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Ok, I should have looked closer yesterday... That list has everything listed twice.

My list is: 2 compilations (Fehr's & Warrior Archetypes, would be useful), Book of Divine Magic, Book of Arcane Magic, Inkantations, Tome of Monsters, Luven Lightfinger's, Albion Armitage's, Phantasia Zoologica, Strategists & Tacticians, Paths of Power, Heroes of the Middle Kingdom, and Fantastical Creatures (coloring book).

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What do you seem to be missing, ShepherdGunn?
The Ink Magic,the Arcane, and Divine Magic books. I may have missed it, if there was mention that those pdfs were not included.

Everything marked as Pathfinder-compatible is included in this bundle (or should be).

Some PDG books don't use the Pathfinder-compatible license, and those aren't part of this bundle.

If you'll link to any PDG Pathfinder-compatible pdf that you didn't get in your bundle, I'll see to it that gets fixed.

Good morning. Here are the ones that appear to be showing the Pathfinder logo, but aren't appearing in the bundle.

As these do appear to have a different price point, would I be correct in assuming that is the primary reason for these listed titles not being in the bundle? (If not, I would completely understand that.) c-Body-Art orses c-Body-Art

This is the same list of books that I PM'd to Owen on Facebook.

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Found it in the way back machine:


Thank you!

Bump, Professor Q?

none of the templates give HD as HD would take away from the class levels I could take. If I could get more along the lines of feats, things to aim for, traits, whether to go for fire spells or cold or whatnot, if admixture would be better and convert everything to another type. How to improve action economy would be another big question.

I've no knowledge of the resistances and immunities of higher level monsters. I do know that in the Dungeon & Dragons Online game (4e based), Ice is best late game, but not sure if that generally applies to Pathfinder.

The game doesn't end at level 20; probably would go up until level 30, plus mythic trials (no xp), and our DM's deific levels. And what we face are base-> advanced-> customized.

The monavanic deva is weaker than the templates I've chosen, unless there's a monavanic deva template.

I'm not sure if the rules allow me to post the full description of my templates (all 3rd party) and what they offer me. But, as a list they are:

Base creature: human
  • Resilient Creature (CR +2) (101 Not So Simple Monster Templates p.23)
  • Divine Creature (CR +1) (101 Not So Simple Monster Templates p.9)
  • Sublime Creature (CR +2) (Pathways 12 p. 8)
  • Exemplar Creature (CR +3) (Book of Monster Templates p. 52)
  • Mighty Creature (CR +5) (Genius Guide to Simple Monster Templates p. 5-6)

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- Stats after ECLs, leveling, aging, racial

--- Str: 24 (Mod: +7)
--- Dex: 26 (Mod: +8)
--- Con: 44 (Mod: +17)
--- Int: 32 (Mod: +11)
--- Wis: 36 (Mod: +13)
--- Cha: 42 (Mod: +16)

- Base stats (rolled) are:

--- Str: 12 (Mod: +1)
--- Dex: 13 (Mod: +1)
--- Con: 15 (Mod: +2)
--- Int: 14 (Mod: +2)
--- Wis: 15 (Mod: +2)
--- Cha: 18 (Mod: +4)

The campaign is gestalt. All the PCs will be gestalted. I'm using Spell Finesse to change my casting stat to charisma as that is my highest mental stat.

ECL is CR based, so if the template says CR+5, then it's 5 ECLs. With the 1 wiz level, and school understanding, I do not have opposition schools. Is there a benefit to the School Savant that makes for having opposition schools worth it?

My current build is similar to that.

In our game, we are allowed certain things (which I'll list below) including access to 3rd party so long as we can show a source, book is preferred though.


  • Starting level 18th, will gain mythic tiers, maybe 10 more levels and "deific levels" through the course of the game.
  • 10 "free" character ECLs
  • Gestalt
  • 1 million gold
  • 1 250,000 gold worth weapon
  • All Pathfinder books - Paizo and 3rd party
  • Giving up character levels for more ECLs on a 1:1 ratio. If more are taken, then need to pay for all the ELCs prior to gaining xp in for class leveling.
  • Archetypes that may conflict but will not due to not progressing far enough into the class to develop the conflict can be taken simultaneously.
  • Up to 2 Flaws for 1 feat each
  • Up to 2 Traits (none chosen yet)
  • Up to 2 Drawbacks for 4 skill points each
  • Spells and equipment may come from 3.0/3.5 but everything else must be strictly pathfinder.
  • Undead Character
  • Creation of Undead
  • Chaotic Evil, other evils allow but a VERY good background required explaining why the sponsor (several major churches) would allow themselves to even consider you.

I want to play a character that is a blaster and a healbot. Even though I will be the squishiest of the characters in this custom campaign. My assumption is that healbot (while not optimal for a player) would be divine and the blaster is arcane. I will not be doing any physical attacks except as a means of delivering a spell.

Currently I'm at 13 ECLs, and starting level of 15. The current build is Tattooed Crossblooded (orc/dragon) Sorcerer 1/Void Wizard 1/Aracanist 13//Divine-Hunter Hospitaler Paladin 6/Dual-Cursed Life Oracle 9. Please let me know if I am missing any relevant information in the spoiler below. The stats have already been looked over by the DM and are accurate for what I have so far.

What I have so far:

  • Divine side is Paladin 6/Oracle 9, and progressing oracle on up.
    - 4 pools of Channel Energy (DM hasn't decided if he would have the 2 template pools stack to make for one larger number pool) +2d6 to channeled energy healing from Phylactery of Positive Channeling
    --- Hospitaler Paladin: 4d6, 19/day (+Lay on Hands: 3d6, 19/day)
    --- Oracle: 7d6, 17/day
    --- Template 1: 10d6, 19/day
    --- Template 2: 10d6, 19/day
    - Paladin 6
    --- Divine Hunter archetype
    --- Hospitaler archetype
    - Oracle (Life) 9
    --- Dual-Cursed (undecided on which) archetype
    --- Life Link revelation
    --- Channel Energy revelation
    --- Lifesense revelation?
    --- Sidestep Secret revelation
    --- Lorekeeper revelation?
  • Tentative blaster is Sorc 1/Wiz 1/Arcanist 13, and progressing arcanist on up.
    - Sorcerer 1
    --- Tattooed archetype
    --- Crossblooded archetype
    ----- Orc bloodline
    ----- Dragon (undecided type) bloodline
    - Wizard (void) 1
    - Arcanist
    --- School Understanding exploit
    --- Bloodline Development exploit
    --- Potent Magic exploit
  • Feats
    - Toughness (Free)
    - Scribe Scroll (Free)
    - Precise Shot (Free)
    - Mage's Tattoo (Free)
    - Flaw Feat: Eclectic - allows for 2 favored classes if you count as human. Thus, FC Oracle and Arcanist.
    - Flaw Feat: Dual Study - take revelations from a 2nd mystery: Lore Mystery
    - Fey Foundling (Must be at level 1) - +2 hp per die of healing received
    - Selective Channel
    - Channeling Blast - use 5 channels at once
    - Spell Finesse - Change the primary casting stat of one or all classes: Charisma for all.
  • Stats after ECLs, leveling, aging, racial
    - Str: 24 (Mod: +7)
    - Dex: 26 (Mod: +8)
    - Con: 44 (Mod: +17)
    - Int: 32 (Mod: +11)
    - Wis: 36 (Mod: +13)
    - Cha: 42 (Mod: +16)
  • All 0-level spells DC = 26 +5 from template = 33, other spells are up from there.
  • Saves after ECLs, classes (per gestalt rules), revelations, Paladin's Divine Grace
    - Fort: 63, Refl: 59, Will: 61
  • Armor Class with only Sidestep Secret applied, no armor, spells, abilities, what-not applied
    - AC: 46, Touch: 44, Flat-footed: 25

Owen KC Stephens wrote:

At this point I am pretty sure I'll be doing all of them eventually, weirdly I suspect witch and bard will be first.

I vote for Magus, just to push it along a lil more. Also, in the scheme of things when would we see a Talented Bard, since Talented Witch will be out sometime this month? I suspect it would be Magus then Alchemist then Bard?

Ah. Well, guided weapon property isn't pathfinder per se either, as it was written before pathfinder existed, even though it was written by Paizo. To use it would be house rules also, no?

Since that property was in the x to y, I figured it was allowing of these kinds of things - logical extensions.

In regards to the Guided weapon property (wisdom to hit and damage), one could also use it to do charisma to hit and damage with an Oracle crafting it (or any charisma caster that has access to the related spell). The property is based off of the Spiritual Weapon spell which was written before the Oracle class existed.

According to the Pathfinder Design Team, you can use charisma in place of wisdom for that spell, which in turn can make the guided weapon property use charisma also. Using Charisma for Cleric Spells.

Non-charisma crafters cannot make the property use charisma, so generally asking an NPC to make it or to get it from a store is out (or finding a weapon with that property - they would all still be wisdom based).