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Jason Nelson wrote:

Also, definitely of interest to anyone who'd like to pursue Legendary Planet - the expanded Legendary Planet Player's Guide is here for Pathfinder Second Edition!

- Four full playable ancestries
- Over 60 ancestry feats, heritages, new gear, and more!
- 11 campaign feats for Legendary Planet
- A full 20-deity pantheon with PF2 rules

And oh by the way, To Worlds Unknown for PF2 is grinding swiftly through development. We're expecting it back sometime in December and probably ready for sale in early January!

Was 'To World Unknown' delayed? I'm starting my players through the adventure path only to find it isn't out

My group is doing RotR, and in the group we have Kincaid a female half-drow Rogue who uses a ranseur, a "half-elf" Klingon looking female nick-named Red that uses an earthbreaker, a male half-elf wizard that focuses on electricity and sonic spells, an extremely stoic male half-elf cleric of irori who uses a bow and unarmed, and my character who is a male human fighter who, after the first 2 sessions, uses his shield as a primary because he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with his sword and can't hold a weapon in his right hand after getting 3 fingers cut off by a goblin. Now some awesome things that have happened is the cleric rolling a critical with a kick to the nuts on a goblin causing it to take both Con damage and bleed damage killing it outright. My fighter giving up on trying to hit with his sword and started shield bashing every enemy and it worked! Red soloing Chief Ripnugget and making him run after getting sneaked attacked by his two guards AND nearly getting downed from him. We got Orik as an ally and during the fight with the greater barghest grappled and PINNED it to a wall while it was BLINKING allowing the rest of us to kill it. The wizard one shotting Tsuto with scorching ray. Orik got knocked unconcscious before the party got into the fight with Nualia and with a hell of a diplomacy check, my fighter got her to stop the killing blow for a round and then charged her to prevent Orik from dying and nearly dying himself in the process from a max damage crit with 8 bleeding from Nualia and managed to live just barely with 2 HP left