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Please cancel the above order and remove the Pathfinder Subscription attached to it - I'll likely be rejoining later in the edition!


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The little easter eggs and call outs are a nice touch.

The Carrion Crown reference early on even acknowledges a popular thread/suggestion for that AP that appeared on these forums!

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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Swordwraith wrote:

Is that a take on Quinn on the cover?

Because whoever drew it clearly was just in the mood to draw Golarion Idris Elba.

But, glad to see this one!

Iconics don't get on Player's Guide covers. That's an NPC from the AP.

I didn't think so. It does, however, not change his Idris-ness!

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Is that a take on Quinn on the cover?

Because whoever drew it clearly was just in the mood to draw Golarion Idris Elba.

But, glad to see this one!

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NeoTiamat wrote:

I mean, that's sort of the point. You can take your extract-based poisons, which gives them a much more solid DC, and then start layering on the other tricks that poison-based characters have used for ages. Use a Spinal Sword or Sankhpang, that's +1 or +2 DC. Make it Virulent and get your friendly wizard to cast GMW on it, that's another +1 to +5. Grab Poison Focus, another +1. Bam, that's about +5 to DCs, and we haven't even started on the more tenuous things (Deific Obedience Norgorber -- +2 DCs past level 16, Insightful Delivery, +2 to +4 to DCs with Studied Strike, the Poison Concoction Trait, +1 to DCs for two specific poisons).

Yes, but their base DC generally ends up being not much better than their equivalent, purchasable forms - You're just saving GP (which of course, is nice.)

I knew I was forgetting a couple of things. So yeah, about 30ish. Pretty good, but I still think it's not the 'suddenly poisoners are playable by the grace of this alone' that some reviews argued.

Still an extremely fun archetype, also.

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On my first two passes through -

Generally positive about the book, but the reviews seem to be way overrating the Toxin Codexer archetype - It's good, but there are still going to be issues. Maybe it's just me, but the scaling poison DCs are still pretty hard to push upwards, even with
higher level extracts, since realistically the formula (10 + Extract + Int Mod) is going to hit a wall around the low 20s in DC.

Feats like Powerful Poisoning and Designer Poison will help a fair measure though - I think I can maybe get a 6th level extract to around ~30ish DC with enough finagling, but that seems like the upward limit.

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The Sideromancer wrote:
Rysky wrote:
... the Shifter adding Wisdom to AC makes it dead to you?
filgaiasguardian wrote:
A Shifter that wears metal armor loses most of their class features while doing so and for 24 hours after, though.
Just like the Druid, the other class dead to me.

So no metal armor = Class is dead to you?

This is a curious line of thought, I have to say, especially (presumably) if you haven't seen the Shifter. Though I'm underwhelmed in my initial impressions of the class (and these are far from thorough, admittedly), this is a tremendously bold claim.

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I'm curious to what 'better at shapeshifting than the Druid' means to people.

I thought Paizo made it abundantly clear that the Shifter was not 'Wildshape but awesomer' class.

As someone pointed out, that particular bread has been buttered elsewhere quite well.

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Most people have pointed out that except for perhaps Core only parties, the progression of the system has obviated most of the problem.

Also, mechanically speaking, healing in combat is often a suboptimal choice and you should probably just be wanding post scuffle anyway.

It shouldn't be a major problem, all and all.

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captain yesterday wrote:

I do wish there was more variation amongst the races ( not just Eberron btw) diversity and complexity are the best traits for a campaign setting.

defend it all you want, Everyone I personally know finds it somewhat racist.

"Everyone I know believes X" is a small unverified sample size, and not an appropriate way to argue a point.

You could argue Galifar's long held conquest of Khorvaire is analogous to the Hellenization of the ancient world.

...Or you could call something racist and offer no empirics.

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captain yesterday wrote:
, and only one human ethnicity is super racist! (i mean c'mon! an entire planet of white people! how isn't that racist?)

Except they're not all white people - I believe it's even called out that Thranes tend toward darker skin tones. It's obviously been awhile since I read Five Nations or other Eberron sourcebooks.

Galifar is incredibly homogenized due to the nature of civilization there up until the Last War. People hold regional identities paramount.

I also always find it amusing how people can complain about a lack of human ethnicities in a fantasy setting, but then be perfectly okay with all their other fantasy races being completely homogenous monocultures.

I think you're being a little disingenuous here.

EDIT: Fixed my quote to be properly attributed. Sorry, wraithstrike!