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Fantastic guys that's loads of ideas. I'll probably go with a blend of options. Animal companion, extra PC and maybe an NPC or two. And of course a pretty well tailored story if I can work out what she is going to buy into!

Oh and she is evil, our first run through I'd prepped a npc to give out a quest. She bullied him into giving half the money up front and then just left the town... (Hence a conversation afterwards on what she was actually looking for from the game!)

The player is looking for a general sandbox sort of game. The PC I was intending to run is essentially a minion for her to boss around so swapping to an NPC isn't a problem. She just wants to go for a wandering adventure feel .

Very much a noob here so shoot me down in flames if I've missed a trick. I'm trying to run a one player + GM game and my player is struggling with the monsters. Now I could drop the monsters to lower level ones but then xp takes too long to accumulate. I don't want to just boost xp of lower creatures as that strikes me more as "cheating". To over come this I have decided to add a special shield to the cleric (evil) the shield works as the following. On command it can summon a Worg trapped inside the shield. If the worg dies it returns to the shield and the shield must be left out for a night in direct moonlight to recharge. Else the worg can come and go from the shield as it pleases.
The idea is for the worg to act as a tank whilst the cleric gets a few levels.under her belt.

I'd be very grateful if you guys could let me know if this is a good idea or if there are better ways of running 1 on 1. Full disclosure I plan on gming and running a Witch at the same time.

I have to completely agree with the OP. There is no easyjumping in point for this game except by buying a beginner's box that's not the real deal. Why would I buy I cut down version of the rules? And then have to pay for the full rules later on? Why would you release s player's guide instead of sorting out the core rules? I'm not mad, this game looks really cool and I'm getting there with perseverance but to try and pitch it to a fence sitter is going to be a tough sell. I've seen a few people who mention the how to generate a character at the start of the book and the issue is that it just doesn't. It starts talking about stats and things and then hits race and bails. I found a guide online that was great but truth be told I shouldn't have to.

It doesn't help that on top of all the rules to learn, you come to sites like this one where most of the posts talk about optimum builds or how X or Y is unplayable.

Honestly a clear cut intro would be nice. And something to demonstrate the power of different builds. Nothing kills a game like this quicker than turning up for your first game only to find that you build isn't optimum and therefore your either going to suck or be obselete.

Fantastic, that makes sense, drop cauldron, evil eye is in.

In terms of starting feats I wanted to go with two weapon wielding using daggers and spiked gauntlets (on the basis that's the model I have). Is that remotely viable?

Thanks for the feed back.i was hoping to take cauldron as my first hex, I know it's frowned upon as PFS doesn't allow it, it just strikes me that I can do far more with potions available than with just 5 spells. I was planning to pick up evil eye at level 2 and cackle at 4.
The concept I have is as follows: cauldron (because what's a witch without a cauldron?!) And take the Shadow Patron. I thought it would be cool a few levels in to be able to put out the lights with darkness or deeper darkness (whilst being able to still see in the dark as a dwarf) and then cackling away in the darkness whilst I hex my foes. The other party members want to be dwarves too but it will probably just be me and an evil cleric for a while.

Hello everyone, I'm knew to pathfinder and whilst I eagerly await my rule book in the post I have been brushing up on the PDF's.

One of the queries I have been unable to work out is that in the Goblin entry in the Bestiary it mentions they are scared of magic. I'm wondering when running an encounter how do the rules cover NPC/monster panic and fear. There seams to be a ton of rules regarding abilities which trigger these effects but I can't find anything to do with the RP side of things or even situational or environmental influences. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Secondly I'm looking to make a Male Dwarf Witch because it seams cool. I can see an aweful lot of posts about optimum builds and how you have to take this or that to even have a functional build but I'm wondering if character creation and progression is really that imperative or if people are being a touch dramatic?

Again any help would be great!