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Full Name

Samantha Done


Succubus Half Umbral Dragon








its impolite to ask

Special Abilities

Summon any monster or race


Normally LE


the Goddess


Midnight Isles of the Abyss




plotting and telling stories

Strength 36
Dexterity 34
Constitution 38
Intelligence 34
Wisdom 32
Charisma 40

About Sinn_Adraelia

Sinn Adraelia

Gender: Female
Race: Succubus 1/2 Umbral Dragon
Class: Skald (Battle Scion)
Height: 7 foot 2 inches
Weight: --- lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Steel-blue

Exiled to the human realms due to her draconic blood, she seeks vengeance against her sisters. Sadly she has no clue how to do such a thing even though she possesses all the powers, and abilities of her sisters. Her draconic blood seems to have changed her enough to get exiled. One thing is for sure, she is going to make her sisters pay one way or another.

Her story in the human realms began with her running into her mentor, despite being several centuries older than him she called him teacher. This odd and very estranged human taught her how to be a Battle Scion a subclass tot he vaunted Skald's of old whom value a style of combat she fell in love with quickly. Shortly after being ordained a full fledged Battle Scion her mentor passed away from old age, he was nearly ninety years old when he passed.

Now to seek her vengeance upon her sisters this is were her adventure begins.

I have been playing D&D since Gary Gygax made the pamphlets in his college days before the first box set ever existed. I have evolved with each new stage of D&D at least those expansion I consider to be true D&D. D&D is not the only RPG I have played either the list is long and detailed too much to place here for instance. I am also into online mmorpg's as well as other genre of video gaming. My major likes include anime, manga (light novels), figurine painting, art (mostly pencil sketches, wacom), and some model building.
Dislikes are few but I hate squash, spinach, and sweet potato's.