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bugleyman wrote:
Alternatively, we could all trying to refrain from insulting people because they don't share our preferences IN RPGs (radical, I know!).

Where's the fun in that?

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Nothing is worse than RPG rules that don't Simulate Reality™ with absolute accuracy. Except the ones *I* like, of course. Those are (objectively) just fine.

Only a complete moron could ever disagree. Discuss.

Reporting as ordered!

SteelGuts wrote:
4e was a boardgame, not a role playing game.

Preach it! (wow, it's like 2009 again!)

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kyrt-ryder wrote:
Go home Sarge, the war's over already.

Battles end, son. The war goes on.

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bugleyman wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:

I'm going to disagree a bit here. It's not taking shots at an edition of a game that's edition warring. Criticism goes on all the time, always has, always will whether you're talking about QWLF, murder hobos, treadmills, number porn, video-gamey, roll-playing, or less emotion-laden terms.

It's the taking shots at and misrepresenting the people and their motivations that's the real hallmark of edition warring.

That, and the latter being (poorly) disguised as the former:

"This game is clearly for ROLLPlayers..."
"Some of us enjoy a game aimed at more MATURE players."
"For those of us who can do math..."

You called?

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I can see this thread is going well.

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My name is Ed, and I approve of this 5E tangent derailing this thread!

How's a fella supposed to make a living? ;-)

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Did someone call me? RAWR!

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed a few baiting posts. Guys, this one is starting the unravel at the seams. Please be aware that all kinds of gamers come to, that edition warring is ultimately unproductive, and remember to be civil to each other. Thanks!

Hey! Edition warriors are people, too!

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed some posts/replies. We're really not interested in having edition wars on

Great! Now what am I supposed to do for a living? ;-)

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I hereby certify this thread as 100% Ed approved!

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bugleyman wrote:
Put down thy sword, o mighty edition warrior.


You can take my life, but you can never EDIIIIIIIITION!

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Hama wrote:

Because the point of tabletop RPGs is teamwork, and everyone using their strengths to complement each other. Unless we are playing Paranoia of course.

If I want to shine solo, I'll play a CRPG.

That is one of the reasons I don't play 4E at all. Everything is the same, just called differently.

Reporting as ordered!

You called?

(In fairness, I'm impressed we got to page 11!)

Abyssal Lord wrote:

What I want to see in 2E Pathfinder?

Items rusted by the rust monster will unrust themselves (ooops...that is D&D IP....).

I see what you did there!

magnuskn wrote:
I'm just gonna leave this here. :p

I see what you did there!

Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed some posts. Edition warring is not OK on

You are leeching all the fun out of this alias. :P

kmal2t wrote:
... Megaman E-ups...

Reporting as ordered!

Leafar the Lost wrote:
D&D 4th edition put D&D in the grave. D&D 5th edition has taken the body out of it's grave, burned it, and then spread the ashes over the Gulf of Mexico. D&D 6th edition will have to resurrect the body so they can kill it again.

RAWR! I'm steaming mad!

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Q: What is the definition of "edition warrior?"
A: "The other guy."

I've visited maternity wards that had less crying in them than this thread does. Let it go, people.

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TClifford wrote:
...4e has taken the Role playing out of D&D and replaced it with Roll playing...

HAR HAR! A winner is you!

ProfessorCirno wrote:

Nah...we just go to hell and re-group.

Kthulhu wrote:

If 5th edition comes out, and I like where they've taken the game, then I think there are pretty good odds that I'll at least get the core rules.

This isn't Twilight, you don't have to pick between Team Paizo or Team WotC.

Thoughtcrime. You're either with us or against us.

Dear OP: A winner is you!

The NPC wrote:
Especially as I tend to think of 4E as a game but a world of warcraft game
EWHM wrote:
Yes, because PF is heir to the house that Gary and Dave built, not 4th edition.


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LilithsThrall wrote:
The answer is simple. People may tear apart a hovel to put in a nice house. They are unlikely to do the opposite.


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Rah rah rah!

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I aprove of this thread. Har Har!

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This has become a thread of great value, packed full of unique and compelling insights. The MMO stuff is particularly great.

Please continue!

Matthew Koelbl wrote:
...tossing out claims like, "These games have different philosophies, in that 4E doesn't support story or character development at all"... sorry, Clark, but that is edition-warring.

Sho 'nuff.

Did someone call me? Hello?

My name is Ed and I approve of this thread.

Pax Veritas wrote:
ProfessorCirno wrote:

It's kinda hard to trace a line ...

Not true.

Its easy to trace a line... just consider this quote from a famous D&D/Pathfinder RPG player:

Originally Posted by Clark Peterson
"That's right.

I am swearing off 4E. You heard it first here.

I'm about to start up a new RPG campaign and you want to know what I am playing? What Clark Peterson the President of Necromancer Games is playing? PATHFINDER.

Why? Because Pathfinder is D&D--its the D&D that I love.

Now don't get me wrong. There are lots of things I like about 4E. But when push comes to shove and I have to choose a rules system to use for my home game its Pathfinder. 4E may work for you, I am not criticizing. But for me, its Pathfinder.

And I am going to run the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path (updated to Pathfinder) from Paizo and with a first adventure by my pal Erik Mona.


**** If Necromancer Games isn't testimonial enough, just speak with the boys at Troll Lord games. They'll tell you about bus rides past the old TSR building, and gaming on Gary's front porch - and while the core siege engine mechanic of Castles & Crusades was a preference due to its kinship to first edition D&D, they'll all attest that Monte's game was also carried the legacy of D&D. The fundamental difference between the directions of C&C and D&D in the 2000s was either the progress toward complexity and options (a sign of the times, and this was Monte's D&D), versus a retrograde to the Prime Attribute system and simplicity of making your character in 15 minutes and starting to play (and this was Chenault's D&D).

In context, and context is king, Gary's rebuttle to the progressvie D&D of the 2000s was still true today of most systems that carry a complex ratio of subsystems along with the core mechnic. Gary, the father of D&D, knew how to straddle the line between ambiguity (which caused tension at the game table) and the use of rules (that served to provide the illusion of a game). This type of game has evolved....

Preach on, brother! Pathfinder is "real" D&D!

I'd just like to go on record as saying you guys aren't taking this nearly seriously enough.


And just for good measure...smurf!

Scott Betts wrote:

Please. I'd love to see you demonstrate that the game's designers criticizing parts of their own game that they were redesigning to improve them qualifies as them telling us that the game as a whole was crap, especially given that they also stated that 3.5 was a great game that they all enjoyed.

Oh, and the fact that your motivation here is "owning both [me] and Cirno," speaks volumes about you, personally. You twist game designers' words to suit your personal agenda, you misconstrue self-criticism as an attack on you and your gaming habits, and you have some sort of weird personal internet vendetta against Cirno and myself. It's fairly troubling.

Or you could decide that you'd rather just enjoy the game you like to play, and save the attacks on industry professionals and games you don't play for...well, for never.

Zing! Awesome post! Fight the good fight!

Gorbacz wrote:

Sure. That's the "What we hated" one. Hate is rather a strong word, I hope you agree.

Then let's pick two more for a good measure:

Maybe this

and this.

Now, what impression I got from those is that by using 3.5 I'm playing a flawed ruleset. That there are fundamental problems which are about to be fixed. In areas such as dying or the core mechanic, which are rather important.

Of course, your impressions could have been different, and I honestly didn't bother to comb thru, say, Gamer_Zero interviews on Youtube (mostly because watching Mike Lescault makes my hair fall out), and it is perfectly possible that your impression of the whole matter is wholly different. No problem with that, and it's not like I'm on some holy quest to convince you otherwise (not that it's possible).

Just so we both understand where we're coming from, right?

Pwnage! This will be the post that ends the war. I'm sure of it!

Yes, that's it. Just a few more posts and YOU WILL WIN THE EDITION WAR!!! Don't give up!

Vic Wertz wrote:
For what it's worth, as a co-owner of Paizo, I personally declared the end of the Edition Wars a year and a half ago.


My name is Ed, and I approve of this thread.

Maddigan wrote:

...4E destroyed everything I loved about D&D...

...If not for Pathfinder, I wouldn't be playing any version of D&D...
...I thank the gaming gods there were other people out there looking to preserve the traditions and tropes of D&D...
...Maybe WotC would learn not to mess with tradition...
...traditional D&D is the best and that new fangled 4E thing is only a fad...

Sharpens dagger in gleeful anticipation...

I hereby predict that this thread will also end well.

Productive morning, folks.

I hereby predict that this thread will end well.

My name is Ed, and I approve of this thread!


If you prefer 4E, click here:


Don't listen to the 3tards on this thread. 3E/3.5E/Pathfinder is unnecessarily complicated and totally unbalanced. 4E is a cutting edge design that strips away decades of cruft and delivers a great play experience.

Now show those 3tards!

On the other hand, if you prefer 3E/3.5E/Pathfinder, click here:


Don't listen to the 4rons this thread. 4E is a watered-down MMO for dumb kids. On the other hand, 3E/3.5E/Pathfinder honor the heritage of the game. They are real D&D, and deliver a great play experience.

Now show those 4rons!

That should clear things up!

cibet44 wrote:

Mr. Mearls postulating on the history of D&D and trying to unify the D&D audience. Quite a laugh-er.

"What we forget, though, is that the path to our future stretches back through our past."

More like what HE forgot while designing 4th edition. I'm glad those at Paizo remembered for him.

Preach on, brother. Sharpen the pitchforks and light the torches!

There will be blood...

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