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There is a False Priest archetype that combined with False Focus and celestial bloodline could make it easy-ish to pass yourself of as a divine caster. Combine that with disguise and some rogue/arcane trickster stuff, and you could have a blast playing an arcane con-man/charisma preacher who bilks congregations out of their money, only to go and save them from the monsters.

Damn... that concept sounds stupid fun now that I put it like that!

Thanks for all the thoughts!

@glandis a +1 is a +1 right, and I think traits stack with anything else

@Atarlost great ideas for additional weapons! I was thinking I was just going to grab a bill or something similar and call it good. Now I can carry a whole set of tools and be all practical. I love it!

@Claxon good point on alignment.

@The Sweater Golem I'd forgotton about bloodline feats, and the ARG has some really nice "Holy things up" options for Aasimars.

So I do have permission to go with Aasimar re-flavored, and I have a party member who decided to go cleric instead of ranger.

So I'm thinking an Aasimar fighter some combination of Rough and Ready, battlefield Disciple, Caretaker or Sacred Touch. (I'm strongly leaning towards Caretaker but can't pick between BD and R&R). Precise Treatment is also tempting to make Heal an int skill and allow me to spread my stats less.

For archetypes I'm looking at:

  • Tactician - The aid another stuff fits the idea of being someone who leads by example. The ability to basically go "Hey guys let's do this" and add bonuses for it seems to fit really well. I'm not losing a whole lot of effectiveness and can use any weapon I want to and change up if I find good treasure. This make Battlefield Disciple tempting since handing out +3's to the party instead of +2's makes aid another much more worth it.

  • Core - It really is pretty good as written, and after pulling Heal in class fits the character concept well enough to make his whole build effective, and let me focus on roleplaying his outlook. It also has an abundance of feats to let me use standard feat slots for holiness.

  • Polearm Master - This feels slightly less optimized with the new direction I'm looking, though I know the party rogue would love all the ways I could provide him flanking. I don't like the -4 to hit things near me, and the focus leaves some of the pragmatism that @Atarlost pointed out as an option on the table.

I'm gonna go read fighter optimization and make some choices on the build. Thanks for the feedback and I'll post the build when I'm done :)

Claxon wrote:
Holy is what you make it. Do you actually him to have Divine Powers, or just to be a "devout man of god" so to speak. Because if thats the case then just role play the character in a "holy" manner. If you want divine powers then perhaps inquisitor might work best, maybe with a fauchard.

Good point, My party is relying on my character being able to put out at least part of the party healing.

Ideally I'd like to be just strait fighter, and take a bunch of the luck feats from 3.5 and be more "favored of the gods" than actually "holy and magic and stuff"

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I've had a character concept that I have wanted to play for ages, and a DM who is willing to let me play it, but I am struggling mightily to figure out a build for the concept.

The TL;DR; of the concept is "Michael Carpenter" from dresden files/"Donnel" from Fire Emblem awakening. Longer the idea is a strong and good man who picked up farm tools and fought off goblins, and then organized bandits, etc until everyone called him a hero. He simply views it as doing what's right with is talents. His philosophy might be described as a hybrid of catholic and confucian views.

Build-wise I've got 3 essential things for him.

1. he uses pole arms - most polearms developed from farm tool anyhow, even after he's been convinced to use armor and real weapons he's uncomfortable with a sword, "It was made for just one thing, killing, I'd rather use something that could be used for productive work when I'm done with this hero business.
2. He's holy - He's not pretentious about it at all, but he is definitely holy, maybe the gods reached down and touched him, maybe he's a paladin, maybe I take some feats or traits that make him holy. Maybe there's some class I multi-class into a bit for holiness before just taking strait fighter.
3. He's effective - My group is pretty min-maxy and If I'm going to keep up I'll need to be pretty well powered.

The two basic builds I've come up with is
1. Paladin using the Warrior of the Holy light
a. I get all the holy I want, and then some.
b. I feel like polearms are super sub-optimal for this build though
2. Polearm Master fighter.
a. Woo polearm badass
b. "Where's the holy"

Both of them leave me unsatisfied with the character. We're starting at Level 6 and expect to play though level 15 or so.