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Luthorne wrote:
steelhead wrote:
Luthorne wrote:

Alright, had some time to read through this, here's my thoughts on it.

** spoiler omitted **...

Hey Luthorne, could you enter this post as a review? It provides a lot of detail and the only reviewer just posted a star rating rather than giving your level of thought to the review. People will be more likely to read your exposition if it is a review, and it will help prospective buyers. Thanks!
I think I would have to pare it down considerably if it was going to be a proper review...since it's, well, rather rambly...

You say that Luthorne but your review and list of things has convinced me that this is an immediate buy for me.

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Rysky wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Rysky wrote:

You could try going to each individual product page (they have a tab for downloading stuff) if you've already redeemed your code, just search for the product on google and the Paizo webstore should be the first or second hit.

Hope this helps.

Just heard back that this tactic won't work :(



When you go to the Download tab on the product page and login there it throws you out but if you go right back to the product page it will let you download stuff, I was able to get my copy of Wayfinder 16!

Oh thank you SO much this worked for me. Now i can read Healer's Handbook.