress machine. The bolts of blue light slam into the hydra’s body, weakening the behemoth further. Drazren Necroblas, ½ dragon, ½ drow, sorcerer joins the fray and allies himself with the Lake Warriors of...

Even through all of this has been done, I still feel a little alone with all my other Friends and fallen hero's of the past. Still think about how much they would've loved to be here in this conquest and of many more to come.

Now we have lost another Drool Knuckledragger, Drool brotheren of the Orc clan, I stand in a moment of silence and kneel down on one knee, saying an orcish prayer for your soul an safe passage into the afterlife. Go now and walk into the path of the black sun and that will lead you through to reincarnate into a young brotheren of the orc clan again. Till then my farewell .....

I arise and stand with burden of another death on my shoulders ..


Sir Kaikillah wrote:

Chronicles of the Lake Warrior

This begins the story of the surviving members of “The Shiny Man Company” and their attempt to bring down the Ebon Triad and recover the eight wands of water control.

The Lake Warriors
Tolken male half orc fighter
The enigmatic Wil male human wizard
Rink id Nar male human sorcerer
Blud D Ell male human Cleric of Lira
Rin halfling male ranger
Drool Nukl Dragger male half orc barbarian
Haley female human rogue

Three strangers and a crying widow

The survivors, Tolken, the half orc fighter, Wil the enigmatic wizard and Rink the funny sorcerer, emerge from the falls above Arid’s pond. The rain has cleared and they are greeted by the morning Sun as they emerge from the wet darkness.

Tolken returns to his small smithy shop along the water front. The half orc warrior is bloodied and tired. A number of friends are dead from battles below cauldron, Conk the half orc barbarian, Feston Bulbous the cleric of Pelor, Red in red, Kagon the shiny man, and the beautiful fair elf maiden Serina. Tolken will miss his friends, but the 7 ½’’ orc is to tired to grief and falls asleep quickly.

The enigmatic Wil returns home, distraught by the loss of his childhood friend Conk. Wil’s mother shows her concern for her boy and offers some tea and sweet bisquits. But Wil ignores the attention of his mother and falls asleep quickly.

Rink decides to tell Feston’s wife, Griselda, about the unfortunate cleric’s demise. The large rotund women grasps the unfortunate little sorcerer in a bear hug and begins to wail. “Ohh my dear Feston,” Griselda cries, “what is a mother to do?” Gripped in a bear hug Rink cannot move. The children surround Rink and their mother and begin to wail. Rink is locked in a blubbering embrace with Griselda and her three young children.

The wailing can be heard outside the Bulbous’ home and draws the attention of three strangers. Blud has come to Cauldron seeking his fate and fate has brought him to Cauldron during a festival, the Flood Season...

As I fell Asleep , seeing the picture of my friends dead on the ground ... Leaves me sleepless and disturbed ...

Remembering the the fun times we had and the quest we haved journey'd together .... remembering the faces and thier lively ness that makes them original , one of many special individuals that have lost into the tyranny of evil .... my oath to you feston bulbous is now done .... will always remember you dear friend ....

Kagon your pompous ways has done you in , one shiny man ... will miss you greatly as well

Kronk , my dear friend .... you were my left arm .. a part of me will be with you always , and also a part of me has died with you tooo... wish you were still here , i wish that i could here you say "spoon " just one more time ...

Serina , oh so lovely elf'n ranger a fond farewell i will meet with you on another plain or life .... soon again...

Till then to all of you that has past and gone .... I will arise from this sleepy slumber , and strike all of those who crosses my path in a wrong way ... with your blood , your name in vain I will Destroy all those who oppose me ...

Tolken has SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of the current events that I have realized that Festan Bulbous , his child has been kidnapped. I Tolken the one strike killing machine, vow my strength , my blood and my mighty sword in oath to you that we will find your child.
Right down to my last breath of thee.

Lets get your child back !!
And let those who harm this child fall to the keeness of my blade !!

Tolken has spoken