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Jessex wrote:
Craft(gunsmithing) should be craft(alchemy). Tonya clarified that in the thread about the season 8 guide.

Could you post a link to it? I can't seem to find it.


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Given that the Campaign Clarifications (and Word for word in Additional Resources) says:

Page 103—Gunsmithing does not grant the ability to craft firearms, ammunition, or black powder. Rather, it allows the purchase of bullets, pellets, black powder, and alchemical cartridges (with 1 rank in Craft [alchemy]) at the listed price, but does not grant a discount on the purchase of any firearm. Resold items gained through this feat are worth half the actual cost paid, not half the regular market value for the item. No PC can purchase a gun without this feat, even if they possess the Amateur Gunslinger or Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearm) feat.

And the season 8 Guide in Appendix 1-Character Creation Section 8- Skills says:

Ranks assigned to Craft skills are used only to perform
Day Job checks, not to craft mundane items, with the
following exceptions.
• Alchemists can use Craft (alchemy).
• Gunslingers can use Craft (gunsmithing).
• Investigators can use Craft (gunsmithing).

My question is what can gunsmiths craft?

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I was wondering about Rogue's Edge ability. It says that the Rogue gains the Skill Unlock ability. So how does choosing a Profession skill work with in regards to the Society?