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I for one can't wait for 2020, we're making a comeback!

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I meant nickname themes. :-)

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Rosita the Riveter wrote:

Does anyone else think Teddy Roosevelt was an amazing choice for ruler of America in Civilization VI? I mean, Washington is certainly a good choice, and I'm a big Lincoln fan, but it's always one of those two. I want a different president for some variety, and it seems the devs agree. I like the image of the Bull Moose and his huge grin, his constant exuberance and overwhelming energy, his expansionist attitudes and big stick diplomacy, his hard charging progressiveness and willingness to bust trusts, and his general badassery. Yea, this is just the pop history version and I'm skipping over a lot of nuance here, but I don't want nuance in a Civilization game. I want the pop history version, and Teddy's over the top personal image is perfect for a wild and wacky but very involved video game session, which is exactly what I boot up a Civilization title for.

I'm very pleased about this.

Yes, this may have been a factor for modelling the ruler of my fantasy counterpart culture/science fantasy America after Teddy. Teddy works really well for the themes I want to hit in my worldbuilding.

Edit: Forgot about FDR being a leader in IV. Still, BULL MOOSE!

Once again, William Henry Harrison gets shafted by one of the glamour presidents.

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Oblivious Troll is Oblivious wrote:
There's a Whig in this election?

We're making a comeback baby!

Wigs for everyone! Big ones!

I'm almost positive I was baited into this one.