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Full Name

Sara Burke


Human Fighter (Cad) 13, Brawler 2 | HP: 55/185| AC: 19/17 (11 T, 17 F)| CMB: +19/+28, CMD: 28| F: +19, R: +12, W: +7| Init: +7| Perc: +17, SM +12, Dip +45, Intim +39| Speed 35ft|


Martial Flexibility 3/4, Serpentine Tattoo 3/3, Beast Form 2 (Lion) 1/1, Terrible Cost 5/5| Active Conditions: N/A






26, Sarenith 2, 4692

Special Abilities

Martial Flexibility, 4/4






Oppara, Taldor


Common (Taldane), Minkaian, Necril


Spy, Anarchist, Former Resurrectionist

Strength 23
Dexterity 12
Constitution 18
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 20

About Sara Burke

Raised in the rough and tumble of the slums of Oppara, the Narrows, Sara Burke struggled to provide for herself and her family; with her mother lame from an accident years before, and her father an incompetent drunk, this typically meant more than begging and thievery.

Opportunity for change didn't so much come knocking as it did dropping down dead. When her father died, she no longer needed to fund his self destructive addiction or withstand his abuses; she smiled all throughout his funerary process. And at the wake, when a beautiful man in a white suit introduced himself as an acquaintance of her late relative, she gladly sold him his body for fifty gold, burying an empty coffin.

Fifty gold pieces was more than enough to change things for Sara and her family. They were fed every night, warm, full meals with fresh ingredients and spiced rum. She bought her mother a new chair and paid for education for her younger siblings. Lastly, she put herself through etiquette and grammar courses. She would make something good for this family, make a chance at the nobility and change things.

The man however had plans for Sara. He watched and waited, knowing the paltry sum that had changed their lives would not last. When they needed him, he returned, finding Sara at the same tavern her father once frequented. He remembered her comfort around death and made a proposition. Gold for bodies. The fresher the better, but dead was dead, and dead paid regardless.

When she asked for a name, he gave it freely. Hare.

She was indebted to him. Hare was a silent patron, bettering her family fortune and enabling them to rise out of poverty into something else. From outside, she was living the ideal Taldan dream: when things were darkest, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and shone bright. That someone else's hands were on those bootstraps was not her concern.

For the first time ever, she felt like somebody. Mail came; invites to brunches, parties, missives from relatives she had never known. She never once received mail before. The minor nobles treated her like a peer. She was s@#& at mingling, but talented at lying and playing the part they wanted for her. Embellishing her story, claiming to have been from worse conditions, being someone whose perspective was new and different and wanted. She was addicted to the high life.

The last item she brought Hare was the skeleton of a Halfling woman. Though far from the only way, their goods often exchanged hands by wheelbarrow; the exhumed body hidden in dirt and mulch. As she met to exchange with another ghoul (being the derogatory word for their profession), she reached into the dirt and provided a femur as proof, being witnessed by a guard. She was apprehended, but not before clobbering the guard with said femur.

The entire operation was upset, starting from the bottom. Hare fled, eventually being caught and executed for necromancy. Her family was evicted and forced onto the streets, unable to afford their apartment. Sara spent a several months in prison, no hope and no future.

As an additional punishment, the mark of Urgathoa was cut into her hand, branding her as a resurrectionist and necromancer.

Upon reentering society, there was no one to turn to. She took up a room in an inn, begging to afford room and board (and drink). Slowly, she started to receive mail again.

The invitations this time built slowly but became nearly drowning. Anyone she had ever met wanted her to speak about jail, dead things, assault. She felt like a freak, a showpiece. They were using her and when they were done, they would throw her away like a used tissue.

When she received a letter of work from the Lady Lotheed, she wrote back immediately, cleaned herself up, and scrounged up enough money for better clothes and a haircut. All they needed of her was help casting a vote and for her to show up looking the part. She would do it. She would climb back up there and be part of that world again, not as a visitor, but a full member.

It is here we find her, with renewed hope for her future and a chance at the upper echelons of society.


Init +7; Perception +11
AC 19/17, touch 11, flatfooted 17
HP 173 (14d10+56)
Fort +19, Ref +12, Will +7
Speed 35ft.
+5 Heels d20+27/22/17 (PA +23/18/13); d8+11 (d8+19), 19-20 x3, P (can change damage type as swift action)
Table Legs/Two-handed improvised greatclub d20+22/17/12 (PA +18/13/8); 3d8+9 (3d8+21), 19-20 x2, B (can change damage type as swift action)
Unarmed Strike d20+20/15/10 (PA +16/11/6); d6+6 (d6+14), 20 x2, B
Lion Form Claw d20+22/17/12 (PA +18/13/8); d4+8 (d4+16), 20 x2, S
Lion Form Bite d20+22/17/12 (PA +18/13/8); d8+8 (d8+16), 20 x2, P, (triggers grab)
All weapon damage subject to GM discretion.
Str 23, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 20
BAB +14; CMB +19 (+28 Dirty Trick); CMD 27(28, 39)
Feats Enforcer, Bludgeoner, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Catch Off Guard, Chairbreaker, Improved Unarmed Strike, Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Persuasive, Greater Dirty Trick, Quick Dirty Trick, Outflank, Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Voice of the Sibyl, Dirty Trick Master, Skill Focus: Intimidate, Improvised Weapons Mastery, Shikigami Style, Shikigami Mimicry.
Traits Surprise Weapon (+2 to Improvised Weapons), Narrows Survivor (+1 Initiative, SM, SM is a class skill), Athletic Champion (Diplomacy, Perception both +1, class skill; +2 to CMB to move through crowds and CMD to avoid being moved by maneuvers).
Drawback Foul Brand (-1 to Disable Device, Disguise, Sleight of Hand)
FCB +13 CMD vs Trip and Grapple
Class Features Dirty Maneuvers 3, Payback 3, Brawler's Flurry, Martial Flexibility 4x, Deadly Surprise, Razor Sharp Chair Leg, Craven Combatant, Sweeping Motion
Skills (4/level F, 6/level B) Acrobatics +7, Bluff +16, Diplomacy +45 (15 Ranks, 5 CHA, 3 Class Skill, 1 Trait, 5 Envoy Ring, 4 Persuasive, 2 Tattoo, 6 Skill Focus, 1 luckstone, 3 Sibyl), Intimidate +39, K. Dungeon +6, K. Local +6, K. Religion +3, Perception +17, Sense Motive +12, Stealth +12, Survival +4, Swim +10, UMD +10
Background Skills Handle Animal +27, K. Nobility +3, Linguistics +10, Sleight of Hand +17
Languages Common, Minkaian, Necril, Read Lips: Common, Sign Language: Common


Courtier's outfit (30 gp, 30 gp for a makeover)
Flask (1 gp for a flask attached to a garter)
Noble's outfit (75 gp, 30 of which were provided by Martella Lotheed)
+ 1 Boots, heels (2310 gp)
2 Corsets (30 gp, 150 gp)
2 smoke pellets (25 gp each)
Elaborate silk fan (300 gp)
Milibrius Tincture
2 ancient whiskeys (75 ea)
4 escape room coins (5 gp each)
3 and a half candles
Hooded lantern of continual flame
Fine clothing and jewelry (200 gp)
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of Terrible Cost (ring 1)
Envoy Ring (ring 2)
Mithral Shirt
2 Oil of Magic Weapon
Traveler's Translator (slotless)
7 Caltrop Beads (slotless, worn around neck)
6 Durable Adamantine Arrows
9 Ravens
Servant's Bird Mask
Burglar's Buckler (+2 to Dirty Trick, is any basic tool, can be an improvised weapon)
Headband of Alluring Charisma +4 (headband)
3 bottles bloodberry gin (100 ea)
Eyes of the Eagle (eyes)
Circlet of Persuasion (head)
2 potion CLW
2 potion CMW
Cloak of Resistance +2/Cloak of the Lion (shoulders) (28k)
Serpentine Tattoo (2000 gp)
Mesmerizing Tattoo (10800 gp)
Masterwork cold iron crowbar (304 gp)
Exotic perfume, 10 doses
Perfume kit, 9 doses
Standard of Conquest (slotless)
Gauntlets of the Skilled Maneuver (4000 gp) (hands, Dirty Trick)
Luckstone (20000 gp) (slotless)
7 Chelish Wines, Vinted 4562 (100 gp each)
3 potion Owl's Wisdom
Manual of Gainful Exercise (+1 STR, used)
Belt of Physical Might +4 (STR, CON) (belt)
Rod of Gates (Suzerain Scepter, 20k gp)
6 pp 95 gp 225 sp 170 cp (owe Maria 10k)

Party Role:
Damage, battlefield control and a primary/secondary face focusing on Diplomacy and Intimidate. In battle, Sara uses her fists, dirty trick, improvised weapons, intimidate and her heels to knock out and inflict various debuffs on the enemy combatants.