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I apologize if this is in the wrong place.

Half-Dragons have for many years of D&D, AD&D, AD&D 3.5e, Pathfinder 1e & 2e as well as 5e has been on my mind for a long time now. I have without a doubt had an issue with one small feature of these glorious creatures, and I was wondering what the community at large felt about this issue. While I am discussing Half-Dragons here I think this issue can be applied to many other templates of the Half-(type) all together as a whole.
So the issue at hand is this ,template type aside, when applying a template to any base creature why for the love of the goddess does it always say "creature's type changes to" this has bothered me for the longest time now. Frankly why does it not just add the new type to the base creatures type as well?

For an example: Tieflings are Outsider (Natives) adding a half dragon template changes this to Dragon instead of Tiefling Outsider (Native), Dragon (type)

Maybe I am missing something in my long years of playing these games but the term Half does not mean you become the full creature type half-elves for instance do not become Elf nor are half-orcs, Orc's either. Now the most commonly used Half-anything template is Dragon yes, but there are so many other half templates out there and the little research I have done so far all of them change the race type to literally a full version, (discounting Half-Elf and Half-Orc there is no race type change), literally getting rid of the base creatures race all together so why do they get to retain the base creatures stats?
I am sure some of you have maybe had this thought hit you once in your years of playing the games yes? Cause if this question has not popped up once for you then I feel it should have by now because a half species is not a full species of either race. I used Half-Dragon as the example because as we all know from Fantasy RPG lore dragons have a history of screwing nearly anything alive. Some dragons even experiment with creating new races base on their blood so this should not be a surprise to anyone.
For all essential purposes though, Aasimar and Tielfings, are technically already half bloods in their own right. Yet they are consider a race as a whole with many alternate racial archetypes based on their blood heritage. So I propose this thought to you why have Half-(Fiend, Angel, Other) outsider templates when all they would technically create is another Aasimar or Tiefling based on their bloodline? Also speaking of bloodlines there is one major discrepancy I noticed Umbral dragons do not have cold. They have negative energy for a breath weapon thus the Bloodrager Bloodline list under primal dragons is incorrect.
Yes my research even lead me into the bloodlines of some classes cause I wanted to see if having the blood gave you the race type as well. Unlike Dragon Disciple or Dragon Shaman I did not see this as an issue in the classes. I guess my research was a bit more extensive than I stated earlier, still go look for yourselves if you find this post to be incorrect. Currently I am checking into Monster Templates as well.

I run into this topic a lot lately from other versions of D&D particularly 5e and 3.5e most frequently.

I would like to find a definitive answer if possible or at a minimum a work around that keeps the rules of the Bestiary in mind. The main sources I use are linked below:

So the main concern is the SR and the DR appear to be flat out static in Pathfinder 1e this is further confirmed here,

Most other creatures have variable SR and DR based on HD or class levels. The work around I am working on would take into consideration the CR or the HD of the creature subtract that from the static number then apply the new advanced CR or HD to the base. As for class levels that is an easy add since class levels always give and HD or the level itself counts toward the HD or CR respectively then advancement becomes an easy task.

So let me give you an example of a Succubus SR for starters, and then see what you all think about the final.

The bestiary Succubus has a CR of 7 and 8 HD the static SR is 18 since the succubus has no advancement options class levels appear to be the only way to make it a viable creature in later adventure games.

So is we subtract the CR from the SR that leaves 11 base say we add 5 class levels of Bard then we reapply by adding the CR with the levels thus making her a SR 23.
Conversely if we do HD then we end up with an SR of 23 anyway ((18-8)=10) then (((8+5)+10)=23), so no matter which way you go the SR changes the same amount but CL is effected differently.

CR example of CL (((10+7)+5)=22 CL) vs HD (((10+8)+5)=23 CL).

To be honest I feel either formula is correct but which is better or is this just strictly a house ruling thing at this point?

I feel I should apologize so please excuse my lack of communication skills when putting my thoughts into words.