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Hey, I've been following this entertaining thread for the past couple days because I had nothing better to do. I wanted to post this earlier to quell some misconceptions voiced by others in this forum about why I'm leaving the game, but I was barred from posting for 24 hours for being bad. Most of the following, I already posted over at Goblinworks.

I knew coming into this game that PvP was going to be a big part of it; Ryan was totally up front about that when I was looking for a new game. Second, I'm not leaving because of the PvP; that's part of the game. I'm leaving because I came to realize I'm not any good at PvP so have very little chance to prevail in a PvP fight and I don't find it fun to be cannon fodder for PvPers. It may be because I just don't understand the game mechanics and how to make them work for me in PvP; it may be because I'm not a young man anymore and so my reflexes aren't what they used to be; it may be a combination of things. But it is not because of the PvP in the game.

Ryan suggested, among other things, talking to the bandits and making a deal. But in all of the few encounters I've had with bandits, they didn't stand around talking to me before they killed me. Further, how much fun do you think it would be to be that person who has to make a deal with the bandits and beg for his life? Sorry, folks, but that role is not one that I would find entertaining in real life so I definitely won't find it entertaining in a game. Maybe there are some submissive types out there who are entertained by playing the role of the subjected victim; that ain't me.

I apologize to all of you Golgotha folks for the insults I lobbed at you out of anger in game. I understand now that I was misinformed about any non-aggression pact and, quite frankly, what you were doing in game is not only part of the game, but was somewhat clever. And, finally, you guys actually seem to be pretty good guys in real life.

So I'm leaving the game; no big deal, folks. I wish you all well. I just hope you can understand that I'm not leaving because of the PvP.

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Erian, just for clarification, here's how I learned of this non-agression pact. A Keepers Pass person -- I won't name him unless he says it's ok -- told me the alliance has a non-agression pact with Golgotha; that when they attack us all we can do is chase them out of the hex. When I asked why we don't simply box them in and kill them, he said we don't do that because we are the good guys. I thought that was pretty ridiculous, but if that's the way it was, then that's the way it was. So when Elsworth attacked me the first night, he was alone and I had every opportunity to kill him, but I just chased him out. BTW, I wasn't with the group from BwG last night that tried to PvP and lost; so I don't know anything about that.

But, at this point, it really doesn't matter to me anymore. I don't see the point of playing this game; I don't see anything whatsoever entertaining or "meaningful" about ganking others or being ganked. I'll let the sociopaths have their game. Mourn Blackhand has also indicated in the forum that he is disillusioned with the game and is leaving. Xilanthus is leaving BwG and moving further north to get away from the ganking. Nyrri might stick around; probably not.

You all are a fine bunch at Keepers Pass and I have also enjoyed our interactions.

Gol, I stand corrected. Sorry for being so touchy.

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I'll be playing a chaotic good or neutral good human ranger type who was orphaned and raised by elves. So I am very interested in joining you guys. I also have a female friend who will be playing a elf or half elf who is also very interested.

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randomwalker wrote:

Hi and welcome Redmond!

In your Paizo account, have you tried clicking on the kickstarter pledge and updated the information? That is where I could add my goblinworks username and password, which seemed to transfer the needed info.

Kickstarter is (still but not for much longer) tied to paizo accounts, whereas new GW store purchases are tied to goblinworks accounts.

Yea, I tried that a few times so far but it isn't transferring the info.

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Thanks, Pax :)

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I don't know what is going on. Last night I went to the Goblinworks website and clicked the link to purchase the Goblin Squad Pioneer - Month Two package. This link sent me to Paizo.com where I purchased the package. Under my account at Paizo.com, I now have the package downloads. However, under my Goblinworks account, it says I have not yet enrolled as a Goblin Squad member, which was supposed to be part of the package. Further, the downloads only list 1 month of game time whereas the package was supposed to include 3 months.

Today, my friend purchased the same package from the Goblinworks website However, she says the link did not send her to Paizo.com to purchase the package and she has no downloads listed on her Paizo.com account. Under her Goblinworks account, in the same place where it says I am not yet enrolled as a Goblin Squad member, it says she is enrolled.

Can anyone please help us sort this out?