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Lord Fyre wrote:
KingOfAnything wrote:
It's not that Priests or devout followers of Pharasma are the problem. Those characters will find plenty of fulfillment if they are not Evil kill-undead-on-sight types.
Don't you mean the "Good kill-undead-on-sight types"?

It's so easy to use a Veil spell to make those types kill a bunch of innocents. They're my favorite new clients.

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Mark Carlson 255 wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
They're casting Control Undead, not Create so Pharasma should be alright with it.

This is correct. 90% of spell illustrations in Paizo products feature a spell that is on the preceding or following page. 10% are on the same page.

In this case Control Undead is on the preceding page, Animate Dead is much earlier. I don't think Pharasma would mind if you turned undead against your enemies, then destroyed them after.

IMHO, it can depend on how your GM interpenetrates Pharasma's will in the game. ie would a follower of Pharasma even take control undead vs spells to just destroy them. Would she even teach such a spell to her worshipers?


Take it from me, you never want to interpenetrate any part of a god.