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Orlun nods his head at Ryu's direction. Nice the most charming of fellows at the best of times he speaks to you quite plainly. Another young lad trying to 'help' an old man huh. The day I needes your help was the day they dragged me in here. Outside of that 1 day the rest of my 74 years of my life I have been doing just fine on my own. Tell you what, you see me bleeding ont he road then you can help me. Until then I can make do on me own.

It looks like he is about to say more when Irabeth puts a hand on his arm. Looking down at it the man sighs a bit, Ugh, thanks though for what it is worth.

It is at this point that Garith hands Orlun the letter and the brazen idol. Orlun starts to look at the letter when Garith mentions the names of Minagho, Vorlesh and the Nahyndrian Crystals. Fists clenching as he holds the paper you are worried that the old man is going to tear it apart. Sucking in air through clenched teeth Orlun finally hisses out Vorlesh. It had to be her.

Looking at the group he stands and motions for you all to follow him. Come with me to my room where we can talk in private. What I have to tell you only the most learned of scholars knows. I will only tell you as it seems you have stumbled upon knowledge of them yourself and thus can be more dangerous by asking the wrong questions to the wrong people.

Before leading the group upstairs Orlun passes by the bazaar and orders a bottle of elven wine. Handing the young female merchant a small bag of coins he takes the bottle with him upstairs. Opening the bottle he takes a quick drink from it directly before passing it to each member for a drink. Take a drink. It may help steady the nerves as this information is not pleasant and may require a grave sacrifice before all is said and done. Now then, the questions you have and the answers you seek start at the very beginning of the war effort. Some of this some of you may know if you have studied the histories of the wars but bear with me.

Almost 100 years ago the worldwound was formed. How it came to be scholars have spent years studying in the hope of devising a way to reverse or close the portal. Little has been gleaned from divinations by the best in the world. What little was discovered is that a woman by the name of Areelu Vorlesh was the one to openm the portal. As far as I know, there are none who know exactly what the witch Areelu Vorlesh is: demon, cultist, hybrid. Her name is associated with the opening of the worldwound and that is it.

Since the opening of the worldwound there have been numerous clashes with the demons all over. Hope was lost when Minagho captured the city of Raliscrad and the demons began their offensive. It was at that time that the wardstones where created to hold back the demon tide. These wardstones were thought to be the savior of the people from the demons. In part that is correct as it is by the power of the wardstones that the demons can not invade the surrounding areas. Yet the wardstone themselves need to be protected lest they are destroyed. These wardstones are then the focal points of the demonic attacks. Once before a demonic force made its way to the wardstone here in Kenebras. Khorramzadeh himself struck a mighty blow to it and it cracked but did not break. Defenses were soon raised and the demons pushed out of the area but the damage was done.

In hindsight, it appears that was just a test by the demons as a precursor to this assault. We have discovered that Khorramzadeh returned to lead this attack and slew Terendelev after mounting the assault on the Kite. It was there that the wardstone was destroyed resulting in the earthshattering explosion that all witnessed that day. Since then though we have been at a loss as to what the demons are doing. They have not poured out of the city into the surrounding area as one would suspect if the wardstones have fallen. It seems that they have left and returned to the worldwound for the most part and are content to wait for something to happen. If this letter is correct then we have the missing piece of information that we needed.

A part of the wardstone must still be operational. It is this part that is holding the remaining wardstones and the defenses intact. However if the demons are in control of it then they could reverse the polarity of the field. Instead of working against demons it would either summon more of them or be turned against us mortals. That is what Vorlesh must be up to with these Nahyndrian Crystals. Only the pure essence of a slain demon lord can create one of these Crystals. She must have found some and figured out how to use them.

If this is the case then we are in great danger. An army from Mendevian is on its way. If they arrive here and the wardstone is subverted they would die as well. It gets worse. The wardstones are all connected to each other. Each and every one of them. If our wardstone would get subverted then all of them would suffer the same effects. All of the crusaders defending the cities with wardstones in them would perish. All those reinforcements coming to bolster the defenses of those cities would perish. Imagine it you would the death of a million crusaders in a matter of seconds leaving the demons free to roam. Not only that but there would be no warning to other areas. Cities would be ripe for the taking as the demon host marches across all of the world. It would be better to destroy our wardstone than to allow the demons to carry out their plans.

Orlun finishes his long speech with a last long draught from the wine. The fate of the world could be decided in the next few days.

Looking at the group rather expectantly, Well, don't keep an old man waiting what is it that you wish to tell me? If it is to tell me that Aravashinal is safe that I already heard. Once I am done here, if Irabeth allows, I plan on going to the Library myself to aid and assist him. Together we should be able to work some defenses there and keep what volumes and works remain intact. Now, again, what information do you have for me or questions that need answering?