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Dapper Devil has bases for both of the Large DDM base sizes. WOTC changed the size a while ago.

A review article states the Pathfinder large figure bases are slightly larger than the DDM large mini bases. I wonder if this was just a simple omission. I use Dapper Devil attachable bases to track creatures and the review article claims the large Pathfinder minis do not fit in his Dapper Devil bases. I hope future Pathfinder releases change the size of the large mini to match the DDM ones. I can't justify purchasing any now that I'm heavily invested in Dapper Devil base attachments and use them all the time. ;(

Some notes/comments after downloading and checking out Zeotrope's KM spreadsheet:

- "Arena" listed twice in the "Building Type" column of the "Drop Down" sheet

- Buildings in spreadsheet but not in the Book of the River Nations product:

- Buildings in Book of the River Nations but not in spreadsheet:
Town Commons

- The cell colors (white:change, gray:calculated, drop down:various) are hard to see and many cells are white that aren't suppose to be edited/changed. Consider changing it so that cells that require user input (whether they are typed-in or from a drop-down menu) are in a unique color (pink or light red?) that's not used for ANY other cell.

- Typo on the "Instructions" page: "Overal" is missing an 'l'

Otherwise, awesome tool!!! :)


Does your latest spreadsheet support the additions found in the "Book of the River Nations: Complete Player's Reference for Kingdom Building" guide found here:

It has additional buildings and such. I plan on using this supplement for my campaign but also wanted to use your wonderful spreadsheet. I was going to modify your spreadsheet to include the additions from this supplement but I didn't want divergent versions of the spreadsheet (having to re-add all my changes when you updated).

First, great work Zoetrope.

Do you know if there's a way to have an image associated with each building type and have that image shown on the block when a building is selected from the building drop-down menu? This would be GRREAT!

Thraug wrote:


I'm looking for products that have (detailed) information on Elf Gates, specifically on where they exist and how these operate.

Here's what I dug up from the products that I have:

- Into the Darklands: Drow city of Blackstrand in The Darklands
- Elves of Golarion: Sovyrian Stone in the Elf Nation of Kyonin
- AP16: In the Varisian city of Celwynvian. Siavenian in Kyonin
- AP17: Lots of info

Anything I'm missing?

Anyone? Bueller? lol


I'm looking for products that have (detailed) information on Elf Gates, specifically on where they exist and how these operate.

Here's what I dug up from the products that I have:

- Into the Darklands: Drow city of Blackstrand in The Darklands
- Elves of Golarion: Sovyrian Stone in the Elf Nation of Kyonin
- AP16: In the Varisian city of Celwynvian. Siavenian in Kyonin
- AP17: Lots of info

Anything I'm missing?

James Jacobs wrote:
Branding Opportunity wrote:
P. 43 notes that
Blackstrand (pop. 4,790): The closest major city to Zirnakaynin ...
However, looking at map of Sekamina on p. 38 shows that the drow city of Giratayn is a lot closer and a lot bigger. Is this a text vs. map communications issue or am I not seeing something?
This is, I suspect, a map error where the tags for Giratayn and Blackstrand were exchanged.

Was this verified? i plan on using Blackstrand as a site. :)

Thanks, I found an updated one that Vivriel makes. :)

Mosaic, i would love your calendar file. Can we send PMs here or should I post my email address here?

While messing with the new map I found these nations have a capital listed in the Inner Sea guide but are shown on the maps as "Towns":

- Mediogalti Island (Ilizmagorti)
- Mana Wastes (Alkenstar)

From reading their entries in the Inner Sea guide it looks like these are NOT capitals. James?

Excellent, thanks for the info. I have another geo question though. :)
Are the "Eismonts" in western Cheliax (SW of Barrowood) a mountain range?

Does anyone know if the "Trail of Burst Souls", just NE of Sargava, is a rover or an actual trail? I don't have the AP that might define this. I see it on my new Inner Sea Map Folio.

Can anyone confirm whether or not any maps in this have national borders? I'm adding nation borders to the recently released Inner Sea Map Folio and figured I'd wait until I get my pdf copy of this to make sure i get them right. :)

How do I buy the pdf? The product page says it won't be available until March 23.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Thraug wrote:
Vic/James, any update on whether or not we'll see a new update, and maybe when? Thanks.
It will be updated, but since it takes several hours to render each new PDF from these huge files, and they have to do five of them, it's not something the art department can do on a whim.

Excellent!! Let us know when it's done. I'll put my project on hold until then. :)

Zoetrope wrote:

Here is v3.1 of the modified Kingdom Sheet, which:

  • Updates all the city tabs to the new format, removing the error
  • Corrects a couple of calcs on the Overall sheet
  • Adds a simple House Rules tab you can populate
  • Updates the Instructions

You can download it from here.

As always, any comments/suggestions/errors please let me know.

Thank you very much, much appreciated.

Is the new Inner Sea book going to be as system independent as the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting is now? I don't use PF but use and love the setting. I will be sad if it's tightly bound to PF now. :(

Vic/James, any update on whether or not we'll see a new update, and maybe when? Thanks.

Something is odd here. Comparing the original file to the new files in adobe reader at 800% zoom reveals the text in the original as much clearer in the original download. The text in the two new downloads isn't nearly as clear. Any ideas?

I don't have my other tools here (Photoshop, Acrobat) to try deeper forensics.

Thanks! I could have used that updated version a couple of days ago. I spent the last 2 days coloring each text label according to its type (water, mountain, town, deserts, etc). I was able to get each map quadrant with it's labels through Acrobat.

Hopefully my Photoshop layers can easily be moved to the new version. I'll know in a day or 3. :)

Is there a list of defined nations for Golarion anywhere (other than the PF Chronicles Campaign Setting which I have)? I'm coloring the new Golarion map and want to only color the names of the nations, leaving "areas" (Mana Wastes, etc.) uncolored.

I'm in the process of adding national borders and coloring the nation names. Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to share my work. :(

I just bought the PDF version and, with the exception of no nation borders, I am very happy with the product.

Why no nation borders? I found them very interesting and during play they are a wonderful gameplay aid. I plan on adding them myself but would have preferred the same simple dotted red nation borders from the original map.

Does the printed version have nation borders?

Rivermurk the Vengeful wrote:

I recently did some investigation into getting these onto my gaming room wall. Turns out to be prohibitively expensive to get a frame this size custom made (in the region of hundreds of dollars).

My solution was 4 * $10 frames from target. Some pictures below of the final result. Total cost, including the map-pack less than $60.

pic one
pic two
pic three

Awesome! Your maps looked to be well over 5' in height, not even including your frames! Just how tall is the map? I'm not sure I have room to mount it. :o

Does the map have a hex overlay, possibly on the pdf version?
Also, does buying the tree version get you the pdf version for free?

I'm running (a heavily altered) Kingmaker campaign in 4e and created the mapboard below. The first pic if a modified map from someone here who created the original black and white version.

The bottom layer is foamboard, with foamboard sections for each of the 4 Stolen Lands areas. I planned on removing and using only the section of the Stolen Lands the party was in, but we decided to use the entire map all of the time so I glued the 4 pieces to bottom board. Each of the 4 Stolen Lands sections is a 11x17" label paper printout placed onto the foamboard. We mark areas with pins. The village/city/party miniatures are from the Games Wrokshop Mighty Empires game. As you can see, I cut out pieces of hex paper and tacked them to the board with double-sided tape. I peel these off, one by one, as the party explored a hex.

So far it's working well. I plan on "upgrading" the system to use magnetic pieces. Without much thought I plan on printing the 4 Stolen Lands area onto 11x17" label paper again and sticking them to either a steel sheet or some RubberSteel I have. I'll then put magnets on the bottom of my village/city/party/army minis and also use magnetic pins to mark special areas. I'll post more pics as I go on.

Colored map of someone elses work from these boards:

Stolen Lands progress map:

Close up:

Hmm, I don't know if this board supports pics. It doesn't look like it. :(

Are there any products that focus on, or give more info on, the Darklands of the Pathfinder Chronicles setting, that is not the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting? Maybe some AP?

I have two questions:
1) Where can I find more information on the Worldwound/Mendev areas, other than the great Chronicles supplement (which I own)
2) Is there a AP with the Worldwoound/Mendev area in it?

Thanks! :)

Does anyone know where the latest version is, and which of the above mentioned tweaks are included?

Just wondering if I should use the spreadsheet or manage cities by (*GULP*) hand?

Last I saw, this file name was the latest (Berhagen_'s Kingmaker_Kingdom_Sheet_V_2.0.xlsx) and I found it at the mediafire link here, posted by wraithstrike (

Does anyone know the dimensions (length x width) of the bits listed below for the the original 1990 version of Mighty Empires? In millimeters would be preferred, if possible. :p

- Village
- Cities
- Castles
- Army minis

Xymor, that would be great. I'd like your version when it's released. Thanks

Does anyone know if there exists a Golarion map that shows the locations where each of the player races (and other significant races) reside on the world map? I'm thinking of a Golarion map that has a color overlay for each race. for example, showing Dwarves as a brown color in the Five Kings Mountains, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and the Mindspin Mountains.

Also, are there any other great Golarion maps for a GM, possibly such as planetary/continental map (I can't find any), political map, weather patterns, etc?

The only maps I have are from the Gazetteer, the Campaign Setting, and the Kingmaker APs, so any additional user or official maps would be great.

Ambrus, I'd love to use your map if you'd mind sendind it to my email address:






Thank you very much Berhagen, I will be using this in my upcoming Kingmaker campaign. Great work!

How well would these cards work with D&D 4e? Also, what is lost when using these cards outside of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path? Thank you.

Some questions:

A) Any update after 1.5?
B) Anyone make the change suggested by Kvantum?
C) Did Berhagen replace Rob Vermeulen in editing the spreadsheet?