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Indeed. That was as terrible as I expected.


Happy Holidays. Sorry about the absence, but it was bound to happen.

I may extend this another week, depending on how this week goes.

As for Suli, I'm going to say no.

As for being a Jeweler, there is always time for some downtime, but the campaign doesn't revolve around it.

Having some overtime tonight, I'll be able to answer questions tomorrow. Good to see this level of interest; it was close enough between this and Council in the check, and I wasn't sure I'd made the correct choice.

Nikolaus de'Shade wrote:
I know later in the AP the players end up in the City of Brass - would this mean I'd face loads of fire immune enemies? If so I might have to pick a different element!

You do indeed go to the City of Brass. What you'd fight there, you can only speculate, but it's probably a safe bet you're on the right track.

That being said, I'm generating new Campaign Traits to better reflect the modern system, and depending on who I select, one I was considering gave social stats to the Geniekin when dealing with true Genies. An Ifrit Pyrokineticist on the Plane of Fire might not be as effective in combat as elsewhere, but there's a level of respect, even if it's grudging, that they would earn by their very nature.

In other words, if you wanted to go that route, don't let the fire-immune enemies stop you; you may just be able to talk yourself out of it.

Nikolaus de'Shade wrote:
I'll be doing a genie-touched Kineticist I think - would you allow Fetchlings for a Void-Kineticist or should I just stick to one of the big four? :)

Sure, that's thematic.

Also, as a note to everyone - she has decided to no longer be a child, so I revoke my previous statement allowing them, as I'd rather not if I didn't have to.

As far as characters go, she's playing some version of a Swarm Monger Druid - she's insisting on using a squirrel, so I have to make it work, but again, allowances for the wife and whatnot. I have no qualms about duplicating party roles, and I also sincerely doubt that anyone else is looking down this route...but I did want to keep you informed.

E: Thought of something else.

Half-Elves replace Multitalented with the human Fast Learner feat. Alternate racial traits that replace Multitalented may still be taken; ask me if you're interested in one and I'll tell you want you'd lose.

rungok wrote:
Is this the game where you start off knowing Haleen? I want to write something nice and in-depth but I need to know if I should include ties to that character.

That's one of the available Campaign Traits, yes. If you want to write her in, be my guest, but we're not using the trait itself.

That Link Up There wrote:
DR/Armor: This type of DR blocks the damage of all attacks that would normally be affected by DR, based on the composition of the armor (see Table 5–1). Unlike most forms of damage reduction, DR/armor stacks with other types of DR. For instances, when fighting a skeleton with DR 5/bludgeoning and DR 4/armor (+2 for armor, +2 for natural armor), the skeleton's DR/armor reduces 9 points of damage from non-bludgeoning attacks, and 4 damage from bludgeoning weapon attacks. Magic weapons and attacks from Large or larger creatures bypass the DR 4/armor, but not the DR 5/bludgeoning.

So first, the DR/armor is taken off, followed by the Barbarian's DR/-.

Posting Rate
Forgot this bit, and for me it isn't as cut-and-dry as usual.

If we do not opt for the three extra variant rules, then during times of combat, I expect one post per day, including weekends unless you let me know in advance that you are absolutely unavailable. Some of the campaigns on here are older than my child, and any frequency less and we might still be playing this when I have grandchildren. During non-combat times, particularly important RP scenes, or the between-the-books moments, I'm willing to slacken to one post per two days, with weekends not mandatory. However, I also expect those posts to be longer, story-driven narratives, and be worth the wait to read.

Should we opt for the variants, I'm willing to allow for one post per two days, with weekends still included but able to be missed with proper timing. There's more math, especially from me, and I would welcome the extra time. That being said, again, these variants would rely on greater descriptions from the players, so the extra time should allow for the flavorful combat texts that comes from having a lack of rolls (or even vague knowledge of success).

Recruitment is up for Legacy of Fire.

As I mentioned, if this goes well, I'll likely run one of the others in the future.

The sands of the desert are unforgiving, and those who show weakness rarely survive. Beset by gnolls and genies, can the heroes stop a wish-maddened warlord from raising one of the infamous Spawn of Rovagug, a living holocaust cast down millennia before? In order to do so, they'll need to brave sand, flame, and the terrors of the Outer Planes—yet the forces at work against them are limited only by the reach of their imagination. And the enemy has had thousands of years to prepare...

Welcome to my recruitment.

Character Creation
Level: 1
Ability Scores: 15 Point Buy
Races: Core, Geniekin, Aasimar and Tiefling (without variants), Fetchling, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Nagaji, Reptoid, and Samsaran (Normal and Reborn).
Alignment: LG, LN, LE, NG, TN, CG only.
Religion: Pathfinder deities are cool, but so were a lot of the racially specific pantheons of Dungeons and Dragons. For Humans or those choosing a non-racial deity, please stick to Pathfinder; if you'd like to opt for a racial from an earlier edition, talk to me about any relevant mechanics, especially Domains.
Class: Any Paizo. You are not required to choose Unchained, but see below. No Alternate Classes.
Sources: Any Paizo. No Third Party. If what you choose isn't available on one of the reference documents online, please include the full text of it with your character sheet. Examples include most of the OGC from Ultimate Wilderness.
Variable Stats: Anything rolled at 1st is Maximized. HP and GP are all that immediately come to mind, but there might be one more on a specific archetype.
Background Skills: Two extra skill points per level as is standard. If you'd like Artistry, that's fine, but Lore is too specific for my tastes.
Traits: One, with a Drawback for a second if you so choose. No Campaign Traits.
Pre-Game Crafting: You must be able to make the DC by taking a 10, including any situational bonuses like Crafter's Fortune or circumstance bonus items, provided you buy the item and have the spell.
Other Variant Rules
Combat Stamina: Free for Fighters and Warpriests at 1st level. Free to be taken by anyone. Brawlers, and other archetypes with Martial Flexibility, may not choose Combat Stamina with that ability.
Skill Unlocks: Anyone may take the Signature Skill feat. If you have Skill Focus (including from the Human alternate racial), you automatically gain Signature Skill at five ranks for skills in which you also have Skill Focus. Unchained Rogues gain two skill unlocks via their Rogue's Edge ability each time it is gained in order to compensate; however, Unchained Rogues do not gain Signature Skill for free with Skill Focus.
Equipment Trick: This feat applies to all listed equipment pieces with associated tricks, rather than requiring the feat be taken for each item. Most also require other feats, and the functions that do not are simple enough that I learned to do them in the Boy Scouts (burning a lamp at half height, or tying a quick release knot), which shouldn't mandate a "feat."
Feat Taxes: See this document.
Options: I would like to use the Wounds and Vigor and Armor as Damage Reduction variant rules. Since this is more book work, and a bit different, please indicate whether you'd be interested in using this system or not.

Likewise, I would like to add the Called Shots variant. But, people will cheat. Please vote on this as well, but know that if we opt to go this route, combat will be different. The burden of description relies on the player, and you would need to be very specific with your actions. Additionally, I would be doing all of the rolls in this scenario, but would need you to include your bonuses as though you had rolled.
Character Background
Your mechanical choices are supposed to represent a living, breathing entity whose past shaped and molded those mechanical choices. I expect to see this in your background.

Please be from Garund, or have been living there for some time. The campaign is set in Katapesh, the immediate threats are local, and there's really little reason for the random tourist from Varisia to bother risking their life. Also, there are plenty of colors in the world, and everyone being European is boring. There is an abundance of legally available flavor material on the internet, I encourage you to make use of it.

I also encourage "reflavoring," to make something fit that otherwise doesn't. Traits in particular can be named just about anything and provide the same benefits. Similarly, you can be a "half-Dwarf" or an "Orcread" if you'd like; just pick one race as the base and flavor it to your whims. I would prefer to see some thought and care put into the characters, more than just the mechanics.

I also encourage shared character creations, particularly families or kindred schools of thought or training. If you would like to discuss the option of having a mutually-shared history of some kind, particularly for the incorporation of teamwork feats, I would be willing to make it easier. The Player's Guide for this AP is not free, so I can not point you to that as is normal; I'll design the location of your shared origins and allow for adjustments as necessary if you opt for this.

Also, please don't just copy/paste a HeroLab sheet. They're exceedingly difficult to read if not formatted, and it really shows a lack of effort on your part. Feel free to use it, even port it over, but at the very least, throw in some breaks so it doesn't show as a single running block.

Recruitment will close 12/30/17 at 11:59 PM PST. My partner will likely be joining us, so I'm looking for 4-5 more to fill the rest of the spots. This would be her first Pathfinder game, so you'll also forgive if I hold her to a different set of standards; it's worth it to me to get her going in the first place.

Thank you.

E: She wants to play a child, as of now. I should make specific note, then, that if you wish to play a character below the normal starting age, you may do so, but specific differences will apply. Talk to me first.

Feejan Baulns wrote:
Anybody have a recommendation for a deity for Feejan Baulns? I know next to nothing about the deities in 3.5. Would Clanggedin Silverbeard be a valid deity? That’s the only one I could find that seems even sort of plausible.

Clangeddin's probably the typical choice after Moradin. Gorm Gulthyn, Guardian of all Dwarves, might be slightly more apropos as a Stonelord, but ultimately that's just the fluff and it's whichever you'd want.

Domains are another matter, but that's between you and the GM. War, though, is already listed.

In regards to teamwork feats, shared traits, and the like.

I'm in with the group if those selected would like to be "clannish" and have shared mechanics, especially the feats; as others have pointed out, teamwork feats don't see the love they deserve most of the time.

Mechanically, however, I'm in the boat with a few of the others. Oreads only have the typical 1 feat at 1st, and as a druid, I won't be getting any other than the every-other-level feats. And while I certainly don't mind dedicating them towards an idea, it weakens the optimization of my character (I didn't do my point-buy numbers, but 4 16s, 15 and 11 still isn't something to sneeze at), which is something I've opted to weaken already in favor of flavor and story.

When I finish her this afternoon, I'll leave my first-level feat empty pending this discussion. But, if we're aiming for efficient combat, I'd rather drop the Pack Lord archetype; while it's much thematic to have multiple fungi growing from her rocky skin, no Druid would be willing to just constantly grow more, weak and semi-sentient fungi to bombard enemies with, particularly (since the Puffball fungi require large amounts of air circulation for proper distribution of their spores (The "irony" of making a spore-druid with my username is not lost on me; IRL I'm mostly a mycologist, so fungi are kind of my thing.)) in locations where they wouldn't just regrow.

If we're looking more for the story, and having a character or two sub-optimal in combat isn't a debilitating factor when making selections, then I'll keep her as an Oread Sporesinger/Pack Lord Druid. If we're more concerned with the combat aspect of it, I'll drop the Pack Lord, and possibly also the Oread part.

The main interest is in being the mushroom farmer. The cool part is growing them on her own skin. I can take one or both and still be happy.

I've lurked about the Paizo boards for years, but I'm recent in lurking this section. A few of these recruitment threads have a number of obviously different accounts, but I distinctly know the three non-GM dotters on here from the two other threads I've joined.

Not to hijack your thread OP, as this is a dot (and a particular question aside from this one), but I wanted to ask: just how small is the community here?

And to the GM: there are very few APs I've not experienced in one way or another. Second Darkness, in particular, I have played twice, and GMed once. Is that something you mind, provided I'm not making obvious metaknowledge decisions in game?

Interesting Character wrote:

Would Spheres of Power or even just Words of Power be considered for any of these?

What about jnusual characters, such awakened animals, masterless familiars, etc?

Also, how much allowance is there for creative solutions and tactics? (silent image is a wonderful combat spell :)

For the third question, there's always room for creativity and innovative thinking.

As to the first two, I'm not really looking to make any sort of mechanical decisions at the moment; simply picking the option.

'Gnasher' Red Claw wrote:
Man, I would love another crack at LoF, started twice, never got very far. Any chance you would let a gnoll in the game?

A gnoll would be thematic for LoF; if I go that route, I'll make sure to keep unusual races in mind.

Sporocystian wrote:
E: Question for the GM. Would you allow the mixing of the Supernaturalist and Pack Lord Druid archetypes?

Or, on the same lines, would you just allow me to reflavor Treesinger into Sporesinger and take it as an Oread? I don't really want anything from the Supernaturalist aside from the ability to use plants instead of animals.

Packlord could work with Treesinger without having to alter anything except the ruling that the same abilities can't be modified; neither lose anything, and other than making them be a mass of plant creatures instead of animals, this isn't really different from the standard Pack Lord.

1: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 6, 4) = 18
2: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 4, 1) = 11
3: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 4, 2) = 13
4: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 5, 6) = 19 -3 =16
5: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 4, 6) = 19 -4 =15
6: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 3, 6) = 19 -3 =16

Reroll 1-1: 1d6 ⇒ 3 = 6+6+4=16
Reroll 2-1: 1d6 ⇒ 4 = 4+4+3=11
Reroll 3-1,2: 2d6 ⇒ (5, 6) = 11 = 5+6+5=16

16, 15, 16, 16, 11, 16, I can deal with this.

E: Question for the GM. Would you allow the mixing of the Supernaturalist and Pack Lord Druid archetypes? The only "true" rulebreaker is the Improved Empathic Link ability from Pack Lord, which could just go away.

I was considering the concept of an Oread mycologist/farmer, working the mushroom farms for the clan and her team of Puffball fungi that take root in her rocky flesh.

Similarly, can an Oread take a Dwarf alternate racial trait that replaces the Stonecunning granted from Dwarf Blooded?

hustonj wrote:
I get that you are WILLING to run any of the 3, but I think you should plan to run the one you are most interested in seeing play through. You are more likely to give that one the love and attention required for longer than you are the others.
DarkWingD wrote:
I second that, the single most important thing in the PbP is the DM's interest. lol.

There's part of my problem though; I'm interested in all three. I no longer have the regular group of in-person players I had a decade ago, when it would've been feasible to spend six months and run all three consecutively. Should this first one go well, six or so months from now when we've made it through a book or two, I'll likely start a second concurrent of one of the other options.

But the decision of which to start first is arbitrary. LoF is full of nostalgia for me; this won't be the same, but it'll still bring back the memories. CoT, we bought en masse when #6 was published back in '10; that's almost 8 years of new content, which, including the Vigilante and numerous other social mechanics, could literally make this a different game entirely than the one I played before, and that's fun in its own right. Also, I had to phone my old college mate, now a professional copy editor, because I was so bothered by my use of verisimilitude in the previous post. It's technically not wrong, in the same way that Tommy Wiseau's script of The Room is technicallly not wrong. IfI is all new to me; I've even only read the first three parts as of yet, and it seems like a very sick campaign.

But it does look like the leanings are more to LoF or CoT, which I expected given their ages. From here on, let's limit this check to those two.

And thanks for the input from everyone so far.

This is a check for interest; I deeply love the first two APs in the title, and have not yet had the opportunity for the third.

I thought it might be best to ask my potential players which option would be the most preferred.

I have no arguments for or against LoF; it was one of my most-enjoyed gaming experiences, and I would enjoy running this again.

Council of Thieves could be a completely different ball game with the verisimilitude of social options added since its release.

Ironfang Invasion, being the newest (completed) AP, may have been played out on here recently.

Let me know which, if any, holds the most interest for you. Thanks.