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What follows is a little flavor text for the Motugitl. Keep in mind that I've removed the immunity to gnome and fey innate supernatural abilities and replaced it with a +4 to save vs those abilities. I believe this helps bring the Motugitl further within the range of the Pathfinder RPG base races.

The Motugitl are race of Gnomes with an extremely sordid history. Once worshipers of the goddess Calistria, these gnomes grew increasingly dishonest and psychotic over the years in her "care", eventually becoming completely chaotic, and more than a little evil, flying from passion to passion and whim to whim sometimes within days or even hours of each other. They began to honor lies and liars as great Storytellers of their people, competing to see who could craft the finest lies, and learning the secrets of herbology to produce a number of terrible chemicals for a myriad of uses, recreational and otherwise. On a date remembered and reviled in their history as the time of Damnation, their highest of priests, out of his mind with intoxication from Feyblue Mushroom dared insult Calistria's form as "Fraught with terrible symmetry". She flew into a blind rage, transforming the Motugitl into a six legged, degenerate form and stripping them of their aptitude for magic and supernatural abilities. She promised them that no right thinking god would listen to the pleas of a degenerate race, and bid them to join the children of Lamashtu, if they dared. The Motugitl galloped from her rage, as one stumbling, hideous mass far from their tunnel homes and into a deep cavern. Finding their new form resistant to heat and comforted by the nurturing feeling of the mountain closing in around them, they descended further and further into the blackness, into poisonous, ancient caverns that even the deep gnomes shunned as unholy, all the way to the fiery pits where the blood of the mountains flows. Ever fearful, even in their chaotic madness, they slowly took up the worship of Groetus, pleased with the fact that he responded in no ways to their prayers and delighting in creating stories of his great powers and lies to "prove" their close connection to him. They spun great tales of their god conquering and destroying the upper races, leaving only a barren shell for the Motugitl to take as their own, basking on the shores of the fire lakes and breathing deep of the toxic fumes of his wrath. Eventually, to their own surprise, the Doomsayers (Motugitl clerics of Groetus) eventually began to receive divine abilities, and were able to spin even finer lies with the powers of a psychotic god behind their efforts. Taking his power as a sign that the time of burning has come to the lands above, the insane, mutant Motugitl have began to move upwards, taking secret ways to the damned surface to spread their great lie... Creating entropic truth in raging fire, unbeknownst to even themselves.

The Motugitl's form is that of a gnome which has sprouted four additional legs, with a bizarre hip and knee arrangement to grant them mobility, though of a disjointed, terrible variety. They retain the standard two arms, and their thick, hardened skin ranges in coloration from black to a ruddy deep red with no highlights in skin or hair. They have naturally sharp, crooked teeth and a mouth that opens disturbingly wide, complete with a thin, elongated and writhing tongue. The Goddess Calistria viewed this form as monstrous and unredeemable, but it has served the Motugitl to keep them alive in their hidden warrens. The Motugitl commonly go without shoes, using their thick skin and tough feet to gain purchase on the unworked terrain of the lava flows.

Censer of Groetus - Motugitl Heavy Flail - Two Handed Martial Weapon: 1d10 19-20x2
Special: Any creature hit by the Censer, or any creature that ends it's turn in or adjacent to the square the Censer is in is exposed to the poisonous vapors it releases.
The Censer is a heavy flail which houses a chamber to burn incenses and poisons. Unlike a normal Censer however, this morbid object is shaped like the holy symbol of Groetus, a waxing moon with a skull formed in the craters, and when filled with the long burning mixture of poisonous mosses, herbs and a terrible bubbling tar and set alight, terrible toxic vapors that cause hallucination and madness pour from the eyes and mouth of the symbol and flickering firelight and the sound of sparks and guttering pitch from within stay with many victims long after the effect of the poison has lifted.
Most commonly, the Censer is filled with Saulargi and functions poorly with non-long burning poison mixtures.

Saulargi: Level 7 poison, inhaled; Save Fortitude DC 16 Frequency: 1 round(10), Effect: 1 wis damage, shaken, sickened. Cure: 2 saves.

Motugitl Healing Kit: The Motugitl rely on the flora and fauna of their hidden refuge not just for food, but also medicine. With few clerics of Groetus psychotic enough to actually channel positive energy or heal diseases and poisons despite their god's tendency to completely ignore the plight of their people (though a fully healthy creature is often capable of far greater chaos than a sick or wounded one), they have developed a strange but potent series of anti-toxins and disease fighting unguents that are commonly used by their healers. A Motugitl Healer's kit is a portable example of this practice and provides a +4 circumstance bonus to heal checks. In the hands of a non Motugitl, this strange bundle of twigs, dried mushrooms and powders wrapped in leaves is impossible to use safely without a dc20 Heal check. On a failed check, both the healer and the patient are poisoned with Black Lotus Extract (PFRPG 391)


Been running PF since Alpha 3, and so far we're having a great time. I must ask, however, about critical hits. Other than the blurb under sneak attack, we have no real information about who and what is immune to sneak attack and if those differences apply to critical hits or not.

This has come up several time and this is the first time I've managed to remember about it between games.

Any information regarding this out there somewhere?

Please reference http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinderR PG/feedback/alpha3/combatMagic/pleaseRethinkSlayLiving

I feel the title of the thread does not indicate the depth of discussion currently engaged.

I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate the fine folks in charge of this great undertaking. You are doing quite well.

I'd like to point out that this forum is rife with uneducated rabble; blathering, complaining and squabbling, with very few who seem to look past their own base (and I mean base) need to corrupt everything they take interest in into something perfect for their own games that exemplify the inequitous nature of the universe, that they should enjoy such utter tripe.

There are very few that are able to apply scientific rigor to considering changes in leisure activities. You, designers, (bold so you'll look here if you've been rendered disinterested by my earlier preaching) seem to be holding true to the path of enlightenment and doing your best to carefully consider your machinations and in doing so, have produced a product that far outmatched my expectations, especially for an alpha.

From at least one person who spends his time wondering why so little thought is contained in all the words being used by posters to slander your great product with their pedantic ideas, please don't listen to anything these people have to say and continue to make the product as spectacular as I believe it is shaping up to be based on alpha 3, despite how they might attempt to influence you toward the lowest common denominator pandering that has nearly entombed the gaming industry in a shallow, terrible grave.

Have a truly excellent day. You've earned it.