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I used to use Good Reader on my iPad to markup modules before printing. I do LOTS of highlighting, crossing out, notes, etc. It's why I had a full size screen instead of a mini. Now I have an Android (Samsung) and looking for a PDF editor for Markups. Thought I had one with Adobe Reader, but got a "Protected Document" error. I never had that on iPad, but its also been a long time since cracking open a new PDF module.Is this a new thing where I won't be able to highlight anymore because of security? Or is it an Adobe thing and a different PDF editor will let me highlight? Thanks for any tips.

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Ok, I've tried e-mailing customer service and that has gotten zero response, so I'll try here. I got a notice that my credit card was declined for my monthly AP subscription. I recently had my card hacked and had a new card issued, since then I can't get the website o let me add a card to my account. It keeps telling me the card is declined. I've tried with every card I have and it won't take any of them, even though I have checked with all of my credit cards and they are working fine. What's the problem? I don't want to risk missing my next part of the AP, but the time that customer service is open is only during the time that I'm at work. Help me out?

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Two players in our four player group have moved half way across the country. They want to keep playing, so we're trying to come up with ideas of how to make that happen.

Everyone has android devices, so we're thinking a combination of Skype and Google Drive may be the easiest way.

I'm asking for suggestions from folks who use these tools for long distance gaming successfully to share what's worked, what hasn't, or what other suggestions you may have that we haven't thought of.

While we have lap tops and tablets on our end, they are limited to their smartphones, so screen size is an issue on their end.

Thanks in advance!

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I tried downloading the updated Plague of Shadows ePub novel, but when I open the zipped file I just see another set of folders rather than a book. I know I had this problem before, and I fixed it by just opening it a different way (think I opened and then saved or something like that), but it's not working this time. This is the first download I tried since we got our new computer. In case it matters, we have Windows 7 with Office 2010. Any idea how to get my computer to stop taking apart my book?

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I ran Shackled City long ago, and unfortunately was not very forward thinking in what I saved.

I'm going back now to visit "Cauldron... 15 years later", but one of the things I've lost is my list of the original Cagewrights. I only have the names of two.

I've tried searching the boards, but I'm not using the right combination of keywords apparently.

Can someone post a list of the 13 cagewrights? Or a link to another post that answers the question?


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Did anyone have a situation where their group used Charm or similar type magics get the information they wanted? I anticipate this is the first thing my group would do. How did that impact the way you ran it?

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Major spoilers, so you have been warned in case I can't get the little spoiler thingie to work.

<spoiler>I'm missing something in how Neolandus knows specifically about Fangs and their link to Kazavon. I get that he knew about her little trips to the treasury, and the poisoning, and that he noticed her behavior changing, but I'm missing where got to the SPECIFIC information about the Fangs existence.

Please note, I am not asking for suggestions on how to make up the connection. I can see some very clear ways to do that on my own. For example, I can assume as seneschal he knew about the secret room, and as it IS specified that he knows the Shoanti were guarding something I can take it a step further and say he knew exactly WHAT they were guarding. However, if there IS a place where it's laid out how he knows about the fangs and what I laid out contradicts that, it can bite me later in the AP. So if someone can point me to where I'm missing the magic text, or whether I'm not missing anything and we're supposed to make some logical assumptions, I'd appreciate it.</spoiler>

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My math seems to have escaped me. The chart at the end gives Rewards / Citizens saved, however it gives a total max possible of 3600 while my addition only bring it to 2800 in my first readthrough. I note that 2800 is the high end of the "third tier" amount, so is the idea that the DM uses the side bar suggestions to make more encounters to carry it over into "fourth tier", or am I missing a body count somewhere?

Here's what I'm seeing in my first readthrough:
Hungry Dead- 200
Color of Death- 700
Plague Rats- 400
Vanishing Virtuoso- 500
Cure - 1,000


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I'm getting ready to start CotCT, and I wanted to do something a little different from this AP. The others I've experienced, both as a player and a DM, all have this great indepth backstory.... that only the DM really appreciates because only the DM pours over it enough to really understand it all. Players hear it once or twice and mainly just remember the big stuff. I wanted to try something different with this game's backstory.

Given that I have a couple of bards in the group, I thought about what songs might be sung in the area over the last two centuries having to do with the orc invasion, coming of Kazavon, etc. So I made up The Ballad of Kazavon and am giving it to the bards ahead of time so that when all of this DOES become pertinent, they're not hearing it for the first time.

Wanted to share it in case anyone else likes the idea. Mind you, this wasn't written to be a great epic, merely to get the big plot points across:

The Ballad of Kazavon

In golden times,
In yesteryear,
Back when the plains were free.
The wheat grew tall,
The birds sang clear,
Fruit laden were the trees.

But all that changed
One dark, cold night,
When orcs ran quick and low.
Crawled from their holes,
To eat men’s bones,
No mercy did they show.

Now chased away,
The humans were,
Their homes no longer safe.
“A Champion!”
Their cries rang out,
“To save us from this fate!”

And Kazavon,
The Conqueror,
Did hear their desperate call.
“Bend knee, swear oath,”
the Knight did say,
“And I will save you all!”

And army gifted unto him,
A standard at his back.
A silken banner
With blue fanged skull,
They marched to the attack.

With bravery,
No fear did show,
He laughed and made much sport.
And Kazavon, the Conqueror
Cried challenge to the orcs.

The orcs did crawl
out from their holes,
and roar and gnash their teeth.
But Kazavon, the Conqueror,
He slew them all with ease.

The people danced
And laughed with joy,
The fighting now could cease!
Sent dignitaries, delegates,
Made overtures of peace.

He looked at them,
His eyes gone cold,
Their cheers did hush with fright.
And Kazavon, the Conqueror,
Just laughed as they all died.

Now kingdoms fell,
The undead swelled,
Against him none could stand.
And Kazavon, the Conqueror,
Was master of this land.

Until one day the heroes came,
Mandraivus at their head.
A warrior, a champion,
His gleaming weapon red.

“We cannot fail, he has to fall!”
They marched into the night.
And challenged fearsome Kazavon,
who laughed at their small might.

For Kazavon, the Conqueror
Was no mere man, but beast.
The man’s skin fell, the Dragon roared,
“Your bones shall be my feast!”

Mandraivus, the Warrior,
His weapon gleaming red.
It rose and fell, as fury swelled,
And left the Dragon dead.

Mandraivus, the Warrior,
And Serithial still wait.
To guard us all, it is their doom,
Eternal Champions of fate!

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I was over at Sinister Adventures And was looking to buy The Razor Coast, but when I clicked to buy it, it still said Preorder. Has it been released yet? And if not, When will it?

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As I read through the adventure, I noticed a couple of references like, "...should the players get through the vault doors without the keys..." or some such wording, indicating that's a possibility. However, I didn't see any stats on the doors themselves and I'm assuming there should be more involved than a simple open locks.

I'm looking for ideas on stating / warding the door in case they try to muscle their way through from any of you who may have come up with something on your own, or stories of things your players did to try and bypass the need for keys.

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There is a set of prophecies / visions used a couple of times in the module (first when talking with Manzorian and later when in Kyuss' city) that I have questions about. This is the group of prophecies that have already been fulfilled, and I get the impression they are referencing other Dungeon adventures, but I don't know which ones.

I've caught the references to Istivin and the Shackled City AP, but could someone please tell me what the following are referencing? (Don't need mag number and name, just a sentence or two on what the heck they're talking about).

(from talk with Manzorian)
1) The destructive manifestation of an immense demonic tree in a distant city across the sea
2) The arrival of a fane of scales amid a storm of wind and fire

(from inside the Spire)
1) A burning comet lances down to strike in a cloud of devastation

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I know this should likely be in the Product section, was just taking to long to figure out how to start a new thread.

What is the difference (if any) between "Pathfinder" games and "GameMastery" games. The same modules seem to be listed in both areas, so I'm trying to figure out the differentiation between Pathfinder subscription, Pathfinder Modules subscription, and the GameMastery products listed. Is one name just transitioning into the other?

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Dungeon and Dragon are gone and I THINK Realms of Fanatasy has gone under as well (at least, I take my e-mails to them going unanswered as a clue).

Browsing my local bookstores only yeilds magazines centered on PC games, Magic, or other genera like Horror, Sci Fi, and UFOs.

So I'm looking for suggestions on a good PRINT Fantasy centered magazine available in the USA.

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I know sometimes people are looking for different ideas in how to run the adventures, so I wanted to toss out some of the plot changes I'm making in case anyone's interested:

Still starts with Ilthane's attack on the town, but when she learns the PCs aren't there, she instructs the townsfolk to give up the people who mean the most to them. Out of self preservation, they're happy to comply. Three NPCs that the PC have had significant interaction with get tossed forward, and Ilthane is told to go to the Whispering Cairn for Allustan.

I didn't like the "Oh, thanks for saving me... Since you're here anyway, you don't mind exploring the rest of this place for me do you?" way the game was set up, so I decided to make Ilthane's abductions the running theme for the WHOLE game, not just the first half.

Being the cunning dragon that she is, she decides to use the Cairn to her advantage (I don't know if 3rd ed still has the prohibition on Chromatics being able to polymorph to a humanoid form, but our house rules have always allowed all dragons to polymorph, so getting inside isn't a problem for her.) She doesn't just want the PCs to die, she wants them to suffer. She also wants to use the Cairns traps and challenges as a way to wear down their resources before they face her.

She's going to leave taunting notes for the group throughout the Cairn (some of them intentionally covering trap triggers), as well as scattering the abductees through out as well. Some of them will still be alive when the PCs find them. Some of them won't be. I want the group to REALLY hate her by the time they face her at the end.

I cut out the Seal of Law part as well as the side tangents (True Ghoul, etc.) so there isn't anything to distract their momentum. I also cut out part of the dungeon so that when they face Ilthane, it will be just outside of the true tomb. We'll see how it goes!

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I spilled a full glass of iced tea over our Dragon issue with the Taimat cover. I don't know what the material is you folks are using, but the cover was water resistant enough that I was able to grab a towel and wipe it off before there was any damage to the cover or interior pages (except a little along the top). You won't hear me complaining about production costs!

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So last night I’m playing a female werewolf cleric, who’s trying to solve a murder mystery to save a fellow cleric who’s been framed for the crime. We get a tip that the bad guy we’re looking for is in a run down dive of a tavern in a run down section of Selgaunt.

So upon entering said tavern and looking around at all the rough and tumble types, I decide immediately that I need to act tough or they’ll eat me alive. I stalk up to the bar keep and demand a room (so I have an excuse for prowling the upstairs halls in search of my prey). He gives me the once over, overcharges me, and gives me a key while pointing me to a darkened hallway at the back of the common room.

I start to make my way back there, when other party members who have been victims of this particular trick in this particular city in the past tell me that it’s likely a set up, and I’m going to be shanghied. (The clue being that I was pointed towards the storage rooms rather than the upstairs guest rooms). So, really ticked off now, I decided to make an impression. I storm back to the bar and tell the DM I’m raising the key over my head dramatically before plunging it through the flimsy wood of the bar counter and demanding a REAL room…

…except I roll a critical fumble…

…and the DM tells me that instead, I’ve driven the key through the palm of my hand.

So after checking my CON to make sure I don’t pass out, I salvage what I can from the situation by waving my hand with the embedded key under his nose…

“See THIS? If I’ll do this to myself, what do you think I’ll do to YOU?!”

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I'm gaming with a group that includes 3 players totally new to D&D and the concept of RPGs in general. Makes for some fun times. See excerpt below:

Quoteable quote from Tuesday's game:

Our fearless adventurers are tasked with finding the local thieves guild and making contact. The party rogue, Kokanee (a water genasi run by Player1), gets a tip on the location of a local fence and decides that's a good place to start. So she and the drow, Hazel (run by Player2), go off to the fence, pretending they have something to sell and don't want questions asked.

Enter the Black Kettle, a junk store run by an old halfling:

K: "Um, Hi! I have something I want to sell."
NPC: "OK, let's see it."
(P1 flipping through her sheet. "I don't have anything extra.")
K turns to Hazel: "Give me something to sell."
After some bickering, H hands the halfling her short sword.
NPC: "How many bodies are on this?"
H stares at him blankly. "Um. I don't remember what they were. What is it I don't like again? Dwarves?"
K: "Shhhh! You'll make him angry."
DM: "He's not a dwarf, he's a halfling"
K: "Yeah, but we don't know what the OTHER half is!"

..... pause...

P3: "Reg... that's not what 'halfling' means..."

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My apologies if this posts twice... the first one seems to be lost in cyberspace somewhere.

Could someone familiar with Greyhawk please post what the city population is supposed to be and what the dimensions are inside the city gates?


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My AoW setting isn't placed in Greyhawk, but I want to make my city comprable in size to the Free City.

Could someone familiar with the city please post what the population size and dimensions of the city within the gates are?

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I'm using the Overload to develop an outline of the key elements that HAVE to happen each session, as well as determining what I can change. I just wanted to double check to make sure that I'm safe in doing this.

Does the Overload cover all the major things that need to happen, or are there "suprises" that the DM won't learn about until they read the actual module?

Example: It looks like the PCs discover one of the pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts, just to give it up the next adventure to an NPC, and it never comes into play again.

I would rather just skip them finding it altogether, as I'm not using Greyhawk for this setting because one of the other DMs in our group uses Greyhawk for HIS setting, so I have to make sure I don't use any Greyhawk references. I also don't want to have to insert what's an obvious "Rod Rip-Off" just to make the story work.

From the information in the Overload, it looks like I'm safe in skipping it, but I want to make sure.

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...What is the correct pronunciation for "Kyuss"?