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I appreciate your detailed response, and agree completely.

Thank you for the effort.

Vic Wertz wrote:
It just applies to you. Added to FAQ.

So what happens if someone else is encountering it on my turn? Because "I" wouldn't be the "you" at that point.

I'm with Longshot. It seems like a significant Nerf to fix a loop. My main motivation for keeping it on Nyctessa is to keep casting elemental bombardment. Because that spell tends to perform better than my other spells with a banished monster. I'm not sure I would keep it with that change (in my super specific circumstance).

Also I appreciate all the feedback folks.

After the gunslinger CD was released, my group wanted to use it to play the SS gunslinger in WotR. Then we were curious if she was supposed to be able to single-handedly defeat an army with the power:

"You may discard a weapon to defeat a barrier that has the Cache, Lock, or Skirmish trait."

Since all armies have the skirmish trait, if memory serves, but at the same time if other characters didn't succeed their checks it should be undefeated... we sort of made a judgement call.

In any case, the difficulty CDs add is backwards in expansions too.

Animate Dead allows me to discard the spell to summon monsters. The rules for the number and type of monsters summoned requires that at least two monsters are summoned.

Robe of Bones has a power allowing me to banish a monster instead of discarding a spell other than as damage.

What rule, if any, prevents me from playing animate dead, netting 2+ monsters, banishing one to keep the spell in my hand, and continuing until I have all of the games monsters (give or take a few) in my hand?

I feel like this is misbehaving in one way or another but I would love to hear some opinions from you guys.

My wife and I always felt the shifting dunes should not effect clothing cards. But that's just us.

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Updates to the Adventure Card Game packages and downloads should be arriving in the next couple weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience!

I still don't see the downloads; can someone else comment?

Thank you all so much for the detailed examination. It's validating to know that my group and I weren't crazy for seeing some of this as an issue.

When I use his power to display allies to add to a check, do I get the bonus per ally I have displayed? Or per ally displayed in that use of the power? The power reads: "for each ally displayed, add 1 (□ 2) to the check."

Also do you get the bonus for allies displayed by their own power, such as the Position Ancestor?

If olenjack displayed the Ancestor for his power could he then use the Ally's "while displayed" power?

My thought is no, no, and no. But it's hard to tell with how it is written.

Smoothjedi wrote:

I've recently completed the 3rd WotR adventure pack and I am trying to decide which role card to pick for Enora.

First off the abilities for Occularium Scholar are quite tempting; I last played Lini in RotR with the animal trait reveal for d4's, and I really enjoyed it. However, for Enora I've been pretty disappointed with the books vs animals for Lini. Even peeking ahead to the later adventures, most of these books are very situational, including a couple that potentially get removed from the game. The powers on said books also feel lackluster compared to other options. The animal allies seemed to be way more versatile.
On paper, I was really looking forwards to this role, but feel quite disappointed by the poor book selection. I'll probably take savant now that I see what's in store. Anyone else feel similarly?

My wife went with the Occularium Scholar and used the demonhunter's handbook because it can give a benefit on reveal (provided you can make the knowledge check). The whole thing seemed pretty effective to me, so not disappointing. Also her ability to use knowledge in place of any check against barriers is crazy good.

Tontelizi's halberdier role has a power that allows him to add 2d4 to a check if a power lets him reroll dice on the check. My friends and I couldn't quite figure out how that worked, if at all, with the mythic guardian's power. If a charge was expended you may reroll any dice that rolled a value of 1.

We saw a few possible scenarios:
If you use the mythic power you get 2d4 extra.
If you use the mythic power and at least 1 die rolls a 1, you add 2d4.
The mythic power does not trigger the halberdier's power.

I'm kinda stumped and would appreciate insight.