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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

I've been in other campaigns where we had to essentially write the rules because the campaign had out-lived the rule-set that it originated from.

Every time we'd have a corner of it set, someone would come along and upset the apple cart, and we'd be left scrambling trying to figure out how our kit-bashed abomination would work for months at a time, sometimes even years.

I do not envy the work ahead of the Paizo staff, even with the help of volunteers, and the very least we can do is cut them a little bit of slack -- trust me, a careful reasoned and supported-by-documentation answer is far preferable to some knee-jerk off-the-cuff response.

Knee-jerk off-the-cuff responses are the fuel that I run on. Go read a book or take a walk, and take that reasonable attitude with you.

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FallenDabus wrote:
Swordwraith wrote:

I'm curious to what 'better at shapeshifting than the Druid' means to people.

I thought Paizo made it abundantly clear that the Shifter was not 'Wildshape but awesomer' class.

As someone pointed out, that particular bread has been buttered elsewhere quite well.

That is what I thought too. I never had the feeling that the Shifter was supposed to be a better Wildshaper than the Druid. I'm rather amazed how quickly the class is being written off based on one person's assessment by people who don't have the book yet.

Nice to meet you.

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Claxon wrote:
taks wrote:
Nobody would answer if they had a problem with the questions.
Man, have you met the internet? We'd just b$#&+ about the question.

Actually, I don't believe we have been properly introduced. Are you interested in some porn or would you rather I just compare you to Hitler?