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I do desperately want the bestiary (1) but... that $53 shipping is more than the box itself... and alternative stockists are charging £120+

Why paizo

Why deny me the one box with the most commonly used monsters?

Why do you not want my money?

I appreciate there are similar threads but none that tackle my specific query, I am playing a Heresy/spellbreaker Inquisitor - using the baddies confiscated magic against them and infiltrating their ranks using a mix of face and fluffy meta. I would like to know what taking Weaponwand entails so I dont overstep my bounds or misinterpret the RAI/RAW.

So in regards to the Spell RAW

"If the effect created by the wand requires an attack roll to successfully strike a foe, you may make the attack roll as if you were making an attack with the weapon at its highest bonus (including any bonuses the weapon would normally receive) rather than just a normal attack with the wand"

1 - Ranged spell delivery

As I read this by using weaponwand we use the weapons attack (Highest) to deliver the spell (Assuming the spell requires an attack roll to work) So if I was using a Dagger does this mean I use my daggers Ranged attack to deliver the spell assuming the attack roll required is ranged?

2 - Melee/ranged spell crit threat/delivery

Similarly if I am using my weapon as the delivery by "Making an attack with the weapon at its highest bonus" for melee/ranged attacks does that mean the Crit threat range is (19-20 x2) as per the daggers weapon profile? (Assuming the spell used requires said roll)

3 - Non roll delivery

The only thing I am confident in is the use of a wand as standard rules. For instance using a wand of fireball inside my dagger will still prompt a Use magic device for using a wand with a Sorcerer spell inside it BEFORE I can make the attack roll with it.

Any answers or discussion is appreciated in regards to the above!


@Advice Forum Paladin #626
I never said he falls - but that he is having limitations and will be having references to his own backstory (his father was a genocidal maniac who was utterly convinced he was in the right)

By limiting the two things he overuses and in doing so hinders his goals.

I am not angry, I find it hard to understand his reasoning of extending the mutilation of a fallen and pleading foe. No valor in that.

Also for the purposes of these Ogres the Boss actively subjugated these ogres confining them to the refineries - no rape. That was a fluff assumption on your behalf.

I also never said he was evil.

I feel he is dangerously close to having to atone because he is breaking his own edicts of temperance, level headedness and repeatedly disregarding and endangering his allies in doing so. All things he is expressly exempt from doing.

I have settled for a "sub falling" of losing his two main aspects of his class that keeps him doing this.

"Smite" and "Detect evil" mostly because he over relies on the two and should try to address the encounters I plan for the whole party being resolved or more often worsened by the above.

I agree its not worth a full falling from grace. But I cant let slide a slaughter action whilst envoking the name of a deity of valor justice and honour on a fallen, helpless AND earnestly pleading foe.

Even a sense motive would have at least shown he cared that his actions might have consequences.

-Paladin/fall/morality threads always boil down to 'figure it out in your own group with your own players...' but honestly, he may be a bit more enthusiastic than you like, but i'm not seeing anything out right WRONG!! My paladin (of Saranrae) was all about talking and peaceful resolution... but once battle was joined, he brought the Hammer down fast and hard and woe to the wicked who faced him!-

I agree with what you say. The trouble is the edicts.

A lot of people find the ambiguous ones but forget the Iomedae edict of

"I will be temperate in my actions and moderate in my behavior"
"I will suffer death before dishonor"
"I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart to guide it, it is worthless-my strength is not in my sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a tool. If I betray my heart, I have died"

etc etc

Ambiguously chaining but again thats the cost of a Paladin's powers. I have spoken with him about temperance in and out of games before. Along with a very clear outline intro session with each of them expressing how I run games with a solid emphasis on fluff and logical sensibilities.
I dont expect them to develop a masterplan for attacking the bandit fort. But I DONT expect the paladin to try and solo it because "His god will protect him" the same goes for Khorne slaughter and subsequent dismissal of allys advice.

I have spoken with the player.

In most instances he has been reasonable but recently when I tried to discuss it he got quite aggressive on my judgement of deeming excess violence and a "Kill first no questions" situation.

He is furious that he is being judged as bad for his decision and refuses to actually take on board the players and my perceptions on this.


The Boss was a Stone Giant seer who had holed up in a mountainside leading Hill giants and lesser ogres as a task force to build up weapons of war for a third party (The one orchestrated by the Big bad)

The issue was the certainty in which he slew the giant without wanting to speak or make some sense of what had gone on. He was out for blood and made violently sure that the creature was wrecked "as a message" to those who would try this again.

With such a bloodlust, lack of self control and no foresight on the task they actually had (tasked with finding out WHY not WHO) he acted like a barbarian would have not a chosen champion of Iomedae.

Though I appreciate she is a more gungho god than most when confronted with evil. I cant see how a complete lack of liability is suitable for a paragon of honour, valor and justice.

Ok so Ill keep it short and sweet.

I have been running a campaign for 2 years now and the party has recently encountered their first "serious" evil aligned boss.

Now the summary.

The gung ho paladin smote the big bad whilst he (The boss) was begging for mercy - and his life.


- The "Boss" was a tool being used by "The real Big bad"
- He was a coward and actually took steps to prevent his own endgame from occurring months before he could have actually achieved it.
- The dialouge -

Villain: "W-wait! No! Please! Mercy! I Can help yo-"
Paladin: "FOUL BEAST - You will get no mercy from me - seek it instead from your gods!"
(Paladin then goes into detail about slicing him up for two rounds)

The Meta.

I have a problem with this player as he fails to grasp the "Social ramifications" I enforce in my plot. He steamrollers into situations despite the players trying to reign him in with in game/character logic.

He almost died twice by throwing himself into the fray (once literally RIGHT after agreeing to the CHILD WARPRIEST's insistence that they stick together and not run ahead.

He actually died by solo assaulting a fort of 100+ large creatures. (This was HEAVILY reinforced, along with associated deaths of hundreds of NPCS)

After this session I declared that his divine bond was perturbed by his bloodlust, the warpriest (Bless her) was mortified on her own initiative and he failed to see what he did wrong as "It was evil and has killed others"

Worse yet, his own backstory was heavy with a ruthless self justified homicidal murdering father figure. (Hellknight) Ironic.


Do I just smite him with a solid falling and play the "Atonement spells dont work until YOU GENUINELY UNDERSTAND WHY AND WISH TO REPENT" (RAW)

Or give him a semi fall by taking away the driving force for his BS (Smite and Litany of Righteousness) until he figures out the irony?

-The Question-

Do Druid word casters have to prep spells or spontaneously cast?

In either situation could I have sources?

Unfortunately I have THAT GUY in my campaign who has twisted a fun level 10 buy in with a lovely meta build and this is one such subject of dispute as he will not source me the rules.

Considering it was a requirement as I have yet to touch word casting as a GM.


Yes, although the potential damage done (Collectively, excluding the Rangers) would make Calagnar either roar with laughter or cry in dismay.

Granted that I AM taking all advice on board.

I am seeing a lot of character builds, our builds are now set in stone we cant respec (Or else Ill become Desna's faeces towel for eternity) tactics and ways of synergism would best help me.

@Natural 1's

Your advice and link is really helpful breaking down combat and the advice given is helping this is now my current approach to combat.

-Identify targets
-Assess strengths/weaknesses of targets
-Assign players to combat
-Repeat/reassess in light of success or lack thereof

-IN CASE OF CHANGE OF CIRCUMSTANCE - Repeat process from start.

Any and ALL further advice WILL be read and responded to!


Elaborating on my Monk

Aasimar MONK LEVEL 7

STR:13 DEX:23 CON:14 INT:10 WIS:16 CHA:8

AC:26 (+4vs AttacksOfOppertunity +4withDefensivespin) Touch:21 Flat:16

CMB 14(+4 when Grappling) CMD 28 (+2vs Grap)

I always use Kraken Style because of grapple bonuses

Additional information

-The character feats beyond the monk are unknown to me. They are however being advised by the GM who offers advice on level ups and basic things we should think about. This request isn't about the levels however.

-We are currently all level 7

-Party death toll so far is 5!


@Dave Justus

Taken on board tactic approaches, say for instance recently we came across around 6 human? foes with H.Crossbows the "boss" figure didn't appear till a few rounds in.

At that time I personally was grappling a single foe while everyone else was trying to take out others individually to prevent them from all focusing on one character.

Was this the right decision? In hindsight no it wasn't but at the time it seemed quite reasonable.


In answer to who I am I am the Aasimar Grapple monk. I have a good grasp of what im good at just not good at identifying what is a good or bad idea to grapple (IE. my 2nd death was grappling Lamashtu's champion I don't know WHY my Grapples of 29+ failed but I know they did for a reason)


Yes you are indeed correct! Its nice to know some people read it all xD

Hello all!

Basically to TL:DR this thread, I am new to pathfinder/roleplay games as is my party of 5 others and a veteran GM.

I worry that we suck too hard to be fun for the GM as he has rezzed us using GM fiats with a deity twist more than 5 times now. (Not to mention pulling the creatures punches.

I am asking for tactics that would assist the following classes so I can better advise and lead combat alongside my team.

Aasimar GRAPPLE MONK - Lots of OOT, AC and Grapple feats

Changeling ORACE - Recently lost her Apocalypse for Densa (REZ PRICE)

Earth Dijinn RANGER - Melee with a scary 25% to crit.

-Any synergy/tactics/positioning to assist in teamwork.
-Ways to help Identify threat levels and who would be best to tackle which threat.
-General advice on combat tactics, nothing is too basic

Before I get any comments on it, I learn better from dialogue with others than reams and reams of rules and definitions.

If you need more information feel free to ask! Ill answer as best as I can