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I have been working on establishing a long term Pathfinder Society group in Goldsboro, NC (USA) for a couple of years now. I was the manager of a game and hobby shop in the area until a new group bought out the old owner.
Once the new owners took over, they began focusing on CCG/TCGs and made the atmosphere rather inhospitable for P&P table top games, removing walls and dividers and getting rid of non-CCG/TCG product.

Our group has been meeting now for over two years, but from one of two rotating homes to keep things balanced. With 7 regular participants, many of them service members, we want to be sure the group keeps going as people occasionally rotate out.

We plan on "plugging in" more to Pathfinder Society, which has become my focus since our transition to Pathfinder from D&D two years ago.

Since we are a small town, there is only one game shop that supported this kind of play, and we will make due with what we can until a new shop, new owners, or new location presents itself.

If you are in the area, please contact me on here so that we can make a connection.