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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–23: Rivalry's End (PFRPG) PDF

**½( )( ) (based on 24 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–7.

The Pathfinder Society's conflict with the Aspis Consortium in the frontier region of Varisia has come to a head, and the time to secure dominance of the ancient land is now. But despite mounting victories on the Society's part, the Aspis Consortium still has a few tricks up its sleeves, including several powerful agents from the Pathfinders' past who could prove too challenging an obstacle to surmount. Can the PCs end the ongoing struggle for control of the flow of ancient Thassilonian artifacts out of Varisia's ports, or will the Aspis Consortium succeed in keeping the Pathfinder Society ever in its shadow as it profits on the exploitation of the millennia?

Written by Ron Lundeen.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

**½( )( ) (based on 24 ratings)

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**( )( )( )

Out of all of the scenarios I've played to date, this one makes the least amount of sense. As it is the final curtain call for the Shadow Lodge, it should have had a memorable ending, not one that makes you exclaim, "Whhhaaaaaaaaatttttttt?"

We arrive in the Spider's lair. How do we know? It's spider shaped. There's a trap on the rugs before the double doors. Since none of us can remove magical traps we have two options. On one hand we can destroy the traps and alert the Spider we're coming. On the other hand, we can set the trap off and alert the Spider we're coming. We elect to destroy the trap.

Opening the doors we're hit in the face with a confusion spell. Most of the session is spent dealing with it. We were lucky to have had a lyrakien azata familiar - who was lightning immune - tank the lightning wielding kineticist. Otherwise, there would have been casualties.

Once the confusion was past, we searched for the Spider. We didn't find him or her. We didn't even get to see what the Spider looked like since they began the encounter invisible. Not ones to give up too easily we did the best we could to try and find the Spider. We considered different spells and different ways we could collect information by using skills. After hitting a wall we finally used the lyrakien azata's once a week commune ability. We learn the Spider is leaving by ship. Now the problem is that we don't know what they look like. Apparently someone at the lodge does so we return there to find them.

We know Grandmaster Torch is waiting for us to return. We specifically said we weren't looking for Torch - but instead for this other NPC. So what happens? We run into Torch. The conversation went something like this

Torch: How is the investigation going? Have you found the Spider yet?
Us: We're working on it. If you'd excuse us, we're looking for someone.
Torch: Can you give me an update on your investigation?
Us: We're working on it still. We have this lead we're following up.
Torch: You haven't found them yet?
Torch: You've ruined my plans. Kill them my bodyguards.
Us: Whhhaaaaaaaaatttttttt?

In the end the scenario made no sense. It seems like failure was the only option. Did we fail because we couldn't quietly remove the trap at the Spider's door, or for some other reason? Regardless, it just feels like there was nothing we could have done to capture the Spider. Take your 0 pp, 1100 gp and move on.

A memorable ending

***( )( )

I was one of the players in Quentin's game – see the review below. I liked the concept of the scenario. Stopping a high priority Aspis agent from damage the Pathfinder Society any further than she already has, is a good plot. It's simple, yet effective. Sadly though, she was a bit of a weak foe to face. If her first spell fails, she'll likely get run over quickly. It's a bit too hit or miss for an opponent that gets hyped up throughout a season. I honestly expected more of her.

The plottwist at the end though is great. However it is sad that your actions don't really stick. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, the result will be the same. Still, the look on our faces when it unfolded was probably priceless. Us turning the tide due to my mesmerist casting a successful spell combined with a great follow-up from the rest of the party made us lose our minds. It was a moment of 'did we really just do that?' and filled us with pride and sense of accomplishment.

While it was a bit disappointing at times, it definitely is a very memorable scenario. Based on the ending alone, I'd recommend it. Just don't expect one of the best scenarios out there though.

Somewhat of a letdown.

***( )( )

(I GMed this.)

While my players had fun playing this scenario, I still think things could've been improved somewhat. The story was only so-so, the setting was below par, and the combats trivial (though that might also have been due to my extraordinarily bad rolls).

The story: Maybe it's because I'm not completely read up on the storyline, but the introductory text sort of came out of nowhere. "We found the Spider, she's Person X, go find her." I would've preferred a little more mystery in my opening text. And in the end, after the final encounter (which my players solved really well), the conclusion undoes all of their actions. Also, being powerless to act during "that scene" left my players a bit miffed.

The setting is promising, but ultimately had no payoff. We had a bit of fun roleplaying the gambling den, but ultimately it was inconsequential. It then proceeded into a very small dungeon without much flavour. If you throw in a dungeon, at least make it interesting, I would've expected more resistance from The Spider.

Combats were uninteresting as well. They had a good mix of people, so all bases were covered, but due to the four-player adjustment (and consistently bad initiative checks on my part), the fights were trivial. Hardly anyone got damaged, and I got the feeling my players weren't really challenged. I don't want to make it super hard on them, but considering this is the climax to the storyline, I would've preferred it if the players felt like there's a lot at stake here. Encounters with just two or three enemies just aren't that interesting for a decently built party.

Final encounter::
My players masterfully incapacitated Torch with a Hold Person, preventing him from using any of his two means of escape. In the end, the players felt let down that in the conclusion Torch gets away anyway, feeling like all their actions were for naught. They did get a nice boon, though.

Awful, Awful Scenario

*( )( )( )( )

Just played this game tonight at the higher tier. This ranks as my most miserable experience with role playing. The only reason I gave it one star is because I could not give it zero stars.

I am a fairly new to Pathfinder, although I have been involved in roleplaying since D&D came out in three brown boxes. (About 40 years.) I am seriously reconsidering whether I want to participate in further Pathfinder Society adventures and whether I even want to play Pathfinder again. This scenario is really that bad.

For me, roleplaying is about storytelling. This adventure, on the other hand is about whether a GM can wipe out an entire party. As a player, I found that my character really could not take any effective action against any of the NPC's or deal with any of the traps. Her sole role in the adventure was to stand around, taking ineffective actions, while the GM proceeded to slaughter the party.

From a player's standpoint, this was no fun at all.

Bon Voyage to the Shadow Lodge

****( )

I loved this one... I was sad that the shadow lodge faction was retired, we really should have kept it around one more season.(considering I started playing in season 4 and by the time we got to the Rivalry's End, we were having to rush to get to it and still get the story)
But that's not what this is about, instead it is about a really interesting plot twist to retire the Shadow Lodge faction. I believed everything was pretty balanced and since this was supposed to be an epic conclusion, the final two fights were a bit tough to completely succeed at.

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