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Dear Costumer Service Staff,

I'd like to cancel my Adventure Path Subscription, please.


Dear folks at Paizo,

I'd like to cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscriptions. For some reason my emails to costumer.service are not reaching you.


Dear Costumer Service,

For some reason, I never received the books contained in the above order. It should contain the AP#62 and the Artifacts and Legends Pathfinder Campaign Setting Book. My AP#63 just arrived and I started to worry something might have gone wrong.

Is there anything that can be done to solve this?


Guys, I know you're worried about Romney and I can understand why. But do you think this is just a minor, unimportant issue? Really? This does not scare the **** out of you?

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I have, for the last year or so conducted, conducted an experiment, with small changes with the rogue class, to make them a bit better in combat, without making them OP. It is well known that there is a number of PF players who think that the rogue is a bit under the curve in combat situations, which can be a bit frustrating for some.

I'm posting this, because it has worked really well. All rogue players are extremely happy with the changes, but more importantly, the other players have welcomed it and found that this does not unbalance the game.

The two small changes are:

- Give weapon finesse as a bonus feat at first level

- Add dexterity to dmg, capped by rogue level (so, +1 at 1st level, +2 at 2nd level, until +DEX). Note that this is in addition to the strength damage.

I am aware that many have already used these suggestions in some form or shape. I am just reporting that it seems to work great. No more "I'll sit and watch" for the rogue since them, though the fighting classes are still in the spotlight as damage dealers.


I have recently received the Beginner's Box and I'd first like to congratulate Paizo for the awesome product. This said, I had a small problem I hope you guys could help me with.

The box carries four pregenerated character sheets, as it appears in the product description, but there are two Fighter sheets and no Rogue sheet. Since I am an Adventure Path subscriber would it be possible for you to ship me an avulse pregenerated Rogue character sheet with my next AP shipment ?

Thank you for your help,

Hi everyone!

Just received the PDF for the Inner Sea Guide and I have to say it appears amazing.

I have a question concerning the Battle Dance ability of the Dawnflower Dervsih archetype that I hope someone can help me with. It is not clear to me whether you completely lose the ability to use the normal Inspire abilities, or if you lose them only during a battle dance. In other words, when I start Inspire Courage can I choose to use either Batlle Dance or normal Perform, or I give up permanently the ability to use it as a normal Perform (i.e to inspire my allies)?

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Fellow Paizonians, the following situation has come up last session, and I need your help:

The PCs were in an area of total darkness, facing enemies with darkvision. The group's wizard decides to cast Color Spray in the general direction the enemies seem to be coming. However, it also includes other PCs (which do not possess darkvision). Now, who is affected ? Does Color Spray generates a "flash", cancelling momentarily the darkness, thus affecting everyione in its path, does it affect only those which can see in the conditions under which the spell was cast, or does it fail to affect friend and foe ?

I am having some trouble concerning the appropriateness of the actions two of my players are taking with their characters which have NG and CG alignments. I have suggested to them that their actions are more appropriate for a Neutral (in respect to the Good-Evil axis) alignment, but we can't seem to agree on it. As everyone loves alignemnt discussions, I would like to know what are your opinions regarding these two situations:

Situation number one:
Party consists of:
CG elven rogue (unconscious)
LG human paladin (unconscious)
NG elven ranger
CN human enchantress
CG human cleric of Shelyn

During a very bloody and difficult combat against a certain goblin warchief

and his minions, the five PC's manage to kill all opposition, except for the Warchief, who is still in a relatively good shape. The PCs, on the other hand, have many of their resources depleted and two of them have fallen, the situation looking pretty grim. The group's enchantress tries in a desperate move to cast charm person on the goblin (despite the +5 he gets to save). It works, and she proposes a truce. Everyone stops fighting, and the enchantress starts to discuss the terms of the truce, stating that their friends mean no more harm (with a high Diplomacy check), while obtaining important information from the Warchief. Umbeknownst to the enchantress, the two other PCs devise a plan to get themselves out of this tight spot. They convince the goblin with carefully chosen words (and great Bluff checks) that they are sorry for their intrusion and that they wish to make amends by healing him. As the goblin removes his armor, expecting to receive first aid and the restorative power of Shelyn's magic, he is attacked by both the Ranger and Shelyn's priest. The enchantress is disgusted by what they do. A discussion concerning whether this is an evil act ensues. What is your opinion ? Is this an evil act or not ?

Situation number two:
Party consists of:
LG human paladin of Sarenrae
NG human sorcerer
LG human ranger

The PCs are on an ancient tomb on a treasure hunt, having just stricken a deal with adversaries which are seeking the same treasures. These adversaries are led by a cleric of Asmodeus,

Paracount Julistar
most of them being evil (as detected by the paladin). Both parties are facing difficulties, and are not sure of their survival if they do not stick together. The NG sorcerer disagrees with the truce, but keeps his opinion mostly to himself, since the Paladin took the front. The truce is reasoned by remembering that Sarenrae and Asmodeus worked together before to vanquish a greater threat.
The groups, now together, face a deadly enemy. Everyone fights valiantly and defeat the enemy, and the time to divide the loot finally comes. Now, the sorcerer identifies that one of the magical items found is actually cursed. He keeps silent in the matter, proposes a split of the treasure which puts the bracer in the other group's pile and allows the wizard from the other group to wear them, even though they are still at risk, since they did not finish exploring the tomb. A discussion begins on whether this is a good or evil act. This is justified by the player as a non-evil act, since the recipient of the bracer is himself evil. So, what is your take ? Good or evil act ?

The PF rules state that it is possible to make any actions which require only one hand to perform such as attacking with a "light or one-handed weapon". This always struck me as odd due to the lack of two-handed light weapons, but it was otherwise quite clear. Hence, my confusion when reading the feat "Hamatula Strike" from Cheliax, Empire of Devils, in particular the following part:

"Normal: You can only attack with an unarmed strike,
natural weapon, or light weapon against opponents you
are grappling."

What about one-handed weapons ? Are there any official rulings/clarifications concerning this ?

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On page 112 of the PF Core Rulebook it says the DC for crafting magic items is 5 + (item's caster level), while on page 548 it says 10 + (item's caster level). What is the correct DC ?

This question has appeared in another thread and I would like to know if there is any official statement concerning it.

Ok, I was reading the Pathfinder Core rulebook (by the way, beautiful work guys!) and really liked the rules for item creation.

I like that XP is not spent any more, but that crafting carries a risk, not only of losing your investment, but also of creating a cursed item. However, it appears to me that the check DC is so easy that any mediocre spellcaster with the proper level and feat can do an item with mostly no risk. I searched in the boards, but I am not sure if this was discussed elsewhere.

The DC for making the item is given by 5 + caster level for the item. Ok, let us assume that a 7th level wizard wants to craft a 7th level item. This results in a DC 12 for doing it.
Assuming the wizard has maximized his Spellcraft skill (a reasonable assumption, since spellcraft is, arguably, one of the most useful skills in the game), he would have +10 to his skill check before including his int bonus. Considering an int 16 for a 7th level wizard, his check goes to +13 and he cannot accidentally create a cursed item even while rushing (which increases the DC to 17)!

Am I getting the rules right ? Or is there something I am missing ? If this is right, does anyone know what were the design reasons behind this low DC ? I was not here during beta so I am not privy to what was discussed at the time. :)

Has anyone seen this one ? In my opinion this is one of the most interesting sci-fi movies in a long time. It is, also, quite mind-bending and an interesting puzzle. What are your thoughts about this movie ?

Hey guys,

I have read in the FAQ that UPS shipments can be tracked. How can I do it?

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I'm just getting ready to DM AP#1 for a group of 5 players using the PFRPG Beta rules and I'm wondering: Given the deadliness of some encounters, how many points should I give the players for their ability scores to ensure that at least some of the characters survive at the end if they play smartly ?