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Lavawight wrote:
Not that I question your personal views or reasons for not playing those classes, and I can definitely see Spiritualist and Medium making some people cringe, but Occultist is pretty different in theme from those two. Occultist is a focus-themed caster-lite, and I've seen Harry Dresden and even Hellboy given as possible examples of Occultists, and arguably the movie version of John Constantine.

It's nothing to do with game mechanics as much as the flavor of the class. I'm kinda averse at this point to the whole "occult/made up ceremonial magick" thing. *shudder*

plus I admit that the more I thought about it, it really was just another way to be an arcane caster. "Hey look, I'm carrying a big staff and am an evoker". Meh. Didn't speak to me as a class. But it's not as creepy to me as the spiritualist and medium now that I think about it.

And if you see me here, please, never be afraid to question me. I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced a particular post if mines is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you, and I promise you, right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo.... Yes, I just went all O-Ren.

The Game Master wrote:

Since the playtest began, I have started to notice a (unfortunate) trend. Out of all of the classes, the Kineticist has gained the most attention, followed up by the Medium.

But, why?

In reading posts and the actual classes themselves, I think most people are put off by the Spiritualist, Psychic, Mesmerist, and Occultist because they have the least "fantasy fullfillment", as opposed to the Kineticist. The Medium brings forth this strange and unique opportunity to become, I daresay, the most versatile class (with work).
The Kineticist allows people to further various roleplaying fantasies, such as playing characters from various shows. That is at the core of roleplaying, fantasy fullfillment.
I respect all of the new classes, and yes they all have a basis for inspiration, but I feel they are all overshadowed by the popularity of The Kineticist and Medium.

Do you believe there is a flavor issue? Maybe an overwhelming difference in playstyle? Maybe there is simply more to fix with the Kineticist and Medium? What are your thoughts?

Kineticist has a vibe which works for my love of superheroes and some anime and takes me back to my Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s. I've playtested it and it was a fun character.

For me personally, I'm not all that interested in the Mesmerist, in PFS I've encountered way too many animals, undead, and other stuff to want to devote time and energy into a class which could potentially be useless in my encounters.

Psychic was a big "yawn" for me mostly because I played a lot of psionic characters back in the day. I had the same reactions someone else posted on here, it's a sorcerer with a different spell selection. Didn't really draw me in, although in some ways it's better written than the kineticist.

Spiritualist, Occultist, Medium all honestly go against my own personal views and I won't even consider playing them. Sorry, not messing around with characters who are locked into that kind of stuff. It's a personal choice for me, but an answer to your question. I was cringing the entire time I read those classes.

There are lots of archetypes here. When I saw this, I ran down the list of X-Men... Storm/Air, Avalanche/Earth, Pyro/Fire, Iceman/Water (ice slide? c'mon pretty epic in some ways). I saw benders as well, but since I do more coimc books than cartoons, the merry mutants came to mind.

Also, Sailor Moon came to mind as well. Sailors Mercury and Neptune/water, Sailor Mars/fire, Sailor Jupiter/lightning, Sailor Uranus/Air or Earth depending on your mood and attack style.

So some stuff which came up or observations I made to myself when I playetested my Aerokinesticist:

-Invisibility. If we get the stealth skill and are air-types, why not make it an option.
-Thunderclap. I fell in love with thunder stones with this character, and having the ability to have a sonic attack like a thunderclap would rock.
-Suffocating attacks: Yes, at least one layer asked if I could do that. I'm on the fence with it, but since someone else saw it, I'll add it to my list.
-AoE. Yeah, that's necessary. I can't get it until later levels, but if my focus is an air blast, then I ought to have it sooner to be an effective blaster.

I'll have to double check the pdf for other stuff to make sure I'm not being repetitive. Definitely want to explore more charge attacks, I really like pressurized blast.

Played a level one human aerokineticist yesterday. Campaign was Cyphermage Dilemma. Party make-up was a me, rogue, witch, Druid w/tiger companion, and Titan maul barbarian.

I had good dice, so I'd say I hit about 75% of the time. I chose the straight up air blast to avoid SR and immunity issues at higher levels, but I'm aware that if I have cold dice, I'm gonna wish I had that touch attack. I may take it at level seven just to have it. But it's a tough choice. At-will touch w/SR and immunity issues requiring two more feats (spell penetration and greater SP, on top of PBS and Precise Shot), or an attack which ignores SR but is a ranged attack. I'm glad I took PBS and PS, that's for sure. Combat was fun, and since I used a blast infusion I think I played burn right (I never used my spear or dagger, kept both hands open, and avoided hp loss?) and using the pressurized blast to shove people into walls and off the deck of a ship was fun. I mean, you can't hit everything every single time...

Problem was, I didn't have much else to do. My perception skill was ok, but the Druid's was obviously better, same with stealth and the rogue. The lack of skills was frustrating, to say the least. And very scattershot. Heal? Perception? Stealth? It felt all over the place in that regard. And two skill points? Ouch. That hurts. And fly? Nice, but useless until level six. It's like the class is kind of a survivalist, but if that's the case, it needs more fleshing out. And definitely more skill points. I got one extra point for my level and one two from my intelligence, but my favored class points went straight to HP. I ended up using stealth the most, which would make more sense if my air guy could I don't know, turn invisible or something later on.

Build-wise, this is a bear of a class. You need con for blasts and HP, dex to actually hit anything, and definitely intelligence to buff the skills up. Strength isn't necessary for my build, and a couple of points in wisdom give me a will save I didn't really need this time. I used charisma as my dump stat, but actually had a lot of fun playing the socially awkward guy. It worked for me RP-wise. Better than any other character I've played recently, actually.

I think you need to check the warlock and soulknife classes to see how to fix this one. They're good examples of how you can take a limited class (warlock's eldritch blast and the soulkife's psychic blade) and give the character some really good flavor. I'm also not convinced this is really an "occult" character at this point. Flavor-wise it doesn't really fit, but I'm ok leaving it there to ensure I can keep it around.

Overall, I'd say that if you're going to make this a speciality class, make sure it can do what it's supposed to.

Overall, I'm gonna keep playing it, got the boon and will be interested to see where it goes. I'm invested.