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Full Name

Solstice Rain (141936-8)


| Bluff +14, Diplomacy +12, Disguise +10, Intimidate +15, Kn Arc +4, Perc +2, Perform(Sing) +15, UMD +14


| Fire Resistance 20 | Active Conditions: Fire Resistance 20, Mage Armor


Female C/N Ifrit Sorcerer (Elemental/Fire)/9 | HP: 67/67 | AC/T/FF: 16/12/10 | CMB: +3, CMD: 15 | F/R/W:+6/7/15 | Darkvision | Speed 30ft | Init: +16 (+12 if heightened awareness not active)




Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno


Common, Inguan, Shoanti

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Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 25

About Solstice Rain

Resource Tracking:


Scrolls or potions used this chronicle: scroll of comprehend languages
Wand of Infernal Healing uses this chronicle:
Wand of Heightened Awareness, uses this chronicle:
Wand of Mage Armor uses this chronicle:
Elemental ray 1d6+6 (11/day) uses:
Elemental Blast uses (1/day), 60’, 13d6, 20’ radius, DC 25 (1/day):
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Toppling uses (3/day):
1st level spell uses (8/day):
2nd level spell uses (8/day):
3nd level spell uses (8/day):
4th level spell uses (6/day):
Portfolio reroll (1/chronicle):

Currently involved in The Beacon Below

Solstice was born on winter solstice to the Tamiir-Quah (The Wind Clan) of Shoanti Varisia in the middle of a volcanic eruption. Her parents made much of it, particularly when she developed sorceress powers of fire tied to the storm. All her life she has been fed grandiose lectures about her future. You have to do this Solstice, to prepare for your rise; you can’t do that. And the only powers she has manifested is the ability to heal and squeal. Some powerful sorceress! Its time she stopped playing at being a sorceress and start doing!

Solstice is a mixture of pride stemming from the constant compliments and self-degradation arising from her pathetic level 1 sorceress abilities (at least pathetic compared to what she was led to expect), cynicism brought on by high expectations with no results and optimism because of her recent choice to actually break from her parents and try an adventure. She doesn’t know whether to be a hero or a joke.

Solstice is a northerner, with a moderate Shoanti accent. She bears the earmarks of an ifrit outsider. Her skin is brass in color and her hair is white, but iridescent, almost gnomishly. Rather than the jewelry typical for most of her kind, she sports elaborate and very colorful tattoos more in line with her Shoanti ancestry, though the two small nubbins that poke from her brow are pierced and anchor the two ends of a thin gold strand with small tasteful but glittering dangling jewels.

Note: The jewelry changes from time to time. A girl's got to accessorize.

Main Stats:

Solstice Rain (141936-8) C/N Female Ifrit Sorceress(Elemental/Fire)/8
Faction Sovereign Court

Str 8, -1 (10[race] -2[-2 points spent])
Dex 14, +2 (12[race] +2[2 points spent])
Con 12, +1 (10[race] +1[1 points spent] +1[level 4])
Int 12, +1 (10[race] +0[0 points spent] +2[pendant])
Wis 10, +0 (8[race] +2[2 points spent])
Cha 25, +7 (12[race] +8[17 points spentt] +1[level 8] +4[headband])

HP 67 (+40[9d6] +9[con] +9[favored class] +9[toughness])
Init +16(12) (+2[dex] +4[Wildfire Heart] +2[reactionary] (+4)[Heightened Awareness])
Senses Darkvision
Perception +0
Speed 30 ft.
Base Attack +4
Languages Common, Inguan, Shoanti


CMD 15 (10 +4[BAB] -1[str] +2[dex])
AC normal 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (10 +2[dex] +4[mage armor])
Fort +6 (+1[con] +3[sorcerer] +2[cloak])
Ref +7 (+2[dex] +3[sorcerer] +2[cloak]])
Will +15 (+7[steadfast personality/cha] +6[sorcerer] +2[cloak]])
  • Fire Resistance 20 (Bloodline power and Robe of Arcane Heritage)
  • Immune to cold above 0F, boon from Chronicle 8, keep of the huscarl king.

  • Offense:

    CMB +3 (+4[BAB] -1[str])
    - Current CMB

    Normal Attacks

  • +3/1d8-1 Longspear [1d8; 20/x3; P) (+4[BAB] -1[str]/1d8 -1[str])


  • Elemental ray +6/1d6+6, 30' ranged touch (+4[BAB] +2[dex]/1d6 +4[1/2 lvl] +2[RoAH))
  • Elemental blast, 60', 20' radius, 13d6 fire


  • Spells:

  • Concentration +20 (+9[class] +7[cha] +1[fire affinity] +3[CoP])
  • Eschew Materials
  • Bloodline Arcana: May change damage and spell type to fire.
  • Fire affinity: +2 cha for sorceress powers and spells
  • Hypnotic: +1 DC for spells that fascinate
  • Affinity for the Elements: +1 DC fire
  • Elemental Focus (fire): +1 DC fire
  • Greater Spell Focus (evocation), +2 DC evocation

    Cantrips, DC 18 (10 +0[level] +7[cha] +1[fire affinity]); unlimited/Day

  • Daze: Short Range. Will ST or no actions for one round
  • Detect Magic: Detects all spells and magic items within 60 ft. 1 min/lvl
  • Flare
  • Mage Hand
  • Message
  • Prestidigitation
  • Read Magic
  • Resistance

    Level 1, DC 19 (10 +1[level] +7[cha] +1[fire affinity]); 8/Day (6[base] + 2[cha]/Day)

  • B - Burning Hands, 15' cone, DC 20 +1[Affinity for the Elements] +2[Greater Spell Focus]) reflex ST for half damage, 5d4 [1d4/level, max 5d4] fire damage
  • Ear-piercing Scream, short range, DC 22(21) +1 [Affinity for the Elements if fire] +2[Greater Spell Focus]) fort ST for half damage and no daze, 4d6 [1/2 level d6] sonic damage
  • Feather Fall
  • Hypnotism Replaced with Magic Missile at 4th level
  • Mage Armor, gained via page of spell knowledge
  • Magic Missile, medium range, 4 [(level+1)/2] x 1d4+1 missiles
  • Monkey Fish
  • Vanish, 5 [1/level, max 5] rounds invisibility

    Level 2, DC 20 (10 +2[level] + 6[cha] +1[fire affinity]); 8/Day(6[base] + 2[cha]/Day)

  • Burst of Radiance, long range, 10' radius, DC 22 (+2[Greater Spell Focus]) reflex ST or blinded for 1d4 rounds, dazzled for 1d4 rounds if save made. 5d4 [1d4/level, max 5d4] damage to evil creatures with no save.
  • False Life
  • Pyrotechnics Replaced with Oppressive Boredom at 6th level
  • Invisibility
  • Oppresive Boredom
  • B - Scorching Ray, close range, 2 [(level+1)/4] 4d6 rays

    Level 3, DC 21 (10 +3[level] + 6[cha] +1[fire affinity]); 8/Day (6[base] + 2[cha]/Day)

  • Chain of Perdition; close, 1 rnd/lvl, AC 18 [occ](10 +7[cha] +1[fire affinity])[/ooc], CMB +16 [occ](+8[lvl] +7[cha] +1[fire affinity])[/ooc], DC 23 +2[Greater Spell Focus])
  • Haste
  • B - Protection from Energy
  • Lightning Bolt, 120' range and line, 1d6/lvl (max 10)

    Level 4, DC 22 (10 +3[level] + 6[cha] +1[fire affinity]); 6/Day (4[base] + 2[cha+fire affinity]/Day)

  • Greater Aggressive Thundercloud, medium range, 1 round/lvl, 5' sphere, DC 26(24) (+2)[Affinity for the Elements if fire, elemental focus] +2[Greater Spell Focus] reflex ST to avoid damage, fort save to avoid being stunned
  • B - Elemental Body I, personal, 1 min/lvl, small fire elemental (+2 dex, +2 natural armor, darkvision 60', resist fire 20, vulnerability to cold, and the burn ability
  • Acid Pit, creation/acid, medium range 10x10' hole, 10' deep/2 levels (max 100'), 1 round + 1 round/lvl, falling damage into yielding surface plus 2d6 per turn. Exposed items may be harmed. DC 30 climb, DC 24(22) (+1)[Affinity for the Elements if fire, elemental focus] reflex ST to avoid falling.

  • Skills:

    Skill Ranks 18 = (2+0[int])*9[sorceress level]

    Acrobatics +2 (+0 ranks, +2[dex]
    Appraise +0 (+0 ranks, +0[int] +3[class])
    Bluff +14 (+1 ranks, +7[cha], +3[CoP] +3[class])
    Climb -1 (+0 ranks, +0[str])
    Craft +0 (+0 ranks, +0[int] +3[class])
    Diplomacy +12 (+2 ranks, +7[cha], +3[CoP])
    Disable Device N/A (+0 ranks, +2[dex])
    Disguise +10 (+0 ranks, +7[cha], +3[CoP])
    Escape Artist +2 (+0 ranks, +2[dex])
    Fly +6 (+1 ranks, +2[dex] +3[class])
    Handle Animal +11 (+1 ranks, +7[cha], +3[CoP])
    Heal +0 (+0 ranks, +0[wis])
    Intimidate +15 (+2 ranks, +7[cha], +3[CoP] +3[class])
    - arcana +4 (+1 ranks, +0[int] +3[class])
    - dungeoneering N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - history N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - nature N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - planes N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - religion N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - local N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - engineering N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - geography N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    - nobility N/A (+0 ranks, +0[int])
    Linguistics +1 (+1 ranks, +0[int])
    Perception +2 (+2 ranks, +0[wis])
    Perform(sing) +15 (+5 ranks, +7[cha], +3[CoP])
    Profession N/A (+0 ranks, +0[wis] +3[class])
    Ride +2 (+0 ranks, +2[dex])
    Sense Motive +0 (+0 ranks, +0[wis])
    Sleight of Hand N/A (+0 ranks, +2[dex])
    Spellcraft +4 (+1 ranks, +0[int] +3[class])
    Stealth +2 (+1 ranks, +2[dex])
    Survival +0 (+0 ranks, +0[wis])
    Swim -1 (+0 ranks, -1[str])
    Use Magic Device +23 (+1[ranks] +9[pendant of IQ] +7[cha] +3[class] +3[CoP])


  • [CoP]: Circlet of Persuasion, +3 to all charisma rolls.
  • Gear:
    See spreadsheet at Google Docs for Solstice for cost and weight details.

    Muleback Cord (+8 str to carrying capacity)
    Belt pouch
    Flint and steel
    Pendant of Vast Intelligence, +2, UMD (Beacon Below Chronicle)
    Headband of Alluring Charisma, +4
    Robe of Arcane Heritage
    Circlet of Persuasion
    Cloak of Resistance, +2
    Lesser Metamagic Rod of Toppling
    Lesser Metamagic Rod of Selective
    Metamagic Rod of Piercing (-5 spell resistance)
    Dweomer’s Essence (-5 spell resistance), 500 gp
    4 scrolls of Shield
    1 Scrolls of 5 Lesser Restoration
    1 Scroll of Breath of Life
    4 scrolls of Shield
    4 Scrolls of Comprehend Languages
    Wand of Infernal Healing (45 ch)
    Wand of Mage Armor (41 ch)
    Wand of Heightened Awareness (43 ch)
    Potion of Lesser Restoration
    Air Crystals
    Traveller's Any-Tool
    sun rod
    2,485.75 gp

    Pack Pony with
    Bit and bridle
    Saddle bags
    4 days of pony feed
    Medium tent
    Sorcerer's kit
    Climber's Kit
    Explorer’s outfit
    Cold-weather outfit

    Racial Traits, Traits, Class Abilities, and Feats:

    Racial Traits
  • Native Outsider
  • Fire Affinity - Ifrit sorcerers with the elemental (fire) bloodline treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities. Ifrit spellcasters with the Fire domain use their domain powers and spells at +1 caster level.
  • Languages (Inguan)
  • Hypnotic (replaces spell-like ability)
  • Wildfire Heart (replaces fire resistance)

    Starting Traits

  • Affinity for the Elements (Religion, ISG, must worship elemental lord) - Add 1 to the DC of saving throws made to resist the effects of spells cast by you that have either the air, earth, fire, or water descriptor, depending on which elemental lord you worship. You must choose a single elemental lord when you take this trait; once chosen, it cannot be changed.
  • Reactionary - +2 init

    Class Abilities

  • Bloodline Powers
  • - Elemental Ray, 30' ranged touch, 1d6+6 (1d6 +4[1/2 lvl] +2[RoAH]); 11/day (3 + 7[cha] + 1[Fire Affinity])
  • - Fire Resistance 20 (Robe of Arcane Heritage adds 4 levels)
  • - Elemental Blast 12d6 (8d6[lvl] + 4d6[RoAH]), DC 24 (10 +4[1/2 lvl] +2[RoAH] +7[cha] + 1[Fire Affinity])
  • Bloodline Arcana - Convert damage and spell type to fire
  • Bloodline Spells
  • - 3) Burning Hands
  • - 5) Scorching Ray
  • - 7) Protection from Energy
  • - 9) Elemental Body I
  • Eschew Materials


  • 1S - Eschew Materials
  • 1 - Toughness
  • 3 - Spell Focus (Evocation)
  • 5 - Steadfast Personality
  • 7S - Improved Initiative
  • 7 - Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)
  • 9 - Elemental Focus (fire)

  • Chronicles:

    See Google Docs for Solstice for chronicle images/pdfs