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Let me start out by saying I like playing characters that are interesting if not effective.

I wanted to build a fighter who more or less carries an armory on him. The idea being that he draws various weapons mid combat and swaps out based on the situation.

For anyone that has the frame of reference I am using the manga character Mousse from Ranma 1/2 as an inspiration

Questions I have:

Is it possible to modify a Handy Haversack to be a robe instead of a sack? The ability to have the weapon I want to draw with quickdraw would seem to be a plus.

What is the best way to armor him up?

Any suggestions on race?

Am I insane for trying this?

Thanks for the help in advance.

This is a call to any players on Long Island. looking for people who enjoy the game and want to get together to play. I can GM but would like there to be at least one other person who would like to as well so everyone can play.

Post an email so I can contact you. I am based in Nassau.

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Looking for any players willing to join a once a week campaign going on in Bayshore. Went through a spat of players leaving and some time off, but we are looking for anyone willing to come and play. It's a home-ruled ver 3.5 game (home ruled meaning the DM, me, has been playing since '81 :) ), meeting on Saturday evenings. Players range in their 30's (if that bothers you) and we'd love to add some new blood!

Let me know here if you're interested


Hey I am 28 and interested in getting a game going. Saturday night usually work for me been playing for a while with one group but they are upstate and I am down here. Let me know.

Has anyone ever thought of or tried to make a 3D map. When my PC's storm a castle wall (which they have done quite a few times) or climbed a rooftop I always have to try and adjust my maps so they see where they are in relation to everyone else.

Water campaigns are a chore too. I'd like to do stuff with one but the mapping is always discouraging.

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Say thar stranger... If you don't find that thar character sheet quite to your likin'... why not try these.

New id T?

Also, what are you doing hosting an official character sheet??? I thought that official stuff was my area!!! You cut me sir, you cut me to the quick!

I figure, as long as I'm pimpin, might as well be obvious about it. Oh, and the Paizo sheet is fair game! :)

I really like that GM Party sheet. Any other GM aids anyone can recomend?

Does anyone know if the +3 to skills is a bonus or count as actual ranks for the purpose of feats. IE do you have to be lvl 10 to have 10 ranks in a skill with a +3 bonus to that?