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Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

Looks like meats back on the menu boys!

I'm the orc
With a pie
Sitting in
My room!

Won't you come
And slay me
Slay me....

doctor_wu wrote:
☠☠☠☠☠ Oh Wow I can post this on the boards?

Arr that's a sweet sigul thar

Ahrrrrrrrrr a pirate orc's life fer mee

YAR! Bring the rum and wenches aborad! We sail for the Rock of Bral!

Arr lad! Let us take to the Wild phlogistion! Hoist the Skull and Bones o'er the Tiefling Lass' mainsail and we'll be off to plunder the rock o' Bral! Arr!

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Oh, better far to live and die,
Under the brave black flag I fly,
Than play a sanctimonious part,
With a pirate head and a pirate heart.
Away to the cheating world go you,
Where pirates all are well-to-do;
But I'll be true to the song I sing,
And live and die a Pirate King.

For I am a Pirate King!
And it is, it is a glorious thing
To be a Pirate King!
For I am a Pirate King!...


Where be the scro?

Blargh argh hrag ...


Gninja wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Hmm, Extraplanar pirate adventures ..hmmm ...
Pirates suck!

ARR! Them be fighting words !

ARR! We'll sail teh Crystal Spheres and pillage the Rock of Bral!

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

The large Scro pirate speaks up

I want Black Lotus Rum, the 151 proof version." He rumbles in an oddly-precise gravelly voice

BAH! You berks at least got somewhere! All I ever did was say a few lines in a bar and walk offset. Pah, I need a new agent ...

Yer one teh be openin' yer blowhole about aliases, yeh scurvy canuck.


Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

The large orc grins widely at ha 442, showing off his graven tusks.

"Now that's wot I likes, a bint with a little spirit. Don't fancy tossing the shivs with ol' Shag? Not that I blame yeh, hard to play when yeh knows yer outclassed."

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

The flamboyantly-dressed orc returns to the table with a large box, which he presents to Karrin with a flourish.

"Here yeh go me fine lass, one box of Arborean Elven honey chocolates. Pleasure doin' business wit'cha."

The orc smiles tuskily again.

The orc walks away, then spies ha 442 tossing her dagger.

"Yeh do anything 'cept play around with that pig-sticker bint?" he inquires casually "I gots a jones for a bit of a contest if yer willin'"

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

The orc winks at Karrin again.

"No worries me fine bint. One box o' honey chocolates it is."

The orc saunters off towards the back of the World Serpent.

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

The grinning orc waves his hand dismissively

"Five pieces of gold whatever the provenance is fine by me, long as they ain't been shaved too hard."

The orc leans closer and grins wider.

"I'll go check to see if I have one at the ready and I'll be right back if you want to go for it."

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

"Youse bettah watch it Coca .. Less you wanna see the subways"

Which are drowned in water BTW ...MM

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

The orc grins, revealing tusks that are ritually carved with arcane symbols and dyed with a lurid red color in the carved valleys of bone.

"I can get'cher a big box of them for 5 Ladies. I gots a pipeline to the source as it were."

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

An orc dressed like a buccaneer with a large scimitar in his bejeweled sash sees Karrin's interaction with the surly Neogi.

"Lass, if yer lookin' to make with the nice with Sharinda, she likes chocolates, 'specially Arborean elven honey chocolates."

The large orc leans in closer. Karrin is amazed how intellegent and well-groomed he looks (for an orc ...most are stupid and smelly as a rule)

"I can get'cher a box, if yeh got any gelt."

The orc rubs his thumb and forefingers together in the universal sign for cash.

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8
Ha 442 wrote:

Ha removes the laser sharpened titanium bayonet, lays it with the blade up, pulls out one of her hairs, and sets it on the blade.

The hair is sheared by its own weight.

"Yup, still works."

The Orc looks impressed

"That's a fine pig sticker yeh got there girly."

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8
Ha 442 wrote:

Making her way from a back hallway silently she unslings and sets her assault rifle down on the table. It has a gleaming 12 inch bayonet.

She looks at the orc.

"This one still works."

Looks at the stranger.

"Nice gun."

The Orc looks at Ha 442

"Yeh sure 'bout that missy? Yeh got jeweler's rouge bullets in that? Only gunpowder what works here."

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

As the companions sip their coffee and make small talk, a large Orc dressed as a pirate saunters by. He glances at the small form of Traveller Smurf and smirks.

"Seems like yeh've got an admirer over at the other table Bluey. Might want to take cover 'fore he uses his breath on yeh."

The orc saunters off.

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8

A large Orc in pirate costume sidles over to Curmudgeon

"Psst. Them types of slug throwers wont work in here. Yeh gotta get dirty if'n you want to see blood."

Male Scro Swashbuckler 8
Mitchifer wrote:

A large Orc dressed in pirate-style clothing raises his tankard


If anyone feels like sending Gary off with an in character virtual toast, feel free to post it.