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We just started playing ROTR with a full 6 players (which has given some difficulty due to the time limit), and I'm playing Cogsnap from the Alchemist class deck. Really neat character.

I've been using the Acid Flask for most of my bigger combat checks and just banishing other less useful alchemical/liquid items (as per Cogsnap's power), and then getting more fuel back after killing the monster. Works super well.

The question came up, however, that because the Acid Flask lets me make a Disable check +2d6 as my combat check, can I reveal Masterwork Tools to add two dice to that check? Or, because they are both items, am I restricted from doing so?

I'm uncertain as to the interaction between an "For your combat check" item and other items.

Thank you for the help!

P.S. Acid Flask is a bit stupid. Goose in the rigging? Throw acid at it! Collapsing Ceiling? Throw acid! Man overboard? Here, use this acid to float!