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Venture-Lieutenant, Michigan—Lansing

We have a month to go and still need a lot of players as well as a couple of GM's. I would hate to see no tables going off at this local convention.

Venture-Lieutenant, Michigan—Lansing

LinksCon is a local gaming convention held at the Game Links store in Fowlerville. This year is featuring several season 7 scenarios, as well as some evergreens and prior seasons. Bonekeep will also be available to challenge the heartiest of pathfinders.

Get your badges here

Event schedule (get your badge first)

Weekend badges are $10 and have a "find a slot and play" feel. Daily badges are only available day-of.

If you'd like to GM, here is the deal. If you run 2 slots you get a weekend badge for free. At 3 slots, you start earning store credit ($5/ slot).

So spread the word and come help out a local gaming store! We need some more GM's and lots of players.

Thought of something else too....

Does this flying 10 ft (and other similarly forced movement) provoke an AoO?

Having a hard time finding the particular rules about being dismounted while riding. I would think there might be a ride or reflex check perhaps, but can't find an actual ruling on it.

Instance: Bob is riding a horse, when a dragon awesome blows him with his tail. Bob goes flying 10 ft and falls prone. I'm assuming this is automatic due to the wording of awesome blow and it requiring a combat maneuver check. I assume there is no check to stay in the saddle. Also, given the fall it too short, shouldn't be extra damage from the fall (which should technically cause a bit of damage).

2nd Instance: Bob is higher level now, and is riding a trained hippogriff about 200 feet in the air. Dragon, quite angry at pesky adventurers looting his lair, hits him with awesome blow again. Does bob then go flying (assuming success on the check) and start to fall? Hopefully Bob invested in a ring of feather fall.

Is my assumptions correct? No ride skill to try and stay in saddle or have the mount get moved with the rider? Grr, too much 4th edition rules still hanging out in my brain.

I thought there was some kind of spell or maybe it was an ability, that would allow you to go to some kind of crime scene or massacre or whatever... and get a vision into the past of what had occurred there.

Is that an actual thing? Or am I dreaming again?


Do these two stack? Dirty fighter adds the trait bonus to base damage. Blade of the Society adds it to damage rolls from sneak attacks.

Since these are two different types of damage (base plus precision dice), would they work together?

And to make things even more crazy, what about Blade of Mercy, which adds the trait bonus to nonleathal damage.

Seems a bit cloudy, I'd imagine it would be more up to the GM to decide, but RAW or for Society play?

Anyone else find a slight flaw in the Movanic Deva's tactics?

They atart out by activating antimagic field, then employ their holy smite and flaming greatswords. Uh... how can they use spell-like abilities and magical weapons in their antimagic field...?

Seems a bit odd to me, unless they are somehow immune to their own field.

I have a couple of questions about military matters and the lovely nation of Cheliax.

Namely, is there any listing of approximate military strength and numbers, composition of hellknights versus normal legions? And about what a typical garrison or fort might hold?

I didn't see anything really in the inner sea guide or the Cheliax specific splat book. Was hoping for some facts for a home game that is ramping up to possible larger scale warfare.


Venture-Lieutenant, Michigan—Lansing

Alright, so I start to think I have the rules down on how chases generally work, and then I get thrown off by some of the wording in one of the scenarios.

Unless I'm mistaken... you use a move action to move through the card you are on, and then a standard to bypass the hazard or obstacle. If you were to fail, you then could use a standard again, and if you succeed another move gets you right up to the next obstacle at the end of the next card.

The whole full-round action to 'gamble' and jump forward again seems fairly basic, though I find it odd that you don't have to face every obstacle along the way.

And now the more confusing part. "The midnight mauler attempts a double move every round, never attempting three unless a PC is right behind him." How does this work? Does he try to move two via the full-round action, and always stopping after two (and not challenging the final obstacle to get the third card)? Or does he somehow get 2 movements in addition to the standard action to bypass an obstacle? It is unclear, to me at least, how the NPC is doing this.

How should this be handled? I know with his +4 due to speed he is likely to succeed at most checks, or at least not fail by 5 or more. But still can't quite seem to get how he gets two moves.

Venture-Lieutenant, Michigan—Lansing

Interesting, I'd generally say a sipping jacket should work for extracts. Page 27 APG says that "In Many Ways, they (extracts) behave like spells in potion form..." With that in mind, I'd say that it should work.. or if not directly then why couldn't you just buy a potion of an alchemical 'spell'? Alchemists already have some issues with action economy, a sipping jacket for them would give them a little bit more leeway in some of the actions they are able to do.

Doesn't seem to have official errata or FAQ on it, so I'd assume its up to the DM or the VC or VL running the event

Venture-Lieutenant, Michigan—Lansing

Just wanted to point out to other fellow alchemists, that bottled lightning is neither a liquid, nor is it a splash weapon so it can't really be utilized with a funnel nor with the grenadier's Alchemical weapons

Yeah, Focused shot and Explosive missile both take a standard action. I was hoping for a minute to be able to use them both!

There is a lot of discussion at this threat

I'm hoping that they can get something straightened out with the class / archetype to allow exotic creatures that you can Actually ride as a medium sized creature.

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Well as I am working on a possible Beast Rider I came upon this problem as well. All over the boards are plenty of people arguing one way or another on this, and I feel this issue needs to have some resolution.

At 4th level you get an exotic Mount - keyword again on Mount - and soo many of those on the list are large or huge (in original form), yet via the Animal Companion adjustments end up only medium sized. Which creates a problem with actually riding it as your mount.

Given the whole POINT of the Cavalier class is as a mounted combatant, it seems to be a real issue in the rules here. Being able to pick a mount you can't mount is silly, as is being forced to sit around with a plain old Horse until level 7. Especially when Druids and Paladins can get all sorts of fun stuff at earlier levels (and aren't as Based on actual mounted combat).

I can understand some worry about using the fully stated large or huge creatures at level 4, but it would be nice to have an exotic mount you can actually ride at this level as is intended by the class. Perhaps they could come out with some kind of adjustments for the creatures to make them a bit more balanced, or even use the Medium sized stats but treat it as large for the sake of riding and space occupied.

I really hope something can be done with this so that the class is more viable and doesn't feel like you just get the shaft from levels 4-7.