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Digitalelf wrote:
One Angry Monkey wrote:
The AD&D sourcebook Netheril: Empire of Magic was once available on the WotC site for free. It contains an entry for Moander.
Unless my google-foo has greatly weakened, Wizards pulled those particular freebies from their web site...

Towards the bottom of this page, there is a link to download the free pdf from Wizards.

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We had a PC that was an assassin. The assassin was always scouting ahead of the party and was usually invisible. If he came across a lone creature, then 3 rounds later the creature had a fairly good chance of being dead.

I'm not sure I would want to use this against the PCs. But it sure worked well for the party.

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Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Which is why we went for $9.99 instead of something higher. :-)

So then with Pathfinder Advantage, this subscription will be $8.50 a month. Is that correct?

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SirUrza wrote:
If/when Paizo switches to 4E, I'm sure we'll see some "epic" play since it's part of core and nothing special anymore. :P

Doesn't the standard 4e rules go to level 30? So the new epic levels will be level 31 and above. I always viewed epic level play as the levels beyond what is covered in the core rules.

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1) Do you plan to convert to the new edition of D&D?
No, not initially. It may take a couple years or more for my group to convert. Although, this may change, because of the quality of the Pathfinder product. If I like the 4e rules (which I think will) and I have an excellent 4e Pathfinder Adventure Path, then I will probably try to talk my group into switching to 4e.

I guess the short answer is "I go where Paizo goes."

2) If Paizo converts its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?
I will still subscribe to Pathfinder. I enjoy reading these even if I'm not playing 4e. I have so many 3e adventures to run through already, that I can keep my group busy for years before needing to use Paizo 4e adventures. Plus, I haven't bought the Gamemastery adventures yet.

3) If Paizo does not convert its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?
As long as it stays compatible with either 3.5e or 4e, I'll keep subscribing to Pathfinder. If the system would change to something else, I would have to reconsider my subscription.

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Scribbling Rambler wrote:
NPC Cards: Make them similar to the Item Cards for each AP, with artwork, a description, player knowledge details and space for notes.

This is an awesome idea! My players always seem to have a hard time keeping track of NPCs. I like this idea even better than item cards. I'd pay for a deck of NPC cards for every adventure path.

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This happens to me quite often. If I haven't mentioned any creatures when I read the description, then my players will always ask, "Do we see any monsters to kill?"

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Awww shucks, nothing extra in my envelope. Has anyone received the extra module yet?

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I already have a bunch of music to play. I just thought it would be cool to see what Paizo would suggest as a play list.

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James Jacobs wrote:

Wes and I keep talking about building an iTunes playlist for Rise of the Runelords, like we did for Savage Tide. It wouldn't be free music (unless you already own the music in question, of course), but it's a handy way to do campaign soundtracks.

Would folks be interested in an iTunes playlist for Runelords?

Did you ever build a play list? I sure would be interested in this. I plan on running Burnt Offerings in a couple of weeks.