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Jadeite wrote:
One might add that charisma also governs the DC of the domain powers.

Ah, Jadeite... my classier cousin!

Heathansson wrote:
What are all these vans doing in my neighborhood with the greek letter omega and a c on the side of them? Are they selling vitamins?

I was wondering that myself! I saw them drive some kind of metal stake into my neighbor's lawn.

Ungoded wrote:
Sean, Minister of KtSP wrote:
Heathansson wrote:
The Jade wrote:
Dirk Gently wrote:
The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
Heathansson wrote:

"I feel pretty" -- Sound of Music soundtrack
"Rum Tum Tugger" -- Cats soundtrack
"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" -- Cyndi Lauper
"Hall of the Mountain King" -- Savatage

I am sooooooo kidding.

Fatespinner wrote:
Arctaris wrote:
Why not just have the poison applied to the arrows ahead of time?
Or fill the bottom of the quiver with it so it coats ALL the arrows?

You just don't want to get pushed onto your back with a quiver full of poison. Handstands are probably a bad idea as well.

I've actually used faery dragons in ways that astounded and delighted the players. Your mileage may vary.

Fatespinner wrote:

Forgotten Realms has a monster called the Deep Dragon which is, in fact, a true dragon that lives in the Underdark. It's breath weapon is a Cone of Enervation, bestowing up to 2d4 negative levels at Great Wyrm.

That is, and I mean this literally... awesome.

d13 wrote:
The Nephrite wrote:
. . . it's an eternity under Mount Dungalot.
Thats in South Dakota, right?

That's the one! Carving the presidents' faces into the side of it was quite the biting protest, eh?

theacemu wrote:

Here's a rant:

There is nothing more upsetting than dog owners that don't pick up the cr*p that their dogs sh*t on other people's yards. Someone in our neighborhood has a very large dog that takes very large cr*ps in our front yard every other day. I was so angry about other stuff today that i posted a sign made out of a large paint stir and a piece of rule paper stapled to it with big arrows (---->) pointing out the sh*t with a note that says: "Please clean up after your dog." right in front of the area that has been defiled for many months now.

We have a dog. We take him on walks. We tie a plastic bag to the leash and scoop his sh*t so as not to anger neighbors.

Please do the same!

As ever,


Not so hard to bring a bag and grab a hunk. People's sense of entitlement boggles the mind.

Rumor has it that such is the stuff of hell. Apparently if you've been bad you go to a very hot place where every canine loaf you failed to dispose of responsibly sits atop you. For the occasional offender it's a quick swim upward, but for some of these scat happy dolts it's an eternity under Mount Dungalot.

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:
I don't think that the advertiser wants angry people viewing their product as the source of their anger.

Fair enough. To be clear, this is not the first time Chris West has placed an easter egg in one of his maps. This is just the first time someone noticed and posted about it because it was tied to a specific promotion.

Your concerns are noted and I thank you for voicing them. :-)

My sinuses are fine, though.


Not to sound like a contrarian but, I actually enjoyed the Golden Ticket Wonka Bar effect created by the hidden grails. Made me feel young again; wild eyed wonderment and all. It wouldn't be so fun and daring if it became a regular thing, but in those two issues? Two grails up.

Grimcleaver wrote:
You know, I've always liked that Rashire guy. Handsome devil. I predict his rise to the greatest and most glorified Lords of the Boards! Any day now!

Careful, Grim... he talks so much crap about you when you're off sharpening axes.

kahoolin wrote:
I have no idea what's going on. Why did Mr. Shiny split into two guys?

Because he's playing by post and people like to have aliases... a new feature available to us thanks to the great folks at Paizo.

Go to MY ACCOUNT and check out the profile and alias ability.

I'm NOT The Jade, btw.

Naitsabes wrote:
And how many of these aliases did you say we get again...

No limit, until they're forced to impose one by a legion of alias happy folk.

My profile is complete. Next, the world!

Naitsabes wrote:
And how many of these aliases did you say we get again...

No limit, until they're forced to impose one by a legion of alias happy folk.