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| HP 115/115 {145/145} | AC 21 (19 Rage, 12 Touch, 20 Flat-Footed) | CMB +14/+16, CMD 25/27 | Fort. +13/16, Ref. +6, Will +10/12 | Init. +2 | Perc. +15


| Speed 30ft | Rage: 25/25 | DR 2/- | Active conditions: N/A


NG Male Dwarven Barbarian 10

About Thjodrorir "Thod" Six-Picks

Thjodrorir "Thod" Six-Picks
NG Male Dwarf Barbarian 10
Init +2; Perception +15
STR: 18 (+4) {+6 when raging}
DEX: 12 (+1)
CON: 16 [18] (+4) {+7 when raging}
INT: 9 (-1)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 10 (0)

AC 21, {19 when raging} touch 12, flat-footed 19
HP: 105 (115) (1D12) {135/145 when raging}
Fort: 7B+3S+1S^+2Res = +13 {+16 when raging}
Ref: 3B+1S+2Res = +6
Will: 3B+2S+2F+1Tr+2Res = +10 {+12 when raging}
+2 vs. Poison, Spells, Spell-like abilities

Speed 30 ft
Melee: Halberd +15/+10, 1d10+7 {+17/+12, 1d10+10}
Lucerne Hammer +14/+9, 1d12+6 {+16/+11, 1d12+9}

Ranged: Javelin +11/+6, 1d6+4 {+11/+6, 1d6+6}

Base Atk +10/+5; CMB +14 {+16}; CMD 25 {27}
+4 vs. Bull Rush and Trip if standing on ground.

Raging Vitality (Extra +2 Con on rage, may maintain rage while unconscious)
Power Attack (-3 Atk, +6 Dmg. +9 if two-handing.)
Quick Draw (Draw weapons as a free action)
Recovered Rage (Drop a foe (HD must be equal to half Barbarian level) to regain 1 round of rage)
Iron Will (+2 Will saves)

Bloody Minded: +1 trait on Initiative and Intimidate
Hard to Kill: 1/2 penalty on checks made to stabilize
Missing Child (Son/Daughter): +1 trait on Will saves

Acrobatics: 10R+1S+3C = +14
Climb: 5R+4S+3C = +12
Intimidate: 9R+3C+1Tr = +13
Perception: 10R+2S+3C = +15
Swim: 5R+4S+3C = +12
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 1R+-1S = +0

Background Skills:
Craft (Blacksmithing): 3R+-1S+3C = +5
Lore (Korvosan Bars): 5R+-1S+3C = +7
Lore (Korvosan Sewers): 2R+-1S+3C = +3
Linguistics: 2R+-1S = +1
Profession (Brewer): 2R+2S = +4
Profession (Miner): 2R+2S = +4
Profession (Soldier): 4R+2S = +6

Common, Dwarven, Unique group sign language, Undercommon

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies:
All simple and martial weapons. Any "Dwarven" weapon.
Light and Medium armour, All shields except tower.

Special Abilities

Slow and Steady: 20ft. mvmnt, not slowed by armour or load.
Darkvision 60 ft.
Defensive Training: +4 Dodge AC vs. Giants
Greed: +2 Appraise for gold and gemstones
Hatred: +1 To Hit vs. Orcs & Goblinoids
Hardy: +2 saves vs. poison, spells, spell-like effects.
Stability: +4 CMD vs. Bull Rush and Trip (When standing on the ground.)
Stonecunning: +2 Perception on unusual stonework. Get a check even if not actively looking

Fast Movement: +10ft movement speed.

Rage: 2+(Con mod)+2/lvl rounds/day. (25)
Start and end as free action
+4 Morale Strength, +6 Morale Constitution, +2 Morale Will

Uncanny Dodge: Cannot be caught flat-footed, does not lose dex even if opponent is invisible. Can still be flanked or feinted.
Improved Uncanny Dodge: At 5th level and higher, a barbarian can no longer be flanked. This defense denies a rogue the ability to sneak attack the barbarian by flanking her, unless the attacker has at least four more rogue levels than the target has barbarian levels.
Trap Sense: +3 on AC against traps, and Reflex saves vs. traps.
Damage Reduction 2/-

Rage Powers

Good for what ails you (Ex): During rage, drink some alcohol to gain a second save against the following conditions: blinded, confused, dazzled, deafened, exhausted, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, shaken, or sickened. If second save is successful, effect is suppressed until the rage ends.
May make a second save if poisoned. Failure has no effect, but success counts as a successful save against the poison.

Guarded Stance (Ex): As a move action that does not provoke during a rage, gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC against melee attack for a number of rounds equal to current constitution modifier. (Currently 6 rounds) This bonus increases by +1 for every 6 barbarian levels.

Strength Surge (Ex): Add your barbarian level to one Strength check, Combat Maneuver check, or to the Combat Maneuver Defense when an opponent attempts a maneuver against you. Immediate Action. Once per rage.

Internal Fortitude (Ex): While raging, the barbarian is immune to the sickened and nauseated conditions.

Unexpected Strike (Ex): Make attacks of opportunity against a foe that moves into a threatened square. Usable once/rage.


Thjodrorir ("Thod," to pretty much everyone, including himself) grew up in the Sky Citadel of Janderhoff, a simple dwarf to an unprestigious clan.

Thod was not the shiniest gem in the treasure stash. While he was taught the ways of dwarves, he could only grasp the most basic of instructions, and was unable to learn the finer points of smithing or mining. He was determined (And lacking in imagination) enough to diligently perform a monotonous task, but lacked the focus to truly excel in these fields.

He showed promise as a warrior, being incredibly strong, brave, and resilient. Despite that, he still seemed unable to grasp some basic concepts, notably putting on the heaviest armours ("Can't figure out how to get those plates to sit right without jabbin' me in the sides.") or any advanced skills with weapons. ("Could never figure out all that talk about 'parrying' and 'footing.'")

As a warrior, Thod was uncharacteristically driven and boisterous, especially compared to his usual quiet, easy-going, and admittedly dull demeanour. He would eagerly throw himself at the enemy, laughing and shouting in glee as he swung his weapon with seemingly unnatural vigour. This was a flaw as much as a strength, however. Among the dwarves, who prize uniformity and cohesiveness, especially among their combat units, Thod simply couldn't fight in formation for long without losing control and breaking ranks to charge at his foe.

Thod, though undisciplined in a fight, was still a powerful warrior. Trying to think of a way to keep him on staff while keeping him away from fighting, one of his superiors assigned him to a mission to find the missing child of a family member in nearby Korvosa. It wasn't a particularly fitting mission, but it allowed his commander to give him something to do while fulfilling clan obligations, however weakly.

Thod was determined, if completely unsubtle during his investigation. His mission would have probably ended in an ambush and his body floating in the bay, were it not for the riots cutting short the hunt. It was during this riot that Thod caught some thugs using the chaos as an opportunity to mug a lesser member of the nobility. Thrashing the thugs, and escorting the noble to safety, earned him the thanks of the ruling house of Korvosa.

It was also during this time that Thod learned that the abductor of the child he was tasked to find, Gaedren Lamm, had already been dealt with and the children released. His mission 'completed,' Thod is thus a little lost on what to do now. Though slow on the uptake, Thod could tell this 'mission' was just as much an attempt to keep him occupied and away from his unit, and so he contemplates if opportunities may present themselves elsewhere.

Description & Personality

Thod stands just a bit over 4', and nearly as wide, being particularly muscular even for a dwarf. He has dark, nearly black hair, with a large beard as is typical for a dwarf. His beard is relatively unadorned, though his moustache is long and braided. He tries to maintain the appearance of a proper dwarven soldier, preferring polearms and the like, and keeping his armour in good condition. He has a special wood and leather 'quiver' strapped across his back that he uses to carry his polearms. He also has multiple flasks and canteens strapped to his person.

Thod tends to act like a dutiful soldier, almost always marching instead of walking, greeting everyone with "Sir!," and otherwise being quiet and diligent in his tasks. This tends to fall apart in combat, as Thod often loses himself and charges at the enemy with reckless abandon, laughing and hollering in glee as he tears into his foes.

When not on duty, Thod is still quiet, though this time easygoing, and perhaps a little dull, tending to follow the lead of others. He does have a fondness for good drink, even more than a typical dwarf, always keeping at least a few flasks of ale on him.


+1 Halberd [1d10, x3, P or S, Brace, Trip]
Lucerne Hammer [1d12, x2, B or P, Brace, Reach]
Javelin (x3) [1d6, x2, 30 ft.]
Shortspear, Cold Iron [1d6, x2, 20 ft.]
Shortspear, Alch. Silver [1d6-1, x2, 20 ft.]
+1 Dagger [1d4, 19-20, 10 ft.]
MW Spiked Gauntlets [1d4, 20]

Belt Pouch (x2), Canteen (x2), Hip Flask (x2), MW Hip Flasks (x2), Waterproof bag, Leather Spear Quiver
Gear Maintenance Kit, Mess Kit (Personalized), Mug (Personalized)
Crowbar, Flint and Steel, Folding Shovel, Silk Rope (50 ft.), Grappling Hook

Ale (Gallon)

Money: 6448 GP
-1,500 - Investment in Holdings

General Posessions:
Masterwork Halberd
Assorted art objects. (Scarves, jewelry, fine clothing) (Dead Warrens)
Old Mug

MW Backpack with escape supplies: (Kept in Dead Warrens)
Tent, Blanket, Bedroll, Shovel, Flint and Steel, Rope
Rations (x6), Waterskins (x2)

Magical Items

Belt of Constitution +2 (Belt Slot)
------------------------ (Body Slot)
------------------------ (Chest Slot)
------------------------ (Eyes Slot)
------------------------ (Feet Slot)
------------------------ (Hands Slot)
------------------------ (Head Slot)
------------------------ (Headband Slot)
Amulet of Nat. Armour +1 (Neck Slot)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (Shoulder Slot)
------------------------ (Wrist Slot)
Ring of Protection +1 -- (Ring Slot 1)
Ring of Feather Fall---- (Ring Slot 2)

+1 Halberd
+1 Dagger
+2 Breastplate [+6+2 AC, +3 Max Dex, -3 Penalty]

Handy Haversack

Bladeguard (x2), Bloodblock, Sunrod (x3), Alchemist's Fire (x2), Acid (x2), Antitoxin (x2), Antiplague (x1)
Barbarian Chew (x3)
Scroll of Lesser Restoration
Potion of Lesser Restoration
Potion of CLW (x5)
Potion of CMW (x2)
Potion of Bear's Endurance
Potion of Barkskin (+4)
Potion of Fire Resistance

3 Harrow Points (Intelligence)
- Boost Intelligence based Arcane spells. (Useless)
- Gain a +5 Insight to any untrained skill you need training in.
- Reroll an Intelligence-based skill check.

1 free favour (1,000 GP approx. worth)