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Since we've passed the 24-hour attunement period for the Top 32, and people are beginning to chat about their wondrous items, I figured someone should open another type of thread we had kicking around last year: the Fantasy Top 32.

So: post a list of your top 32! (Or top 36 or top 40 or top 10 or whatever you tabulated during voting.) We can save in-depth analysis for the Critique My Item thread; this is just to shout out your favorites that didn't see the light of making it to the big leagues. Basically displaying all the types of lists that were compiled in Eric Morton's exit poll.

(And as always, a huge hand to Paizo for peeling back the curtain again this year and giving us all hundreds of cool magic items - plus a chance to see the craziness of the big picture behind this contest.)

My list
Amber Robe
Amulet of Reverse Incantation
Astral Thief's Opera Gloves
Bog Boots
Choker of the Siphoning Scorpion
Chrysalis Vial
Clipper Clasp
Cloak of Ettinkind
Cloak of Inversion
Cloak of the Shadow Twin
Copper Squirrels (Figurine of Wondrous Power)
Dead Jester's Cap
Dire Hamster Ball
Geomancer's Gloves
Glove of Face Filching
Goblet of Liquefied Cognition
Instinct Pelt
Jar of Mottled Clay
Manipulator's Headdress
Matador's Cape of Minotaur Misdirection
Prismatic Monocle
Quicksilver Scabbard
Sand Charmer's Flute
Schismatic Veil
Scourge Vial
Spellmason's Mallet
Spellsnaring Canvas
Stormcrusher Gauntlets
Truth-Twisting Pendant
Tsunami Sash