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Does this mean Wizards can trade non-Core spells among themselves at tables? So if Wizard 1 has a spell in his spellbook, Wizard 2 can scribe it in his spellbook for the appropriate cost?

Looks like it, since

Wizard PCs can scribe non-Core spells from spellbooks and scrolls during the scenario
I would say no. You can only learn non-core spells if your character personally has it on a chronicle sheet.

Or if you encounter it during the scenario. Another PC's spellbook is during the scenario.

Avatar-1 wrote:

That last point is the most important point, and I think it's worded a little confusingly.

So if I'm a sorcerer, and I see an APG spell scroll on a chronicle sheet, and I'm going to level up after my next scenario and want to add it to my list of spells known, I just pay the cost and treat the spell as if it were a spell in the Core Rulebook (most likely immediately adding it to my list of spells known).

Is that right?

And on top of that, do you have to leave a slot open to be able to do this, just in the hopes you come across something useful that happens to end up on the Chronicle sheet? Because, typically, the rule is, at each level you learn X new spells. Do you have to learn them immediately? I've never been clear on that in the first place. If you do, then this breaks the rules of how Sorcerers learn spells. If it doesn't, it means you have to do something that people probably don't do often and that is leave a slot unused just to be able to learn a spell you may never encounter. On top of which, you have to purchase it (something Sorcerers can't do in the first place, so another rule broken), whereas the Wizard, given enough time in-game, can still learn spells for free.

I am assuming that Occultists can cast spells from the Psychic spell list, but this excerpt is making me want to verify this:

The occultist’s selection of spells is extremely limited. For each implement group he learns to use, he can add one spell of each level he can cast from that implement’s spell list to his list of spells known.

The list of spells for an implement is given separately from the psychic spells and I don't see (though I may just be overlooking) anything that explicitly states that the occultist can use spells from the psychic list.

If I can, am I limited to psychic spells of the appropriate school or are all of them valid choices since they are separate from the occultist implement spell list?

So, say starting out I chose Necromancy twice? I can have a single implement out for each time I select an implement? So my first two implements I chose are Skull and Robe? My implement selections for the day can be Robe and Skull and I gain whatever abilities those can support as long as I add the Mental Focus required? I could add 4 Mental Focus to Robe and 4 to Skull, if I started out with 8 Focus for the day?

-- OR --

I have to choose Robe or Skull at the beginning of the day and dump all my Mental Focus into that one implement.

So are Psychic Spells a totally new classification of spells? So are there now Arcane, Divine and Psychic spells?

And when the Occult classes say "* casts psychic spells drawn from the psychic spell list", this means they CANNOT cast Arcane spells unless otherwise noted as in the case of Occultists, Psychics, etc. who get X amount of Arcane/Divine spells as possible selections based on whatever criteria defines a list of spells for them. Does this mean these are now classified as Psychic spells and no longer Arcane/Divine spells once made available to an Occult class?

This would also mean Occult classes are Psychic Casters, as opposed to Arcane Casters or Divine Casters?

Someone is probably in big trouble. I used to work in the design department of a printing company. This stuff is super expensive to screw up and them eating the cost means someone is in big trouble.

Ok. Yeah. Were just cleared that up here as well. It was taking awhile to figure out so I figured I would ask here.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Is Withdrawing considered running even though it is only at normal speed?

More specifically, can you withdraw when you are fatigued since it is a full round action?

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Morgana wrote:
Scribbling Rambler wrote:
So there was an error in the logo reigon??
You are a cruel, cruel man. You probably just gave James a horrific flashback.


I've worked in the printing business; specifically designing the layouts in the Design Department. When my company made a mistake, we ate the cost.

Except, I wasn't asking about CHA. Even if the CHA requirement goes away, are you saying Fervor will no longer need any modifier? Because my question still stands if they are simply switching out CHA for WIS.

Advanced Class Guide (Playtest) wrote:
Fervor (Su): Starting at 2nd level, the warpriest can draw upon the power of his faith to heal wounds or harm foes. He can also use this ability to quickly cast spells that aid in his struggles. This ability can be used a number of times per day equal to half his warpriest level plus his Charisma modifier.

In many cases, it is denoted that there is a minimum of 1, when something could possibly go below zero, due to a modifier or when dividing a class level by half.

Now, in the case of the WarPriest, level 2 will get you 1 use per day. However, what if your Charisma is a -1? Does this mean that you will now have 0 Fervor uses until you hit Level 4?

Obviously, based on the text, that is true. But I want to know if that is what is intended, because that would suck.

Furthermore, as a Warpriest, between Charisma for Fervor, and Wisdom for Blessing and the fact that you are a "Warpriest" meaning you probably want some STR to hit and DEX for an armor bonus and CON for HP...you have to divvy up your Attributes quite a bit.

I have two questions about Familiars.

[Question 1]
I have been trying to figure out when it is possible that a person can have multiple Familiars. I am making a Character Sheet website and have set it up to where a Familiar is totally customizable, but I need to know if there are times where a person can have two Familiars. I've done some reading and it seems the way multiple Familiars are handled is to combine their stats. But, it also seems like I read there are certain instances when an extra Familiar can be a thing.

So far, these are the different ways I am aware of gaining a Familiar:

  • Wizard
  • Witch
  • Arcane-bloodline Sorcerer
  • 3rd level Magus with Magus Arcana: Familiar
  • Alchemist with Discovery: Tumor Familiar

[Question 2]
Can a Familiar roll for Skill checks that it doesn't have in its default list. Basically, does it have access to all Skills or just the default ones for being a Familiar and the extra ones listed in its description?

Oh, wow, interesting.

So is Gestalt a Class or an archetype?

I have entertained Custom Classes, but that, as well, will take a lot of work. That will not be able to be implemented until at least I finish Companions and Archetypes. I don't have plans to be supporting every single possible custom Class within my database. At least that's not how I plan on doing it; I think custom classes would be more useful at that point.

I've gotten several comments about Archetypes, so I've recently been getting the feeling that Archetypes are very important to the PF community. Me being a new player, I didn't feel the need for Archetypes up front, but I suppose if you've been playing for years, Archetypes is how you mix things up and I didn't recognize that.

QUICK EDIT/UPDATE: After looking through the Archetype differences, it seems most of them are just Ability/Power changes. I've never dealt with Archetypes myself (I'm still experiencing the base classes having only been playing 1.5 years). If that is the majority of the changes, Archetypes may be easier than I assumed. After Familiars, I think I will start looking more in-depth into Archetypes since people are really requesting that feature.

Thanks for the kudos/bump. Already have two new users. :)

Archetypes are in the pipeline. They are a major change to the system and there are a huge amount of them. It will definitely take time to do them. Before I can work on those, I am trying to get Animal Companions, Eidolons and Familiars done. Both Animal Companions and Eidolons are a big deal as well, so between companions and archetypes, these will be a couple months in implementing. But, they will be there eventually. :)

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Pathfinder Sheets Online is a website dedicated to providing a FREE and mobile-friendly character sheet that is easy to use and does some of the calculation for you. This site provides the most comprehensive amount of options of any site available, while still being usable on a PC, tablet or a mobile phone.

There are plenty of Excel sheets, but they are usually a mess and don't look good printed out. Fillable PDFs are a good idea but when viewed on a screen (other than a desktop), they look horrible and are usually unreadable. Constantly editing a piece of paper gets annoying. With Pathfinder Sheets Online, many basic calculations are done for you, and you always know where your Character Sheet is. And, if you really need to see your character sheet and don't have a tablet handy, after editing the sheet on a desktop, you can view a complete, read-only version on your phone.

Pathfinder Sheets Online features:

  • Manage all of the key aspects of your character: Race, Attributes, Classes, Skills, Feats, Traits and Equipment
  • Shows all default Class Abilities, and allows you to edit your selections of any customizable lists suchs as Favored Enemies, Favored Terrains, Rage Powers, etc.
  • A huge list of Feats and Traits to choose from; some of their stats even being calculated into the sheet for you
  • A customizable Inventory. Create items and assign values to any of the calculated stats so that your equipment can directly affect your stats by being automatically calculated into the sheet.
  • Leveling Notes, giving you reminders concerning what you need to address at each level.
  • Mobile-friendly version, formatted to fit phone screens for an easy-to-read experience, even on small mobile screens.
  • (Mobile) Battle Session - Access your character on your phone, and load up a Battle Session. Track your health, Attributes, Saves, etc. The most important feature: the Round Tracker. Keep track of statuses and affects on a round-by-round basis and always know when your spells, bonuses or combat statuses are about to end.
  • A Note section to record anything that the site does not currently support.

Other sites try to charge for the use of their Character Sheet service, but Pathfinder Sheets Online is FREE, so what have you got to lose?



Archaeik wrote:

I tried to track this down, I found a thread listing some of the errors

But the spell is indeed missing from the printed version.

Wow, definitely a lot of problems...lol.

Thanks for that thread.

Was able to look this up.

It definitely does not show a Level 11 spell. It is the only Paizo bloodline not to do so. I wonder if this was an accident. Oh well.

Thanks. Totally missed that (should have known better).

So, every single other Bloodline has a spell for each odd caster level starting at level 3.

However, Martyred Bloodline is the only on d20pfsrd.com that is missing a level 11 spell. I was curious if this is an oversight in that particular website, or if anyone knows if the Martyred Bloodline really does not have a level 11 spell to award the Sorcerer?

I have looked through the main books: Core, APG, UM, and none of them reference a Martyred bloodline. d20pfsrd.com is calling it a Paizo bloodline, but I'm not sure which book this even comes from. Even a search on the Internet brings up nothing more than d20pfsrd.com's reference to the Martyred bloodline; especially nothing as exhaustive.

Anyone have any input on this?

Are wrote:

Skill points gain is retroactive. Increasing Intelligence, either through levelling or through items like a tome of clear thought, will increase your total number of ranks for every HD you have.

As others have mentioned earlier, some items that grant a bonus to Intelligence have unique rules that instead add ranks in a specific skill.

Thanks for the answer. Exactly what I wanted to be sure about.

OK, so for all intents and purposes, only Base and Racial points are taken into account for the amount of Skill Points you have, based on your Modifier.

Items will give you specific points toward a specific Skill, or let you free-form it, but the INT bonus from them does not apply to the total Attribute value to calculate the Modifier, thus not affecting the total Skill Points you gain per level.

Still unanswered though is: are Skill Points retroactive when my Base Intelligence goes up?

Say at Level 1 I have 18 INT (3 Mod) and get 4 Skills Points. This would give me 7 Skill Points.

For simplicity sake, when I go up to level 2, if I could add a permanent point of 1 (making my Base 19 and the INT Modifier 4), would I have:

7 (Level 1) + 8 (Level 2) = 15 (this IS NOT retroactive)
8 (Level 1) + 8 (Level 2) = 16 (this IS retroactive)

Unless by

Cult of Vorg wrote:
In general, increases to Int give you skill points (and starting languages) just like increasing Con gives hit points.

you were implying that Skill Point gain is retroactive, just like HP.

So I have heard Skill Points are retroactive, I have heard they are not. I have heard that only your permanent, Base Points count toward it, etc.

If I have a character with:
Base: 16
Race: 2
Enhance (Items, etc.): 4

What are the numbers that matter?

All of them? (22)
Base and Race? (18) (Is Race considered permanent, or just what is gained from leveling?)
Base (16)?

And, also, if I gain a new Permanent Attribute point (say from leveling), do I go back and recalculate available skill points based on the new Modifier?

Xaratherus wrote:

Correct on everything but Mystic Theurge; it grants spells per day for an arcane class and a divine class.

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks :)

So I am working on my Pathfinder Character Sheet website (shameless link) and I have come across a question I want to clarify about Prestige classes and which Spell Types (Arcane/Divine) they can modify and also how many classes they can modify.

First, the text on Prestige classes seems to state: "in a spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the prestige class".
So this means that it can only be applied to a single class (even if a character is a Mage and a Cleric and the Prestige Class could modify both Arcane and Divine), and that class had to exist before the Prestige class was taken?

Example: A caster is Sorcerer and Mage, and picks up Eldritch Knight; the bonus can only apply to one or the other (even if the criteria are met in both classes)?

Now, concerning CL type, here are my assumptions, based on book text (some will be obvious, but I am listing them all regardless. an (*) denotes the ones I am questioning for sure):

  • Arcane Archer: Arcane Only
  • Arcane Trickster *: Arcane or Divine(?): it seems like it would only be Arcane, but the book text does not specify like Arcane Archer does.
  • Dragon Disciple: Arcane Only
  • Eldritch Knight: Arcane Only
  • Loremaster *: Arcane or Divine: the book text does not specify Arcane or Divine
  • Mystic Theurge: Arcane or Divine

Validations for my theories would be most appreciated. Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement. I definitely have many more things to do and some big features to implement.


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There is a new Online character sheet in the neighborhood and I am trying to get users. My inspiration to pursue this project was the lack of tablet-friendly online sheets. So, I took the Google Nexus and the Surface tablet (the latter being the one I own), and decided to build a simple, light-weight site, geared to working well on tablets.

I wanted something that automated many of the calculations, but also displayed why the numbers are the way they are, so that you, as a user, still see how calculations are basically made.

If you want a TL;DR, here's the site to try it out for yourself: Pathfinder Sheets Online.

In short though, I want this to be a great experience for advanced players and newbies. One good way is to get users and feedback from those users. If something breaks, or is not calculating properly, let me know at feedback@pfsheetsonline.com and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

If you want to know what the site can do before visiting, read below:

So far, I cover all the Core, Base and Alternate classes and all of the Core and Featured races. After choosing a class, that class is not able to be chosen again, and neither are any alternate classes (for Paladin, Rogue and Cavalier). Prestige Classes coming soon.

You can customize your attribute numbers. Humans, Half-Elfs and Half-Orcs get to choose a custom attribute to modify.

One of my favorite features is the Spellbook. Each caster class gets its own Spellbook it can open and is shown the max level of spells it can cast, if they can cast that spell level yet. If they can, the Spell DC, Spells per Day (with attribute-based Spell per day modifiers calculated in), and if they have a known spell limit for that level (Oracles, Sorcerers, etc.) is all shown. You can prepare spells and keep track of how many are prepared if that class requires memorizing spells. A future enhancement is to allow to memorize as a metamagic spell so that it shows up in the proper spell slot when browsing your spells.

Skills are accounted for as well, auto-calculating based on Base Ranks, if it's a Class Skill and the corresponding Attribute modifiers, plus any custom rank bonuses that the user enters.

Lastly, there are three note sections: one for general notes, and one each for Feats and Traits. Hopefully I can get all of the Feats and Traits loaded into the database but this will take some time. d20pfsrd.com does not have all Alternate Racial Traits from the Featured Races in its Traits list, and the Feats are formatted poorly and can not easily be loaded into my Database without errors.

Currently, Armor and Shields are supported, but not weapons. Which is definitely a future feature.

And then the last big feature I want to implement is a custom item system that as you add items (especially wearable clothing) to your inventory, you can add stat modifiers to them so that your stats are modified accordingly without having to add the extra bonus points to each stat yourself.