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Horizon Hunters

The beginning of the description says “Quest”, but I think this should be a “Scenario”.

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This sounds like a really awesome book! Thanks for the preview!

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The pdfs do not display properly on an iPad. Everything is great except the fiction portion. It has a textured background for only the bottom left quarter of the page. I don't really know where else to post this. It seems to be a problem in all volumes. And I have tested it across multiple iPads, including a brand new 12.9" Pro.

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On page 24 it says that the format of building battlefields on the fly is an experimental part of the playtest process, and that feedback is requested.

Personally, I see a massive opportunity here to let people get more use out of published Flip-Maps. I, for one, have a lot of them, but they don't get much use when playing through an Adventure Path (of course they are used much more heavily in PFS scenarios where specific Flip-Maps are indicated). What I would like to see is for these "build your own encounter locations" to make some suggestions as to which Flip-Maps would work really well, without making certain ones required. That way, if a GM has access to Bigger Forest, but not Desert, they could be encouraged to use the 'B-Side' of that map for an encounter like the hyena fight in Part 2 of Doomsday Dawn.

Certainly, GM's could make these decisions on their own, but I'm often looking for a reason to buy another Flip-Map anyway. If the adventure called out a couple that I didn't have, I'd almost certainly order one of those just to enhance the experience.

I also think that using this new "build-your-own-encounter-location" idea could be inspiration for a lot of new map packs. The Flip-Maps that I tend to buy first are the ones that are the least 'specific'. I know that if I buy Haunted House, I might use it once, but if I buy the Desert one, I'm going to use it dozens of times. We need more maps like that: super useful in a wide variety of situations, and easily customizable when building our own encounter locations using this new experimental method.

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If I cast Magic Stone on three sling bullets and then shoot them in three separate rounds, what happens to the bullets if one hits (and deals it's magic damage) and the other two miss and clatter to the floor? Do any of them retain the effect? In other words, could I pick one up after combat and take it with me to the next combat? If I also cast Light on it, it would be very easy to see and reclaim.

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So, I know this is super-low-priority, most likely, but is there going to be a separate ID card for Starfinder Society? I really hope so! I have all of our family's PFS cards laminated and installed in their character binders. I want to do the same for Starfinder.

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This game is awesome! It has actually taught me a lot about how to play the physical card game. We lose a lot less now! Can't wait for more! Actually, I just can't wait for more Adventure Card Game, no matter what form it's in!