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avr wrote:

By the time you get snap shot mages aren't too likely to fail concentration checks. I guess on NPC WBL it's a maybe, but there's also the problem that you're not at all mobile and getting up close to a mage is hard for you. Signature deed requires 11 levels in gunslinger which you don't have at character level 13 in the above plan, and you need to select a deed for it to work with too. If the mage turns invisible you lose, if they fly or run 125'+ away you lose.

So: mobility and ability to deal with invisibility/darkness/fog, and some way to hamper a mages ability to cast spells, on a gun-wielder. Good saves would be nice too.

A barbarian can have surprisingly good senses and moves a little faster than average, a savage technologist barbarian has a solid reason to use a firearm, readying attacks against the enemy mage to interrupt spellcasting isn't a terrible idea. It's a plan.

For the rage powers you want ultimate clarity ASAP. You'll need a one-level dip in something if you want a free gun of course. Your feats will be aimed at overwatch style or vital strike; not both. If you want to use the sword and gun ability of the savage tech you'll want to be a tiefling with a prehensile tail or similar use a cestus and a pistol; it's not required that you use that ability though. Saves may be a problem, true, but after 6th level you may have rage powers free to help.

Sound good?

Thank you for your help.

I wasn't aware of the level requierment for siganture deed.
I'll have a look at your suggestion and will adjust my charakter accordingly.
Thank you!

So I had an idea for an anti-mage gunslinger. The build isn't particularly strong, but it seems fun at least.
Here's the build:
Race: Dwarf with as many racial traits that give bonuses to saving throws as possible (Spell-resistance seems pretty lackluster,soI wouldn't take it)
Level 1: Pistollero Gunslinger; Feat: Rapid reload
Level 2: Unchained Monk; Feat: Dodge
Level 3 Spellbreaker Inquisitor; Spellkiller Inquisition; Feat: Point blank shot
Level 4: Inquisitor
Level 5: Inquisitor; Feat: Precise Shot
Level 6: Monk; Feat: Combat Reflexes
Level 7: Gunslinger; Feat: rapid shot
Level 8: Gunslinger
Level 9: Gunslinger; Feat: Weapon focus pistol; snap shot
Level 10: Gunslinger
Level 11: Gunslinger; Feat: Improved snap shot
Level 12: Gunslinger
Level 13: Gunslinger; Feat: deadly aim; signature deed

That's about it.
If one of you has another Idea how to to make a gun-wielding magekiller, please tell me.
While I do not care too much about it being optimal, having it not be horrible isn't bad either.
Thanks in advance!