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Sovereign Court 5/5

The Decemvirate wrote:
Oh, I know!

As do I... Eyes the cat in the corner, staring at everyone and no one at the same time.

Sovereign Court

Lord Fyre wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Can this scenario still be played in light of Rivalry's End?
What this guy said. I've got an ex shadow lodge character I'm playing and I'm wanting to know if this is a good scenario to run him with in light of the fact that, after rivalries end he's kind of looking to kill Torch or bring him to justice.

You point out a serious problem with the way the Shadow Lodge was dissolved. It left a lot of hatred for Torch, this effectively invalidates earlier scenarios like this one.

Of course, I also feel that disbanding the Shadow Lodge was a mistake. It provided a good foil for the Grand Lodge faction.

You may be right in the fact that it may have invalidate this one, but think about life... sometimes we think we are on one path and then something happens that changes that path. My players loved this scenario because it told the beginnings, (This area has only been organized since January and started with Season 5 stuff, so I have been taking them on a trip through season 0 and season 1 scenarios AND story arcs. The first arc, they loved. This one I believe that are loving as well... :D