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Congratulations to all three of you. You have definitely earned it!

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The Grim MacKay wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Duncan, let me know which of the three you need to fill out your schedule and what day. I only have one locked in slot other than the two specials, so I am sure I can fit you in somewhere. I'm unfortunately running Part 3 in the 3rd slot, so that will make it slightly more difficult, but there will be open slots to take advantage of.

Well, thank you sir. I appreciate the offer. I guess I would have looked to run Part I in the Friday (not scheduled) or Saturday (already scheduled) PFS slot, Part II on the Saturday (already scheduled) or Sunday (not scheduled) PFS slot, and Part III on the Sunday (not scheduled) or Monday (already scheduled) PFS slot.

Beyond that, I expected to organize the rest of my activities around whatever time remains.

If you are unable to find a GM for the first two parts of the series, i can GM them as well possibly. But i won't know for sure until a couple weeks out.

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Louis Manko Levite wrote:

My VC is best because I have 2.

Go Seattle!

Totally agree with Louis! Both of our VC's here in Seattle are pretty amazing. And to be fair, we have some pretty awesome VL's too.

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This was one of the questions I thought of when I first read the new core mode post. And since the topic of pre-gens was already brought up, how does pre-gens work for the level 1 repayable scenarios? Can you only play them with the core class pre-gens? And is the Silverhex chronicles a different case since you have to play a pre-generated character and apply it to a new level 1 where as confirmation/wounded wisp you technically don't?

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Is the magic word... SMURF!

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That was the eventual thought process i had.

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So, in my goal to play everyone of the new classes in the ACG, I have been working on a Skald (Belkzen War Drummer) build. It seems like an odd question but does Inspired Rage count as be "in rage" for yourself and your ally's? I have searched the forums some and was able to piece some posts together to get an idea but I did not find anything definitive.

My thought is that Inspired Rage does count as rage. So at level 3, a Skald (Belkzen War Drummer) 2/Bloodrager 1 could have the tumor familiar and amplified rage feats. When using inspired rage, you and your familiar would both be "in rage" and a familiar with the valet archetype would also have all teamwork feats (i.e. Amplified Rage). Therefore, due to amplified rage, I would be +6 to str and con if I am not mistaken.

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It was announced as now available... has anyone had any success of adding it to their cart? It is still showing up as "will be available today" for me too.

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Congratulations Tony! The Seattle area is lucky to have you as a V.C.

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I saw this post and I thought I would try to help my fellow pathfinders out. I am both a Seattle native and very familiar with the area as well as someone who takes either the commuter train or the light rail daily.

For ease and convenience, I would suggest Sarta's option number one with a slight edit. The light rail goes all the way to the airport. I would personally take the hotel shuttle from the airport. I believe that should be a possibility.

To be honest, a cab from Tacoma would be super expensive even if split. If you wanted to take that route, I would just take the Sound Transit 574 from Tacoma to the airport and then take the hotel shuttle from the airport.

Also, the Tukwilla station is not really a station so much as a platform where the train stops. There is not even a building there yet. It wouldn't be so bad if you called and had a taxi waiting but there isn't anything there if a problem were to arise.

That is just my two cents.

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According to Ultimate Campaign, "retraining a feat takes 5 days with a character who has the feat you want" (188). In the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, "If time is a limiting factor, the GM may choose not to allow retraining during that session. When utilizing these retraining rules, you must expend wealth as outlined in the Retraining section of Ultimate Campaign, as well as 1 Prestige Point per day of retraining since time between scenarios is undefined."

I understand both of these statements. To retrain a feat in PFS play, I will need to spend 5 PP. I get that. What I do not understand and have not seen addressed is the "with a character who has the feat you want" line.

Does that mean I need to find a player in my area with the exact same feat? Because that seems pretty ridiculous to me. And how would that even work? Or am I misunderstanding this. Any help would be great. Thank you.