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A few moment later the acolyte appears and takes charge of of Jessica, and in a smoothing voices says, "come on sweetie lets go get you some hot cocoa and some warm bread." She has an exaggerated smile on her face, 'Who is that in your hands...surely she needs a cookie."

"Oh see. I pray that poor Mr. Hatchet had Quell's blessing before his untimely death at sea. Do you know if he offended the gods? I'll pray for his departed soul." She looks at Astri. "Yes, I can ask him if he can assist you. He's finishing a service now for a departing ship's crew."

Her eyes pop at the donation, 'Please ...please come inside, please meet Father Trafalgar" her tongue almost tied, "the son, not the father of course." Clearly flustered. "I mean the son is a Father, he is Father Zalen Trafalgar, not his father who was Father Solomon Trafalgar." She waves you inside. "Please."

She lowers her voice and looks around, "Father Zalen Trafalgar only recently reopened services at the Chapterhouse since the disappearance of Archibald Noeliss’ disappearance two months ago." She motions you closer, "plus since the Wave Riders unfortunate fate people are a bit more cautious."

With bright smile she responds, "Quell is the Sea King. Patron to sailors, travelers, water, and those seeking good weather blessings." You can see she has small kao wood holy symbol of the Sea King seated upon a giant clam shell throne that is hanging from her neck. "You must be from a far off distant land not to know of Quell." she seems interested in the group now.

"Do you seek Quell's blessing sailors or to provide thanks for a safe voyage?" The young lady inquires.