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Technomancer 3 | HP 19/19 SP 18/18 RP 3/5 | EAC 16 KAC 17+8 | F 2 R 4 W 3 | INIT 7












Common, first speech, goblin, Terran, vesk

Strength 11
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Rei Funkenstein

HL Stat Block:

Female android ace pilot technomancer 3 Alien Archive
NG Medium humanoid (android)
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +3
Defense SP 18 HP 19 RP 5
EAC 16; KAC 17
Fort +2; Ref +4; Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Melee survival knife +5 (1d4+1 S; analog, operative)
Ranged azimuth laser rifle +5 (1d8 F; burn 1d6)
Technomancer Spells Known (CL 3rd; melee +2; ranged +5)
. . 1st (4/day)—jolting surge, magic missile, summon creature, supercharge weapon
. . 0 (at will)—detect magic, energy ray, fabricate scrap[PW] (DC 15), psychokinetic hand, telepathic message, transfer charge (DC 15)
Str 11 (+0); Dex 16 (+3); Con 12 (+1); Int 18 (+4); Wis 10 (+0); Cha 8 (-1)
Skills Acrobatics +4, Computers +11 (3 ranks), Engineering +10 (3 ranks), Life Science +10, Mysticism +5, Perception +3, Physical Science +10, Piloting +10 (3 ranks), Sense Motive -2, Sleight Of Hand +7, Stealth +3; (reduce the DC of Culture checks by 5 when recalling knowledge about starship and vehicle models and parts as well as famous hotshot pilots)
Feats Improved Initiative, Longarm Proficiency, Spell Focus
Languages Common, First Speech, Goblin, Kalo, Terran, Vesk
Other Abilities constructed, energize spell, spell cache (item type)
Combat Gear spell gem of life bubble; Other Gear graphite carbon skin (upgrade: jump jets), azimuth laser rifle with 1 battery (20 charges), survival knife, battery, datapad[AR], engineering tool kit, personal comm unit, toolkit (hacking), aeon (1st level), azata (1st level), protean (1st level), robot (1st level), credstick (3,199 credits); Augmentations mk 1 synaptic accelerator (intelligence)

Bot Me:

In combat, Rei likes to use her range to her advantage, and would take time moving into a ranged position and fire with her rifle.
Depending on how bad it looks, she can bolster her own weapon, using her SuperCharge Weapon spell, or if times are dire, she can cast this on allies near her as well.
When you ABSOLUTELY need to hit, she will full round attack with magic missiles.
If any baddies get too close, she will touch them in their no touchy zone.

Melee combat:
[dice=Survival Knife Atk]1d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Survival Knight Dmg]1d4[/dice] (S)

Ranged combat:
[dice=Laser Rifle, Azimuth Atk]1s20+4[/dice]
[dice=Laser Rifle, Azimuth Dmg]1d8[/dice] (F. Crit 1d6 Burn)

Spells Known:
Magic Missile
Casting Time: 1 standard action; see text
Range medium: (100 + 10 ft./level)
Target: up to three creatures, no two of which can be more than 15 ft. apart; see text
Duration: instantaneous

You fire two missiles of magical energy that strike targets unerringly (the creatures must still be valid targets) and deal 1d4+1 force damage each. You can’t target specific parts of a creature, and objects are not damaged by the spell.

You can target a single creature or several creatures, but each missile can strike only one creature. You must designate targets before you attempt to overcome spell resistance or roll damage.

You can cast this spell as a full action. If you do, you fire three missiles instead of two.

Supercharge Weapon
Range: touch
Target: one weapon
You supercharge the target weapon. If the weapon’s next attack hits (provided it is made before the end of the next round), the attack deals 4d6 additional damage if the weapon is a single target attack or 2d6 additional damage if the weapon attacks all creatures in an area. This bonus damage is of the same type as the weapon’s normal damage.

Jolting Surge
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: touch
Target: one creature or object
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: none; Spell Resistance yes

You touch a target with a device you’re holding that uses electricity, requiring a melee attack against the target’s EAC. Alternatively, you can instead touch an electrical device a target is wearing (or a target that is an electrical device, such as a robot) with your hand, gaining a +2 bonus to your attack roll. Either way, if your attack hits, the electrical device surges out of control, dealing 4d6 electricity damage to your target.

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

In starship combat, Rei likes to serve as Engineer or science officer, using her advanced intellect.