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l Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., Perception +2

Craft: Gemcutting +5, Diplomacy +6, Kn. Religion +5, Stealth +11


Female LG Kobold Paladin (Silver Champion) 1 | Active Conditions:


HP: 11/11 l AC: 17, T 14, FF 14 l CMD 13 l F +3, R +3, W +1 l Smite Evil (1/1) | Init +4

About Skyxa, Waybringer's Champion

Skyxa, Waybringer's Champion

Kobold Paladin (Silver Champion) 1
LG Small Humanoid (Reptilian)
Init +4; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +1
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+2 armor, +3 Dex, +1 natural, +1 size)
HP 11
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +1
Weaknesses Light Sensitivity
Speed 30 ft.
Cold Iron Dagger +2 (1d3/19-20)
Light Mace +2 (1d4)
Longbow +5 (1d6/×3)
Special Attacks
Smite Evil - 1/day (+2 attack and AC, +1 damage)
Paladin Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +3)
At will — Detect Evil
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +1; CMB +0; CMD 13
Point-Blank Shot
Ambush Training
Draconic Destiny
Craft: Gemcutting +5 - (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Diplomacy +6 - (1 rank, 3 class, 2 Cha)
Kn. Religion +5 - (1 rank, 3 class, 1 Int)
Perception +1 - (-1 Wis, 2 Racial)
Stealth +11 - (1 rank, 3 class, 3 Dex, 4 Size)
Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Common, Draconic
Other Gear Leather Armor, Arrows (20), Gemcutting Tools, Masterwork Backpack
Special Abilities
Armor - Kobolds have a +1 natural armor bonus.

Aura of Good (Ex) - The power of a paladin's aura of good (see the Detect Good spell) is equal to her paladin level.

Crafty - Kobolds gain a +2 racial bonus on Craft (traps), Perception, and Profession (miner) checks. Craft (traps) and Stealth are always class skills for a kobold.

Darkvision (60 feet) - Kobolds can see in the dark (black and white only).

Detect Evil (Sp) - At will, a paladin can use detect evil, as the spell. A paladin can, as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, the paladin does not detect evil in any other object or individual within range.

Dragon Magic - The silver champion does not have access to the normal paladin spell list. She instead adds the 1st through 4th-level spells from the domains granted by Apsu (Artifice, Good, Law, Scalykind, Travel) and the god’s associated subdomains (Archon, Construct, Dragon, Exploration, Toil, and Trade) to her class spell list. A silver champion casts one fewer spell of each level than normal. If this reduces the number to less than 0, she can’t cast spells of that level.

This ability modifies the paladin’s spellcasting.

Light Sensitivity (Ex) - Kobolds are dazzled as long as they remain in an area of bright light.

Smite Evil (1/day) (Su) - Once per day, a paladin can call out to the powers of good to aid her in her struggle against evil. As a swift action, the paladin chooses one target within sight to smite. If this target is evil, the paladin adds her Charisma bonus (if any) to her attack rolls and adds her paladin level to all damage rolls made against the target of her smite. If the target of smite evil is an outsider with the evil subtype, an evil-aligned dragon, or an undead creature, the bonus to damage on the first successful attack increases to 2 points of damage per level the paladin possesses. Regardless of the target, smite evil attacks automatically bypass any DR the creature might possess.

In addition, while smite evil is in effect, the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (if any) to her AC against attacks made by the target of the smite. If the paladin targets a creature that is not evil, the smite is wasted with no effect.

The smite evil effect remains until the target of the smite is dead or the next time the paladin rests and regains her uses of this ability. At 4th level, and at every three levels thereafter, the paladin may smite evil one additional time per day, as indicated on Table: Paladin, to a maximum of seven times per day at 19th level.